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Agent Media & The Secret Handshake!

election 2014

By Ankush Kumar

The Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha is brainstorming in Shimla. The dipped climate is ensuring that the heated arguments remain under check. Meanwhile the regional parties have already begun their share of yatras in their respective states to generate faith amongst their voters. Somewhere in the corridors of power in Gujarat NaMo is playing with the applications in the new android phone that has been just launched. In the middle of obnoxious statements by the lady in bleached hair Arvind Kejriwal is hoping for a miracle to happen.

The buzz and excitement is just beginning to escalate in the country as we head for general elections 2014. But one party has several machineries working for them in ensuring the loot continues for another five years. And helping them in their pursuit is none other than the media channels with a hopelessly stupid concept called the election tracker.

First it was the IBN network and now the Times News network. Both these channels have been doing surveys that are highlighting all the shortcomings of the current UPA government, hence giving them a chance to devise strategies to counter their downfall. They have also managed to highlight that the comparison between NaMo and Rahul baba is very miniscule. They have downplayed all the hype NaMo has generated, and upscaled the chances of Rahul baba.

In a way they are hypnotising the voters by telling them that it will be a fractured mandate hence vote for a party that can pull in more allies which obviously unfortunately is the Congress. But the agents shouldn’t forget ‘Yeh Janta sab jaanti hai’, jo India vote karta hai woh yeh sab news channels dekhte tak nahi hai’.

The creation of Telangana yet again drives home the point that the media agents are working overtime in ensuring that UPA comes back to power. The entire Leader vs. leader debate too is all hogwash. We all know how certain MP’s who control economies of our nation, irrespective of their awful performance at their respective constituencies do not lose an election. History tells us of various theories and stories where the secret handshake has been established. Last Lok Sabha elections Chidambaram won on recounting so did Laloo Prasad Yadav in the last state elections.

There is a theory that states that even AB Vajpayee was declared winner, when actually he had lost to Arjun Singh in a Lok Sabha election. The secret handshake is not just limited to elections, but also business deals, policy making and black money stashed away in foreign accounts. Irrespective of whoever comes to power, except for superficial change of guard not much is going to change in the country. If this sounds like too much cynicism, then here is a food for thought ‘ Why does Robert Vadra and his SPG security do not go through security checks at the airport’? And till date why hasn’t any one raised an objection to it?

PS: If you want to call a factsayer a cynic, I pity your school of thought J

‘For The People, Of The People, Lets Buy The People’ – Part II

indian school image


By Ankush Kumar

My editor played spoilsport last time around. Now I know why writers and editors do not share great chemistry. Because both varieties work on different experiments and both hate each other.

Anyways last time I worked hard to generate humor on the article ‘for the people, of the people, lets buy the people’ but my editor it seemed was in a quandary over its content. On one hand he supports Arvind Kejriwal and hopes for a change on the other hand he gags his writers by deleting content and changing the wholesome entertainment value of the post.

The problem is that he knows I will write only for him hence has a habit of taking liberties anyways I am taking forward the last post by highlighting achievements of the Congress party in the education sector.

A) The last time I visited a middle school in North India, the teacher and staff sat idle in their offices waiting for their salary, long overdue for an year, the students waited for their masters to teach. Since none bothered to care, only the mid-day appeared and disappeared day in and day out but the meals were missing. The only day I saw 110 percent capacity in the premises was when the children were given money to buy uniforms. Even those who had never bothered to see the school building (by the way that existed only on paper) had come for their share. That evening I was offered a feast, but seeing the apathy it was a tough pill to swallow.

(B) A certain pharmaceutical company paid almost a crore to the government and ensured that each state was sent a letter highlighting how disturbing malnutrition has become in our country. Celebrities have now been roped in to highlight the issue. This company wants to eradicate the problem by selling their food supplements. If anything they will manage to do it will be create customers not cures. Putting a child on a chemically manufactured diet is a potential scam in the making. If the government can ensure supplies of nutritious meals at the micro levels, all this nonsense will never be needed. But since our ministers have their children’s abroad education expenses to cover, the poor are becoming the scapegoats.

C) On one hand we have private urban schools turning to smart classes as the new way of learning, our schools at the village level still don’t have enough chalk and blackboards to last a year. Some children still manage to shine through, but the percentage is terribly low. When we have governments in states that try doing innovative things to promote education, we have our leaders at the center doing buffoonery as opposition. Nitish Kumar gave cycles to girls; Lalu had the brains to offer bikes. How we wish our leaders had some sanity left in them.

D) The Congress has been brilliant in shrinking our education systems to an all time
low. The guilt of Rahul baba failing in his education (he really dint need that) has propelled our central leaders to ensure that the masses are a few notches lower than their charming prince. Otherwise fooling the nation time and again will become a tough exercise.

P.S: You chop and change this one Mr. Scissors, I’ll stone you.



Sheila vs Arvind: The Fight The Nation Is Waiting For

arvind kejriwal

By Ankush Kumar

She still has it in her to fight once again. He is a newbie in the race, chancing his luck with crores of frustrated people. This battle is not as one sided as it seems. Arvind Kejriwal & Sheila Dixit will lock horns in the forthcoming Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections and the entire nation will be watching the developments very closely.

Arvind Kejriwal is not a TV star or a movie icon, who walks into a constituency just before the elections, addresses issues of people and yet sounds like a moron. He is a shrewd tactician who has planned his entry with minimum fuss and maximum action in the past two years. Unlike many other urban leaders he is not just an E-phenomena. He has garnered faithful followers cutting across all sections of society.

