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The Epic Fall of the Legend: Roger Federer


By Siddharth Suneja

The Epic Fall Of The Legend: Roger Federer

It is one of the saddest things in sport to watch some of the greatest players/teams fall of their pedestal. It happened to Liverpool FC through the late 90s and early 2000s. It has happened to the Australian Cricket team recently. It happened to Michael Schumacher on his return and it is happening to the greatest tennis players of all time – Roger Federer.

An icon of the Open Era of Tennis, Roger Federer. The man has won the most number of Grand Slams in the history of tennis (17 and still counting). He has the record of being the No. 1 tennis player for the longest duration. The records that this man has created on his amazing journey through speak volumes.

  1. Holding the world No.1 position for the longest time – 302 weeks.
  2. Which includes a staggering 237 consecutive weeks stretch at the top.
  3. 17 Grand Slams
  4. Reaching the finals of all the grand slams in a year – 5 times
  5. 24 Men’s Grand Slam Finals
  6. One of only four people in the Open Era to complete a Career slam
  7. Most titles at Australian Open (Along with Novak Djokovic and Andre Agassi)
  8. Most titles at Wimbledon (Along with Pete Sampras)
  9. Most titles at US Open (Along with Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras)
  10. And many more.

His fans across the globe are the most religious lot. Over the years it has not only been his tennis, but also his charm, generosity and attitude that has won people over. If you are looking for an equivalent of Sachin Tendulkar in Tennis, then Roger Federer is your man.

People have laughed with him –

People have enjoyed with him –

People have cried with him –

And that is why his defeat to Tommy Robredo is one of the hardest things to swallow for Federer fans. Roger has probably had one of the hardest years in his playing career in 2013. Not making a single final in any of the grand slams is not something that happens with a champion like him. Moreover, he has managed to win only one tournament the whole year and has reached a ranking of No.7 in the world dropping out of the top 4, the lowest since 2002.

The nature of his defeat and continued lack of form has prompted many to begin discussing his retirement plans. Such is the predicament of geniuses; every move they make is applauded, analyzed, and ridiculed. Statements like ‘He is getting too old for this level’, and ‘he will never win a grand slam again’ start to surface. What everybody forgets is how Roger Federer is feeling at the moment. Fans have a tendency to overreact in these situations, as they are the ones getting ridiculed by Rafa and Nole fans at the moment. So they call for Federer to quit playing altogether and rob the world of his immaculate genius.

Mark my words – The world will be a lesser place the day Roger Federer decided to hang up his boots and retire to the beautiful country of Switzerland. Tennis world will never be the same without the omnipresent Federer who has given each and every fan across the globe something cheer about (Yes even Rafa fans). The mere presence of Roger Federer is what makes all the difference. The mere presence of Roger Federer is what keeps things sane.

PS – I am a fan of Rafael Nadal, and was eagerly looking forward to their anticipated encounter in the quarter final of this year US Open. 

Review: The Wolverine: The Best We Saw Wolverine on Screen


By Ankush Kumar

The Trailer and the Movie are worlds apart. This movie feels like a wolverine movie. Do some of the characters come off as cheesy? Yes. Viper is hard to take seriously. But… does the movie deliver?

Its pretty gory for a movie trying to sell toys. It really sets Wolverine up to be almost a zombie. In a sense that if he has his healing factor, you better get creative on how to kill the Mofo. Because it aint going to be easy. We see wolverine dealing with a lot more than he has ever had to deal with in this movie. Losing his healing factor is just one of the many things. PTWS is another.

Jean plays a great role in showing us that Logan is dealing with suicidal thoughts after killing his lover and seeing his professor explode. I guess they actually try to get you to see his personality. Which is hard to do, because at Wolverines truest, he is an IMMORTAL GYPSY.

There is a scene in the beginning of the film that deals with a grizzly… it really makes an effort to get you to understand Logan’s character.

Now… what fans will complain about. Never suits up. Silver Samurai is a Mecha and totally butchered the origin. Some fight scenes are cut short while some drama character developing scenes seem to drag on (which is one of my favorite parts about this movie). And the movie just does not feel like a superhero flick. It feels like a superhero drama, which is something I will not fret about.

