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5 Reasons Why Millennials Hop Jobs Soon


First the important questions, what is a Millennial or how do we define Millennial? Wikipedia defines it as the Generation Y which began after Generation X and those born between early 1980’s to 2000. Yeah, you got it right, the impatient kind.

So why are they tagged Job hoppers and why don’t they stick like the previous generations. Five most important reasons are.

  1. They like challenges, one ceases to exist, they lose interest and they know the world has many so they move ahead. Sticking around unnecessarily in the digital world is boring for them.
  2. They know their true worth and anyone trying to underpay in cash or kind is undeserving according to them. The employer has to pamper because the Millennial otherwise would leave for a more pampering employer.
  3. The Millennial is a selfish creature. He likes working for his own good and when he does this, he helps the world become a better place. Mark Zuckerberg created a Facebook for example and today the world’s a small society, ain’t it? So basically, let him do what he wants and thereby wait for your good.
  4. The Millennial looks for several other benefits too. Like a great office, game zones, flexi-timings, work from home in case he needs, sometimes even beer in the office (some companies do have that option). If you don’t have such facilities, this group of Gen Y won’t stay and will find a better place. So better equip or lose on good talent.
  5. And finally, they need evolving opportunities. So give them training opportunities, development techniques. Yes, they might turn out bigger than you in the process but if you don’t allow them such perks, they won’t stay in anycase.


The Wolverine Is Back: This Time In Japan


I had always refrained from watching the X-Men series. Reason being, I could not think of a superhero looking as crass as Hugh Jackman in X-Men. One start though was enough. I saw one film and from there I could not stop myself from watching all five.

The X-Men series had something special, having brought the mutants to screen for the first time. The star amongst mutants, Wolverine played by Jackman became a part of myself after that, with me even trying to put together a hairstyle and beard like him. I am sure most of you would not disagree. The fact is that we all like a superhero fighting against villains with more superpowers and beating them. We all like basking in the glory of such people and Jackman in his character of The Wolverine was exactly like that. For the fans he is back, probably for the last time, that though only he and the series makers know.

The adamantium-fuelled superhero who is immortal is back and in his usual style kicking asses of those bothering him or the mutant and the mankind. The film goes with an apt title ‘The Wolverine’.

If the trailer gives any idea, the film kicks from where X-Men: The Last Stand ended. Jackman is still mourning the death of Jean Grey, and looks like spending time in the mountains in unknown company. He seems to be the typical Hindi-film actor who becomes Devdas after losing his Paro. Wolverine though is being sought after and found after a brawl to be taken to Japan. It is here when he meets someone he had once saved from a Nuclear blast.

This man wants to thank Wolverine and also offers him mortality. Wolverine, after all that he has seen in years pass by looks anguished, tired and thinks of acceptance. The trailer from then on gets into an action scene mode and what we also see is that this time the wounds ain’t healing as they were before.

Finally, you guesses it right. The film also has its own samurai action. Would had been pathetic for a movie in Japan to miss out on Samurai, wouldn’t it? Looks like we also have a brilliantly shot sequence on a bullet train to add to the finale.

What I don’t like is the mortality factor. But that probably is coming from the fact that all superheroes are mortal and hence Wolverine also will have to be. For me though, this would be another blockbuster and am waiting desperately.

For all you lucky one’s trailer’s attached. And Yes for all those waiting for the release, the wait is longer, no early than 26th of July this year. But the wait is worth it, ain’t it?

How Ravindra Jadeja Trolled His Critics


From mockingly calling him Sir Ravindra Jadeja to making thousands of memes on him, Ravindra Jadeja has seen fun being made on him everywhere on the internet. It was him though who finally had the last laugh

24 wickets in a Test series against Australia. Yes, you got the numbers right. Jadeja, who till a few days back was being trolled left, right and center on the social media, bagged 24 wickets against a good team, proving a few points to his critics.

The last image I saw of him was that of being in the illustrious company of Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne (Yes, you guessed right, in the same famous picture with Sir Don Bradman, replacing the Don from the frame). The image is attached for your perusal.

But what none can deny are the improvements he has made to his game, especially his bowling in Indian conditions. After all, twenty four wickets in a series is no joke. With every wicket he took and he dismissed Michael Clarke (probably Australia’s best batsman) on all occasions, he made his critics feel pathetic about themselves and their understanding of the game. He won a clear battle, one in which he was declared loser even before the show began.

