Success Theory – Delivering Interview

Rahul Krishna,Manager – Talent Acquisition Group, Espire Infolabs, speaks about the secret of getting selected in job interviews. 


With the unhappy state of the economy, most of us are looking for a new career Opportunity. You need to have an approaching & compelling resume; you also have to beat out a rising number of qualified candidates on the same position who are your strong contenders. I would suggest on how we can create a probability and have strong chances to get shortlisted and not falling in the below 10 job interview mistakes we do…

01. Arriving Late

We cannot afford to be late or arriving casually late won’t score much. Make sure to show up 10-15 minutes prior to notify receptionists upon you have reached. Getting to the interview early will allow you to familiarize yourself with an alien environment, and gives a sign about your positive personality & Traits.

02. Being Unpretentious
Humbleness is good; however it would not guarantee you get a job. Your interview is getting a chance to manage your weakness & utilize you strengths and accomplishments. Making sure to focus on accomplishments that are more relevant to the position applied. The interviewer should know about your capability when it comes to close the position internally.

03. Deliver the Interview

Only some candidates are able to go till the interview stage, so relax and enjoy the ride. Be prepared to be grilled for up to an hour and avoid glancing at your watch or asking how long the interview will last, since it gives a negative impression.

04. Don’t talk about the Salary
This is considered irrelevant to discuss salary details until you’ve been offered. Bringing up the topic too soon will convince the interviewer about your greed in money rather than knowing more about the Job. Like the way you should never ask the age of a Lady, never start the salary discussion.

05. Do your homework well
Ideally you get time to prepare for your interview, so it is better to know about the company. You should also read about the comments mentioned in Google to have an extended knowledge on the existing employees’ comments. Watch their website and their service offerings, how many office do they have worldwide. Update your resume to highlight the skills most important.

06. Talking too much
A popular belief that the interview is all about you. NO, it is also to hear about the company you’re joining. It is god to zip your lips for minutes at a time or otherwise you will be labeled as a needy. It’s also important to be careful about the subjects you discuss. Although the interviewer will be interested knowing you answering situational answers & past accomplishments and your aspirations.

07. First Impression
A good first impression is prescribed, but there’s a fine line building a good rapport with your interviewer and becoming too familiar. Addressing your interviewer by the last name, unless directed to take the first name. There will be plenty of time to make jokes in the lunch room once you actually land the job.

08. Acting as critic
Never be a critic unless you are paid to be one. No one wants to hire negative mindsets. Speaking negatively about your last job will never make your strong; you can become weak in your candidature and the interviewer can create an impression that you’re a difficult person to get along with.

09. Lie to loose
World is very small, nearly impossible to make mountains out of moles in your conversation. Generally we pump our resumes with some fabricated claims don’t go a long mile. You didn’t won a gold medal in the summer tournament however you just participated, lying during your interview can be grounds for dismissal.

10. Importantly Dressing up
It’s important to dress for success rather showing up in casual attire. Overdressing could also be negative, should be comfortable to what you can carry comfortably however following strictly formals dressing. May be its Friday, however it doesn’t mean to show up in jeans and unstuck shirt. The prospective employer should think that you’re failing to take the process seriously.

7 thoughts on “Success Theory – Delivering Interview

  1. Marzia Neri

    About the salary, I think it shouldn’t be discussed at a first interview, but at a second it could. If you are applying for a job far from your current location chances are that your first face-to-face interview will come after a phone/skype interview.
    IF you have a strong opinion regarding the salary that should be given, it could be better to share it.

    1. Rahul Krishna - Author

      Hi Marzia
      Asking for salary in the first interaction doesn’t look good. You may ask for a salary range however in most of the cases people start salary negotiations in the first round.

      Applying for a job far from your location means you are expessing your interest in it and willing to relocate and go for a face to face. Asking for a Telecom/Skype interview shows that you are not looking for a change or may be you do not want to put the required efforts in getting a new opportunity.

      Well if we share the salary range on major jobboards then we will never be able to see different varities of people at the a similar profile. Some people will have the openion its less for me and i would like to have a maximum response. May be if we can close a position in a less budget, where we had the budgets and we saved a few bucks. That is real recruitment.


      Rahul krishna

      1. Marzia Neri

        Hi Rahul,
        Sorry for the late reply.

        In many fields, the first interview is via telephone or skype and it’s the employer who asks for it, not the employee.
        If somebody has to take a flight, and lose a whole day, and spend some money (or the company has to do it, because sometime they are the ones paying for the trip) they want to know before who you are, how you react, and a phone interview is a fast way to reduce the candidates.

        Last year I was actively looking for a new job, and it didn’t happen that a company asked for a face to face interview before having discussed via phone or Skype. Fortunately I made it to two face to face interviews in a city 500 km away from the one I was living in, and one ended up in my current job position.

  2. Vivek

    Some other tips:
    1) Be confident and speak what you now. If we don’t the answer, we can say ‘I don’t know about that’ Or ‘I just have a theoritical knowledge and no working knowledge
    2) I think often asked question is ‘ What are your strengths and weaknesses’ Better to be prepared for that as it gives time to express than time to think
    3) It is good to be spontaneous and not think too much for every question. Being spontaneous gives flow to the process and is more enjoyable. Ofcourse, for tough questions like asking about best design, we can ask the interviewer ” Give me a minute” , think about it and answer
    4) In the end of interview, it is good to ask about the role , nature of work etc. No experienced person wants to work in night shifts!!

    1. Rahul Krishna - Author

      Hi Abhineet,

      Yes you are right in saying it is a very generic view on this article. I will share a few case studies and then i can explain it better.

      Thanks for reading the article.


      Rahul Krishna


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