Darren Aronofsky was suppose to direct this originally.. I am not sure if he had any influence on the script but… I could see him directing this movie. It was dark, and violent, there was blood on claws! (Never thought I would be excited about that).

So… this was the best Wolverine we will get on screen for a while. Hugh was pushing for this kind of a movie, he has wanted an almost R rated Wolverine forever; it was his push for Darren Aronofsky to direct it. I have to give Hugh credit for knowing that the fans think Wolverine is a violent, Clint Eastwood type of wander and trying to figure out to be that on screen and still sell toys to kids for Fox’s greedy execs. I think if that is the goal… the team nailed it. 

Rating: 3.5/5

RIP Bollywood’s Star Villain

By Ankush Kumar

Alfred Hitchcock once said ‘cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world’. What he possibly did not predict was the attitude of those involved in the celluloid industry. Today Hindi cinema popularly known as Bollywood celebrates 100 years of cinema. In this centenary period, Hindi cinema has seen some great body of works, some charming personalities and some classic tragedies. One thing though that stays is the indifference towards stalwarts and how fraudulent is the behavior of actors towards the true treasures of the industry. With every passing year one after another gems have transcended into the lap of God, yet our current crop of industry wallahs don’t seem to get the message that ‘the arc lights will not last forever’.

Pran Saab breathed his last yesterday, a man who contributed seventy years to an industry that is just 100 years old. These were the few good men who were the strong pillars of our cinema world. Yet on his last journey very few came. In the age of social media, just tweeting is an ugly way to express solidarity to men like him who gave these new actors a reason to act. But that is how this industry has behaved not just with Pran Sir but many others. There have been many gems like Raj Khosla, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Mehmood, Guru Dutt who have died in the confines of loneliness and none have least cared in their final journey.

I have absolutely no intentions of drawing comparisons but when Priyanka Chopra’s father died, the entire film fraternity poured in and scribes had a field day. The man had zilch contribution to our cinema and today when a legend left us almost none came. This is how it works here, behind those sunglasses at funerals is bloodshot red eyes because of alcohol, behind every appearance is a chance to publicize an upcoming film, behind every byte is one shot at fame. They came in large numbers at her father’s funeral because she is hot property today. They will continue to come if they get something in return else this industry will continue to behave in switch on and switch off mode.

P.S: Iss Jagat Ka Yehi Dastoor Raha Hai; Jinhone Jitni Oonchai Dekhi Hai; Unki Aakhri Bidaiii Utni Hi Dukhad Rahi Hai. RIP Sher Dil Pran Sir !

How Not To Get Rejected By Women


Robin Choudhary after the stupendous success of Types of Young Women in Delhi talks of how unless you’re Adam Levine from Maroon5 or a shade of Brad Pitt’s chiseled Greek-half twin sibling; you probably get the my-blood-freezes-so-I-hose-down-my-armpits-and-stutter syndrome whenever gorgeous ladies enter the room. He also gives some pro-tips to handle this situation.

This reaction is perfectly logical, triggered by thoughts of humiliation, rejection and having your delicate masculinity trampled over by a girl and then not being able to handle the scene like a man. So, here’s what you need to do.

The real secret is practice. Speaking with loads of women as part of your routine. You’re going to prepare and embrace yourself to be like a squash ball – resilient.

Pro tip: The hottest looking girls get hit on the least because most men assume they are already taken.

Location, location and location: The best place to approach hotties is either in a professional atmosphere or at a club or a social event, when most girls let their guards down. In short, it is easier to strike up a conversation there versus the creep who followed me home.

Next, make it casual. Start the conversation with what you’re doing at that point in time. Use your spare time as a playground. Hesitation and fear can be overcome by speaking with women who work at coffee shops,  at the office water-cooler, the gym reception – wherever they are supposedly employed to serve you as a customer. That will build your confidence.

Pro tip: Walk into a ladies store and chat up the sales girls. You can use the “I’m looking for something special to give to my grandma or sister for her birthday/ anniversary” routine.

With time, and once you feel you’re ready, begin to approach ladies at clubs first (because they are there to have a good time and they are probably drunk).