For all those who feel wronged about an Ajinkya Rahane not getting selected to play courtesy his showing in the Ranji Trophy (though I don’t consider the Indian domestic performances as any yardstick to see talent) probably missed Jadeja’s crazy numbers. 800 runs in five matches with two triple hundreds was what he managed with the willow, and if that was not enough, he picked up 24 wickets at an impressive 20.7. To me he was the one who single handedly took Saurashtra to the finals.

But even with such numbers, he was trolled when he was selected. I heard a Facebook status saying that the entire press box clapped when he got bowled out to Pattinson leaving a delivery outside off because everyone in unison felt he did not deserve a place. For the selectors though, considering the numbers, it was an easy choice. Fortunately Sandeep Patil and party knew what they were upto and they did not got bogged down to what others thought.

Let’s not debate this further and just bring out the things he brings to the table being an all-rounder in the Indian conditions. A balanced batsman (he has to work a lot more to be called perfectly balanced) who can bat at any position that the skipper asks him to. Believe me; having seen him from close quarters, he is much better than what most people think he is as a batsman. As a bowler, here is someone who knows his limitations and works around it, something which is a rarity for Indians as a breed.

Courtesy his tight line and length he can dry up runs and the moment he comes to know what the pitch offers, he is someone who grabs it by both hands (Delhi was just one example). And let’s be honest, we all love seeing him throw those grenades from his fielding position, don’t we?

To me, I saw a more matured Ravindra Jadeja in this series. He looked like having worked on various bits of his bowling. His line, immaculate length, bowling consistently at a defined trajectory and occasionally surprising the batsmen who were definitely low on batting technique (except Clarke and Watson) was a delight to the eyes.

Let’s not forget, the legendary spinner Shane Warne, on his first stint as captain of Rajasthan Royals in the IPL had called Jadeja a cricketing ‘Rockstar’ and had at that time predicted he would be India’s next shining star. Probably the time has come.

What I am more excited about is the dimension that Jadeja gives to the Indian team in South Africa. With the team wanting to play three seamers in those helpful conditions, Jadeja is the perfect fit who can take up the second spinner’s role and that of an all-rounder. If domestic performances are any yardstick, his batting is good and courtesy his showing against Australia, he definitely will get his chances in South Africa, if he does well, he surely will prove his belonging.

6 Reasons Why Sanju Baba Should Not Be Spared


Some say he has faced enough hardships in 20 years to be pardoned; some say he has done some good films which worked for societal improvement and hence has worked for societal good, some go to the extreme saying let bygones be bygones, he is a changed man so pardon him. I though find Six very important reasons why Sanjay Dutt should not be pardoned.

