TGIF: Twitterati On Why Man Love Cricket

man love cricket

Some light humour from Twitter on why man love cricket. Women stay away, this might appear sexist and something you might not end up liking. 

Gagan Sidhu (@MedEumPacer): #MenLoveCricketBecause they like storms like gayle storm, but girls afraid of it

And how do we keep wives away from this

Raghu Gurum (@idiot_riot): MenLoveCricketBecause they can take out their frustration on players wen they can’t do tat on their wives!!

Nithesh (@MasslessPhoton): MenLoveCricketBecause They have balls . Yes, it is as simple as that

Abbas Momin (@AbbasMomin): #MenLoveCricketBecause of terms like: Fine leg, slips, balls, Deep cover, Big ones, Maiden.

Zenia D’Cunha (@ZENIADCUNHA): Oh wow now the sexist tag #MenLoveCricketBecause is the No. 1 Twitter trend in India. Am I the only one majorly offended by this?!?!

And Pakistan also comes in the picture

Rohit (@Rohitify): #MenLoveCricketBecause Its The Great game where we can Defeat pakistan badly

Amit Ranjan (@eramit_ranjan): #MenLoveCricketBecause It is the only time when they have TV Remote in their hands

And after the IPL, dance moves had to make news

Prasad Khomne (@Pprasadkhomne): #MenLoveCricketBecause it helps them learn new dancing moves like the Bhangnam Style. 🙂

R.K.S! (@twiferme): #menlovecricketbecause they know this is 1 sport which challenges physics like no other game does!

And we thought men love cricket for the sport, didn’t we? 🙂

Have a great weekend guys. 






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