Once you’re comfortable speaking with women, handling and composing yourself will become a lot easier. The easiest way to approach any lady is with a smile, a unobtrusive but nosy attitude, and keeping your chin up no matter what.

Pro tip: Speaking in a soft voice will bring her closer to you (because she wants to hear what you have to say). Maintain that tone no matter what.

Lastly, exit on an optimistic note (always) because there are plenty of fishes in the sea. Don’t ever show disappointment, let alone upset or anger, at being rejected. Just move in politely. She may even change her mind.

Love Sex Aur Dhokha


By Ankush Kumar

The first time I faced rejection in love, the local wine shop nearby became very rich. The neighbours got fed up with music emitting from my apartment, not that they really cared what I was up to, the fact that only one song played on loop irritated them to no end. Before I could fathom what was happening to me, the building secretary gave me a notice to vacate the place and here I was stranded in this big bad city not knowing what to do next.

But as all my close friends know me, I was not someone who was willing to give up; hence I fell in love again. We both went through our honeymoon period blissfully, and then the inevitable happened. We started fighting, it got really ugly and by the time I realised it, she had already moved on with someone else. The only difference possibly was that this time I did not regret it. In fact I had already moved on to a new relationship, this time it was with my own self. For me to date that has been the best relationship of my life.

In the last few years I have seen my friends getting married after courtship (Kudos Mate! It takes some doing) I have seen relationships collapsing, I have seen people doing stupid things, but THANK GOD! I don’t have a single friend who has ended their life for something as lame as love.

What amuses though is how society reacts when a public figure ends their life. If controversies and theories in the past week were not enough, we have another one today, that JIAH KHAN ended her life because she failed in love. I thank this Monday that LK ADVANI chose to step down otherwise the poor SOORAJ PANCHOLI would have been hounded by the media and we would have been subject to umpteen hours of nonsense. The girl apparently died a million deaths before the famous BOLLYWOOD dupatta helped her release her pain. We guys quickly need an equivalent to it or we will soon be out of the race.

She went through the ignominy of aborting their child and facing humiliation through his acts. Seriously are you the same actor who studied in NYC and was brought up there? We urban Indians seemed to be more progressive than your thinking process. Or was it BOLLYWOOD that affected your mindset eventually?

The letter found in your ironically PRADA wallet that possibly proves that you had good taste of life seems to be written by a veteran script writer. If questions need to be raised then there are many who are under suspicion. Why did your mother choose to remain silent when you went through so much pain? Where were your sisters when your valentine was screwing up? When the father of guy had already disapproved of the relationship and you had experienced the fact that he was a playboy, why did you still wait for him?

The obvious filmy answer will be that ‘you don’t like breaking relationships, but unfortunately you did just that’. By ending your life you breached the trust of your loved ones. Today where ever your soul rests, your mother has chosen to ruin another life. Someone needs to stand up and ask her ‘Where was she all this time?’

The letter says ‘she gave up her ten year old career for love’. Well the truth is her career went nowhere. Last seen in a movie called ‘HOUSEFULL’ where the theatres were almost empty and not been seen after that, that angle makes absolutely no sense.

That letter says many other things, which every relationship faces in today’s times. What it unfortunately does not convey is that the girl chose to commit a crime and not even be tried by the judicial system. She chose the easiest way out, and that is by laying the entire blame on someone else. I hate to say this, but after reading that letter I feel no pity for JIAH KHAN. She chose to die maybe she deserved to die in that fashion.

P.S: If SOORAJ PANCHOLI would have committed suicide, and left a note behind, would JIAH KHAN be tried in the court of law? Well your guess is as good as mine!!!

The ‘Alive Club’ And Its Benefits That Jiah Khan Will Miss

Ankush Kumar continues to write on why fighting the devils of the world is the only way to fight depression and how zillions others are doing it day-in and day-out. Suicide to him is the easiest escape route and unfortunately, that would not just kill depression, that will kill the self too, so how is that a victory?

survive, suicide

We all know how difficult it is to live up to people’s expectations. If you haven’t encountered that yet, then I bow my head to thee! For all remaining commoners like me and scores of others if you are reading this post after facing several lows in your life, after going though frustration of failures, after feeling the heat from your staunchest critics, then mate welcome to the ‘ALIVE CLUB’.

