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Twitterati And The Madras HC Sentence On Pre-Marital Sex And Marriage


Madras High Court still trends on Twitter after their sentence yesterday was misread by a section who jump the gun without trying to lift it. Here are some epic ones

Anand (@_Anand_i): Employee: Sir, shadi k liye chhutti chahiye. Boss: Arey, chutti ki kya zaroorat h.Lunch hour mein niptaa lo na.

Kanika Upadhya (‏@NikkiUpadhyay): So how many of you have woken up married this morning? :p

Alabhya Narang ‏(@alabhya_mufc): “marriages are made in heaven” acc to the new law marriages are made in bed

Ramesh Srivats ‏(@rameshsrivats): Karunanidhi: Hahaha. I’ve been married three times. Sunny Leone: Hehe. Poda, amateur.

Shiv Aroor ‏(@ShivAroor)“I’m breaking up with you. All you are interested in is marriage.”
shammy baweja ‏(@shammybaweja)So, is there no such thing as being single anymore
Sorabh Pant ‏(@hankypanty): Next time you touch yourself – you aren’t masturbating, you’re throwing away a million rishtas.
milind soman ‏(@milindrunning): Thank God my wives now have other husbands
Pratik Trivedi ‏(@ptrivedi2186): How many of you got married last night?
And finally
Screw Driver ‏(@iamritjangid): U don’t need a mangalsutra, u just need a room.

Hashtags On Facebook: Implications For You And Your Brand


With Facebook finally having forced to follow Twitter and Instagram and having had to onboard hashtags, there has to be implications. Here are 4 most important ones for you and your brand 

1. What’s Trending: What is most important for a marketer on a social media platform. It is to know what’s making the most noise and is being followed frantically. Twitter and Google+ are two platforms which clearly show what’s trending because these are easily captured via Hashtags. With FB now bringing Hash, it would soon make people know what’s trending on FB which is nowhere in sight currently. Imagine with the number of folks on FB how crucial this will be for brands and for common folks.

2. Increase in Exposure: Till now what you posted on facebook was limited to the number of fans you had and constantly added. Now everything that you post on the platform with a relevant and appropriate hashtag is visible to everyone who is looking for something close to that. Imagine you are a photographer and with each photo with a relevant hashtag you will be connected to folks who would be looking for services in the domain you cater to. With the kind of numbers and engagement that Facebook see’s you are in with a business once you work with good relevance.

3. Customizing your Hashtags: So you thought this will increase spam, not really. Facebook will allow you to filter and search for hashtagged comments within your social circle as well. So if you want to know what your network is saying about a get-together that you have planned, you can just filter it down to your network, thus avoiding spam that is unwanted information. Extrapolate this and imagine the same for a brand, how relevant isn’t it?

4. Massive Advertising Reach: The reach of advertising will increase massively through hashes. Imagine Tata Nano launching a new car with some feature that is worth talking. They push the ad on Facebook with a #Nanonew. Now anyone who comments on the video and uses the hash becomes a part of the thread irrespective of him/her commenting on the video post. The best part is Tata can take stock of everything that has been happening on it. Works great, isn’t it?

We all know Hash tags have been very successful for both Twitter and Instagram. It enables users from all over the globe to come over and discuss on things they want to, breaks global divide completely. By bringing Hash on Facebook, it has increased competition, especially for Twitter which had launched its advertising space very recently. How will it impact both the platform we will know in a while, for now though the brands stand to gain a lot from all the efforts.

TGIF: Twitterati On Why Man Love Cricket

man love cricket

Some light humour from Twitter on why man love cricket. Women stay away, this might appear sexist and something you might not end up liking. 

Gagan Sidhu (@MedEumPacer): #MenLoveCricketBecause they like storms like gayle storm, but girls afraid of it

And how do we keep wives away from this

Raghu Gurum (@idiot_riot): MenLoveCricketBecause they can take out their frustration on players wen they can’t do tat on their wives!!

Nithesh (@MasslessPhoton): MenLoveCricketBecause They have balls . Yes, it is as simple as that

Abbas Momin (@AbbasMomin): #MenLoveCricketBecause of terms like: Fine leg, slips, balls, Deep cover, Big ones, Maiden.

Zenia D’Cunha (@ZENIADCUNHA): Oh wow now the sexist tag #MenLoveCricketBecause is the No. 1 Twitter trend in India. Am I the only one majorly offended by this?!?!

And Pakistan also comes in the picture

Rohit (@Rohitify): #MenLoveCricketBecause Its The Great game where we can Defeat pakistan badly

Amit Ranjan (@eramit_ranjan): #MenLoveCricketBecause It is the only time when they have TV Remote in their hands

And after the IPL, dance moves had to make news

Prasad Khomne (@Pprasadkhomne): #MenLoveCricketBecause it helps them learn new dancing moves like the Bhangnam Style. 🙂

R.K.S! (@twiferme): #menlovecricketbecause they know this is 1 sport which challenges physics like no other game does!

And we thought men love cricket for the sport, didn’t we? 🙂

Have a great weekend guys. 






Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dikshit And The Twitterati



As the news broke of Arvind Kejriwal deciding to take on Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, the twitterati went abuzz. Here’s a few of the best ones in our collection of best tweets. 