  1. The fact that he was in touch and talking to Anees Ibrahim, brother of none other than Dawood Ibrahim is now in public domain. It is also known that he had some licensed weapons and still went on to procure AK 56 for self protection (these unlicensed). It is important to quote MN Singh here, the JCP Mumbai Police who investigated the blast. He said “The explanation doesn’t cut any ice. One doesn’t go running for help to gangsters for self-protection. There are government agencies to fall back on and in his case it was easy to get government help. As the son of Nargis and Sunil Dutt, a Congress MP, Sanjay could have asked the government for help. And here is the most troubling question: why did Dutt keep hand grenades? The ‘self protection’ argument can hardly be used to defend this act.”
  1. It is also a well known fact that Sanjay did took possession of a huge bogey of armaments which might have been used for the then terrorist incident. Do we still need to pardon such individuals.
  1. There were others in the case with activities much less troubled than that of our Munnabhai. A few – including Baba Mussa Chauhan and Magnum video owner Samir Hingora – who went to Dutt’s house to deliver the consignment of arms. Others like Manzoor Ahmed, whose car was used to bring back the weapons from Dutt’s residence, and an old woman (Zaibunissa Kazi), who kept the consignment in her house for a few days. All these people and some more were booked under TADA (Terrorists and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act). Sanjay though got a reprieve from TADA (reasons best known to the judiciary). Do we still want him to not complete the remaining period in his punishment.
  1. The apex court in its judgment clearly ruled out chances of Probation considering the nature of the crime. I am a layman and from a very layman point of view, I would like to say here that in a criminal justice system like India where almost all verdicts of importance come in after at least a decade, should all criminals be let go if a few people who are dependent on him form an opinion that he has changed into a good man in the interim. Yes, you read it write, I actually alleged the film industry backing him, backing him because there is huge money floating on his films and many in the same industry have formerly been known to dance in the D-Parties in Dubai etc. Also, I can argue on the same count that others in the interim might also have changed so let’s free everyone. Why does someone with tumour in her body, at 70-years of age suffer inside the Jail when a man known to be reckless in his life’s younger age so scot-free.
  1. Finally, this entire request falls flat on the face when we think of so many undertrials languishing in Indian jails. You know why most of them are there? Because they cannot afford a lawyer and hence spend years even after being not being proven guilty. Hence how can a Sanjay Dutt who remained outside for a good 18 years out of 20 could be let off because a few think he is a changed man.
  1. He was 33-years-old when he committed that crime, an age all of us are expected to be mature. What was he thinking while keeping grenades and ak-56 at his house? If this ain’t a huge crime, what is? Now imagine the circumstances. One of the accused in the Delhi rape was 17-years-old on the day of the crime. He was uneducated, did not come from the so-called civil society, had every reason to behave rash but we unanimously irrespective of his age wanted his blood. Sanjay Dutt was educated, came from the elitist civil society, was son of a illustrious father and sat in the most coveted circles. I know you would point out to the nature of the crime here but one-second, did not 257-people die in the Mumbai blast so wasn’t the crime as gory as anything else that you saw.

Let’s be honest here. If today this man is pardoned, tomorrow Salman’s followers would come out saying he started Being Human, see he is doing societal good, he does not bang actresses houses too these days. He is a changed man, please leave him (that if he is pronounced guilty in the hit-and-run case). Do we want a scenario like that or we better respect the apex court ruling. Let the man face his actions, let him stay in jail, in any case its far too less for the crimes he commit.

Good Looks = Better Career for the Fairer Sex?



Beauty is an added advantage for ambitious women. Marilyn Monroe, Noor Jahan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – there are a large number of prominent figures whose claim to fame and power has been good looks. Here, Brijj attempts to gauge into what top professionals of our times feel about the relationship between good looks and corporate success – Is physical appearance an important criterion for women wanting to break through the glass ceiling? Find out.

Anuradha Mukherjee, Media Consultant & Formerly Deputy Resident Editor, The Sunday Guardian

Yes, better looking women have an advantage.

It is because beyond a point increasingly you will see there are few women above a certain age. That is not because of capability. Entry level, mid-level numbers are high for women but higher level numbers are lower. Usually the women who transition to the top are better looking. Either she is excellent or very nice to look at. 

Good looking women get more opportunities.

Ten years back people weren’t conscious about dressing, looks etc and still delivering. Today times have changed and things certainly have. In terms of opportunities, yes more opportunities go to those who are good at look at. 

It’s highly unmotivating to see someone getting promoted due to good looks.

This happens all the time, especially in the media because markers are very vague vis-a-vis the other industries. But I also think somewhere along the line this also affects both genders. If someone is being promoted because of sheer looks, everyone around knows and it’s bad for corporate motivation.  

Can physical attractiveness supercede talent and intelligence?

No, this cannot be said categorically because it still might not beat excellence. Yes, it might beat talent in case of two people who are equally good looking.

Ambika Sharma, CEO & Managing Director, Pulp Strategy 

“The glass ceiling is an overrated myth.”

Being well turned out and sharply dressed is a necessity in success for both men and women both. Some research say that good looking faces tend to be more convincing in a conversation, that may be true to an extent but I personally believe it’s the mind that wins… rest everything can be trained.

At the end of the day, performance wins!

In the corporate world a pleasing personality, conviction and performance will win in the long run. Most people hit the glass ceiling not because of their looks but because of a bad attitude.

Personally, I have never promoted this method of appraisal. Results and achievements should be the deciding factor for any good organization. Physical attractiveness cannot supercede talent and intelligence, at least not in a knowledge based industry…or, to rephrase not in a progressive organization.

Sharmeen Khalid, Executive Vice President- HR, Infoedge India Ltd.