The auto drivers, the taxiwallahs, the youth on social media and the retired uncles at the chai shop, all swear by him. By making the right noise in different circles he has succeeded in generating immense response amongst the people. Will all of this translate into votes is the big question?

If past is an indicator then the answer well and truly is ‘YES’ he will have votes. If Govinda can make a lame promise of changing the air for the people and win the elections, surely, atleast Kejriwal is intelligent. If we have leaders who compliment their opposition counterparts on their beauty, atleast this man is talking about the safety of woman. If we can have chief ministers who blame population influx as the reason for deteriorating law and order, atleast this man stands up for the common man.

Time and again he has challenged madam chief minister on the electricity issue, but it seems she is only interested in keeping her waning powers in check than addressing the power woes of the people.

The only threat to Arvind Kejriwal is from the non-electorate elements, which have been instrumental in Congress winning elections. If he can keep those elements at bay then maybe India could see the beginning of a new era in Indian politics.

P.S: The journey from 0 to 1 is the toughest. If Arvind Kejriwal pulls this off then AAP is well and truly on its way.


Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dikshit And The Twitterati



As the news broke of Arvind Kejriwal deciding to take on Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, the twitterati went abuzz. Here’s a few of the best ones in our collection of best tweets. 

Dilip K. Pandey (@dilipkpandey): सुना है शीला जी अब तैयारी में हैं मैदान छोड़ने की 🙂

Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty): विजय गोयल के खिलाफ क्यों खड़े हो, मच्छर मारने को बोफोर्स नही चलाते

Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty): झूम के निकली है आंधी,अब पत्तों की खैर नही, सिर्फ भ्रष्ट ही घबराना हमसे,सबसे अपना बैर नही #AKvsSheila

Chanchal Sharma (@chanchal_in): डरते नही है हवाओं से हम,सिरफिरे तूफ़ान हैं, ज़रा दूर से टकराव यारों,इस नदी में उफान है #AKvsSheila

And some were real strong ones as well

Deepak Singh (@deepaksingh83): अब नई-दिल्ली विधान सभा के मतदाता तय करेंगे की वह किसके साथ हैं। “आप” के साथ या पाप (कांग्रेस) के साथ #AKvsSheila

Ankit Lal (@ankitlal): इतिहास गवाह रहेगा, कैसे दिल्ली की मुख्यमंत्री को विपक्ष के सबसे कद्दावर नेता ने सामने से चुनौती दी! भाजपा में है इतनी हिम्मत? #AKvsSheila

Dr. Kumar Vishwas (@DrKumarVishwas): Ha ha ha कांग्रेस और भाजपा की यारी में अब एक ही नियम चलता है कि , मैं न सही तो तू सही और तू नही तो मैं सही, पर केजरीवाल नही #AKvsSheila

KJS Arora (@KanwaljtSingA): Waaaah Ustaad waah !! Boliye Arvind ji, kitni taaqat chahiye aap ko hum sab se?

The Patriot (@Djjpn): हमने आजतक 65 वर्षों में सड़ी-गली और मौकापरस्त राजनीति देखी थी इसलिए अरविन्द की नेतिकता और आदर्श की राजनीति को देख लोग अचंभित और उत्शाहित है।

Now you all know that its not going to be easy for Arvind Kejriwal but as they say that for those who speak the truth the opponent does not even exist. As far as I am concerned, by now you must be sure which side do I stand.





5 Reasons Why Aam Aadmi Party’s Civil Disobedience Is Justified



Allegations against Arvind Kejriwal and his party that his entire fast was a drama for political gains are gaining stead. Here are five reasons why even if the entire thing was for gains still the movement is justified.

  1. Firstly on sheer numbers, AAP claimed they got 9.6 lakh people to sign the letter of protest. The population of the national capital is approximately 20 million and 1 million is 5 percent of it. Not by any standards a small number in a democratic set-up. This simply means that the people of the day are being harassed in the name of electricity and water bills. Even if half of what AAP claims have signed the protest, it’s too large a number to be ignored and hence a movement is completely correct on accord.
  2. If this Deccan Herald report is to be believed, more than Rs. 60 million is pending from the account of MP’s (some even dead now) as far as non-payment of electricity and water bills are concerned. For them non-payment is convenient, for us it becomes illegal even if the bill looks more like ransom.
  3. A few said Kejriwal is doing all this to garner a few seats in the Delhi elections. To me, thankfully he is fasting, talking to the common man about his problems and taking up the issue in a manner that will hurt the nation the least. At least he is not promising free ration, free laptops, free TV’s as our so called politicians have made a habit pre-elections.
  4.  Finally, someone is getting into politics of development in this country. We have someone who talks social equality, real causes for the citizenry and has a real agenda for growth of the nation as a whole and not only the corporate world.
  5. And lastly, for all those who say Arvind Kejriwal is ambitious, they have no right because at some point, we all are ambitious. The good things about AK’s ambitions are that he is striving for a greater role through his ambitions. At least, from the looks of it, he looks to deliver a much better Delhi (and then India) through the plans he has.

We have trusted enough cheats and crooks in the name of democracy for 66 long years now. We have been exploited long enough and for me even experimenting on the name of Arvind Kejriwal once does not sound bad. Even if it fails, we could think we at least tried. 

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