Dilip K. Pandey (@dilipkpandey): सुना है शीला जी अब तैयारी में हैं मैदान छोड़ने की 🙂

Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty): विजय गोयल के खिलाफ क्यों खड़े हो, मच्छर मारने को बोफोर्स नही चलाते

Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty): झूम के निकली है आंधी,अब पत्तों की खैर नही, सिर्फ भ्रष्ट ही घबराना हमसे,सबसे अपना बैर नही #AKvsSheila

Chanchal Sharma (@chanchal_in): डरते नही है हवाओं से हम,सिरफिरे तूफ़ान हैं, ज़रा दूर से टकराव यारों,इस नदी में उफान है #AKvsSheila

And some were real strong ones as well

Deepak Singh (@deepaksingh83): अब नई-दिल्ली विधान सभा के मतदाता तय करेंगे की वह किसके साथ हैं। “आप” के साथ या पाप (कांग्रेस) के साथ #AKvsSheila

Ankit Lal (@ankitlal): इतिहास गवाह रहेगा, कैसे दिल्ली की मुख्यमंत्री को विपक्ष के सबसे कद्दावर नेता ने सामने से चुनौती दी! भाजपा में है इतनी हिम्मत? #AKvsSheila

Dr. Kumar Vishwas (@DrKumarVishwas): Ha ha ha कांग्रेस और भाजपा की यारी में अब एक ही नियम चलता है कि , मैं न सही तो तू सही और तू नही तो मैं सही, पर केजरीवाल नही #AKvsSheila

KJS Arora (@KanwaljtSingA): Waaaah Ustaad waah !! Boliye Arvind ji, kitni taaqat chahiye aap ko hum sab se?

The Patriot (@Djjpn): हमने आजतक 65 वर्षों में सड़ी-गली और मौकापरस्त राजनीति देखी थी इसलिए अरविन्द की नेतिकता और आदर्श की राजनीति को देख लोग अचंभित और उत्शाहित है।

Now you all know that its not going to be easy for Arvind Kejriwal but as they say that for those who speak the truth the opponent does not even exist. As far as I am concerned, by now you must be sure which side do I stand.





Twitterati and the Rs. 1 Salary Hoopla


Here is a Twitter fun take on Narayan Murthy’s comeback to Infy at Rs. 1. 

Karthik Srinivasan (@beasttrall): Tell me Airtel doesn’t have a hand in Narayana Murthy and Rohan Murthy getting Rs.1 token salary.

Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt): It’s now up to ACP Pradyuman to find out who cracked the ‘Narayana Murthy / Salary Rs 1 / Airtel Video’ joke first..

Vivek Mishra (@vivekhr): Rs 1 pkg for Narayanmurty? Under GOI definition he is BPL

Ishita Vaidya (@Mindswish): Rs 1 is in trends. Then what about @kamaalrkhan who always tweets bad about #2rsppl. He should feel jealous about it.

Amit Malviya (@malviyaamit): This token salary of Rs 1 is a great idea, especially when someone else opts for it ! 🙂 #Infosys

Varun Taneja (@varuntaneja09): And I thought Rs 1 trend was another petrol price shoot UP !

And how could BCCI be kept out of anything. 

Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt): N Srinivasan: Whats the big deal with Narayana Murthy.. Even i am ready to stay on as BCCI boss for a token compensation of Rs 1 per year.

Joy Bhattacharjya (@joybhattacharj): While it will certainly boost morale at Infy, don’t you feel that there’s another board that needed Narayan Murthy even more..

Soumik Sen (@bangdu): BCCI couldn’t get Narayan Murthy on its board because when he asked for Rs1 they thought he wanted to go out and toss the coin.

Mocking Now (@mockingnow): Narayana Murthy as Executive Chairman at Infy will get Rs 1 per year. Sanjay Dutt as a prisoner in jail would earn more than Rs 9000 a year.

Picture used belongs to its maker on the internet. We are grateful for being able to use it. 

Aadhar Card and Twitterati’s Dupatta Jokes

Aadhaar Card


Aadhar cards have become the bud of all jokes on social media. Here is a collection of top 10 of them. 

Jatin Patel (@RepeatOffendor): jab se ye Aadhar aaya hai khud ko bahut Niraadhar mahsus karta hu…… muze abhi tak mera aadhar nahi mila 😦

Krupakar Manukonda (@krupakar_m): Please wear the same dupatta when you go to collect subsidies :p #Aadhar

Prabhu Chawla (@PrabhuChawla): Aadhar meant for Aam Admi. But govt allots land worth 500 cr in Lutyn’s Delhi for its head office. Mera Bharat Mahan” #Aadhar

Khamba (@gkhamba): If dogs can have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages I don’t see why an Aadhar card is a problem

Maximum Decimus (@Goddamittt): Hmmm Dupatta!! Somewhere Superman is relieved that he will get an Aadhar Card easily.

Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt): Shreesanth wants to know if towel is ok to get the Aadhar card picture clicked.

Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats): Aadhar is a very ambitious softwear project.

adhar_350_053013034620 (1)

Pallavi Ghosh (@pallavighcnnibn): So Poonam Pandey,Rakhi sawant can never get an Aadhar card

Faking News (@fakingnews): Why can’t they photoshop a dupatta on photos they click for Aadhar Card?

ROFL Indian (@Roflindian): Sunny Deol can blind Pakistanis just by reflecting sunlight into their eyes with his Aadhar Card.

aadhar card celebrations