 “Gender has got nothing to do with career advancement at all.”

I have a contrarian opinion. I don’t feel we should get gender in this debate. Whatever the standards are, they are for a person to do well, irrespective of gender and according to capability. In fact, I have read in a research that very good looking guys don’t scale up the corporate ladder. In that research it was made very clear that everything being constant, if there is competition between a few guys, the better-looking guy would not be promoted.

My personal opinion which comes from 18 years of experience is that when they join, a lot of recruits are not very well groomed and are casual about their looks. On the job they learn how to groom themselves and make themselves more noticeable. For me, beauty definitely does not figure as a criterion at all. In fact, if you see films, like Legally Blonde you will notice how extreme good looks work to the contrary.

As a matter of fact, during recruitment there are a whole lot of things we look at, some being merit, poise, commitment etc. So, basically if a person is groomed well to the level required by an organization, I don’t see good looks playing a huge role in hampering his/her chances.

Sharon Andrew, Happiness Evangelist, Happiest Minds

Not essentially.

All women look good – it is a hygiene factor but it should not be used by ANYONE for an advantage. Unfortunately some men are so perverted that looks matter to them. But that is the way men are; it cannot be changed. Having said this, there are some men who appreciate a good looking woman without ‘lust’. There is a third category of men who are oblivious.

For instance, two fellows were arrested in Bangalore yesterday – they were on a bike – two women were crossing the road – they made kissing noises and showed the finger. One tourist took a picture, put it up on FB and off they went to jail. Both these students might be hailing from a renowned college and tomorrow they might make it up the corporate ladder. With them, this mindset will percolate the top tier. These are the people who will be responsible for promoting women for their looks rather than merit.

Jolly LLB is for the Judicial System


You might blame them for the infinite delays in handling cases but the point is that the judicial system still in many ways upholds the Indian constitution right. Jolly LLB portrays the same in a tickling, comical manner

Bunches of files lie scattered here and there holding details that can be used to differentiate between a criminal and a innocent person. When they aren’t put to use or are misused, they remain useless equivalent to be garbage. You thinking what am I talking about, go to any junior in this nation and see it for yourself. The harsh reality is that the overcrowding of cases on a small number of courts and judges is what leads to criminal justice being delayed and most often denied. Are you thinking why am I writing this while doing a film review? I am doing this because Jolly LLB in a fascinating tale narrated this script in great style.

The film opens up with a famous hit-and-run case sequence portrayal and keeps the length intricately woven together. We are then introduced to Jagadish Tyagi alias Jolly LLB and courts of a small town. Both the protagonist and the location are exact replication of what we really see in Indian courts. If you have only got idea of an Indian court via a Hindi film, you will be in for a surprise when you visit one.

Jolly unlike many lawyers who are happy fiddling with time preparing affidavits in lower courts wants to be a top-notch lawyer. Aspires to be followed by the media and travel in sedans not less than the quality of the C-Class. Her love life though very short sequenced is a sweet one. Her Lovelady is a teacher and a humble one at that. She is his only support system alongside his brother-in-law who encourages him to try his luck in Delhi. Jolly jolly well takes up the call and reaches the Indian capital.

In Delhi, he gets a chance to see his inspiration, a super lawyer called Mr. Rajpal (played by Boman Irani). Opportunity comes knocking too when in a twist, Boman himself allows a PIL to take stead against him filed by none other than Jolly. From then on the film’s intriguing twists and turns make it a good watch.

The film is predictable but its little nuances of anticipation keep you tagged for the entire duration. The film also forces creation of opinions about the judicial system but in the end forces you to believe what is right and that is that the Indian judicial system still has some sense in an otherwise nonsensical society that we have created.

Saurabh Shukla, in his flawless performance as a Judge clearly takes the lead in the second half from the time the courtroom action begins. When he yells at Boman Irani saying, “Yeh mera courtroom hai”, you cannot stop but laugh even at a serious scene like that. The courtroom sequences will certainly tickle your funny bone. 

The good thing is no matter how much fun it makes of the courtroom locations, in the end justice prevailed and though delayed that is true of the Indian judiciary system as well. Both Boman and Warsi gave super one-note performances as usual and the director Subhash Kapoor again came up as a thinking one.

Overall a three out of five with some brilliant shots put together, definitely worth an evening.