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A Day Dedicated to Sons-in-law (Jamai Shoshthi)

Sampurna Majumder takes a sneak-peek into another custom of Bengal – Jamai Shoshthi!


All of us celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so many other ‘days’. How about a day dedicated to the ‘Son-in-law’? Well, it might come as a surprise, but yes there is a day, dedicated to the well-being of sons-in-law. However, this is peculiar to the land of Bengal.

The land of Bengal, (both West Bengal in India and Bangladesh) celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year. From Poush Parbon and Makar Sankranti in January to Borodin (Christmas) – it’s all about celebrating life.

Celebrated either in the months of May or June (depending upon the Bengali Calendar), Jamai Shosthi is all about strengthening the bond between jamais (sons-in-law) and their soshur bari (in-laws). The daughter, along with her husband (the son-in-law), arrives at her paternal home and the occasion in celebrated over a grand feast after completing certain rituals.

It begins with greeting the jamai with a phota of curd and a brush of a haatpakha (fan) and tying a thread across his wrist.

Jamai Shasthi Indian CeremonyElaborate meals form an essential part of the occasion – luchi, kosha mangsho (mutton curry), ilish maachh (hilsa) and bhaat (rice) and, of course, mishti (sweets).

And of course the jamai arrives with bhaar of rosogolla. So, all the jamais, what are you waiting for? Grab a bhaar and board the first train to your soshur bari to celebrate “Jamais Day”.