This club has its presence across the globe, the entry fees to this club are free but the cost to remain inside the coterie is extremely high. It takes tremendous amount of courage, sweat in gallons, wounds that cannot be cured with any medicine and lots of strength to counter the politics within to eventually make it to the platinum section of the club. Very few from each part of the globe are platinum members; these are the heroes we all look up to. These are the ones who smiled from one failure to another and moved up the ladder of success. They are the ones we all dream of emulating during our growing up years.

The second category of members are the Gold club ones. These are people who are successful in their own little way, but are still striving to reach the platinum section. For example Sanjay Dutt an actor from Bollywood, who has millions of fans, people aspire to have a personality like him, but the man is still going through tormenting times in his life. But the fact that he is still fighting the demons makes him a privileged member of the ‘ALIVE CLUB’. Then we have the third category the largest one in the club.

The general members, who day in and day out strive in their own respective fields, fighting different kinds of demons at home and work place to make a mark for themselves; these are the ones whose first goal is to make it to the silver club. Gold and platinum for them is still a distant dream. The journey for them is the toughest indeed; they have to fight a syndrome called depression which they encounter at a regular basis. In a world where competition is nerve wracking feeling like giving up on life is the easiest escape route. Some succumb to the pressure and hence lose the privilege of being part of the ‘ALIVE CLUB’, while the others keep the battle alive.

The counsellors around the country have been writing shorts on depression and how we should not ignore it ever since a tinsel town actor committed suicide. Nobody ignores the aspect folks; it is just that ‘we general members go through that fear of losing hope day in and day out’ and we are the best judge for ourselves on how to encounter the challenges, adjust to our new changes and move on. If the mind is suppose to be the best doctor for ourselves then depression is curable too.

What is not curable though are the invisible wounds that we commoners encounter every day. These wounds cannot be healed with any medicine. The only cure is ‘TIME’. But some people choose to defy the clock and land up doing something as stupid as committing suicide. The ironic part is that ‘suicide’ is a criminal offence in the world, but the deceased won’t even be tried in the court of law.

One court though will always ask us questions, one person will judge us on our achievements and at that time we should have the right answers. Did we do justice to the gift given to us by GOD? Did we squeeze out the last ounce of talent given to us by him? Did we survive and enjoyed the journey inside the ‘ALIVE CLUB’ or did we commit a sin and betray his faith reposed on us?

P.S: Expectations is the mother of all miseries, I am under scrutiny after my first post today. Even if I fail, I surely won’t commit suicide.

jiah bottom

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Winner All The Way

full cast jd

Ankush Kumar wrote this review while being driven back after watching this movie late last night. Such was the influence that an absence of a laptop also did not hinder his enthusiasm. Here’s presenting Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani review from our film reviewer in the same format he reproduced it last night. 



JD 2


JD 3


JD 4


Rating: 4 out of 5



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TGIF: Twitterati’s Take on Sreesanth and His Towel Antics

Enough of seriousness on spot-fixing in cricket. We thought we would bring some humour in the context. Here’s presenting ten tweets we found laugh worthy in an otherwise tension struck world. 

towel antics

Sir Ravindra Jadeja  (@SirJadeja)
Is a Towel ok? to  get the Aadhar Card picture clicked? – #Sreesanth

NimS ‏(@NimsPatel)
“Dupatta for ladies and shirts for men mandatory for Aadhar Card.” #Sreesanth can use his towel as a Dupatta no? # Aadhar Card

Atiya Zaidi (‏@atiyaz)
Dear Shakespeare,
There does seem to be something in a name.

Kamaal R Khan – KRK (@kamaalrkhan)
If #Sreesanth is innocent as he is claiming then Sunny leone is still Virgin.

Faking News ‏(@fakingnews)
#Sreesanth agreed to #SpotFixing as he needed money to pay for a job in Indian Railways.

Tanmay Bhat ‏(@thetanmay)
Trying hard to think of a joke better than Sharad Pawar and N Srinivasan saying they have zero tolerance for corruption.

T S Sudhir ‏(@Iamtssudhir)
Apparently #Sreesanth’s watsapp was tracked by sleuths of Delhi Police. Interestingly his status msg on watsapp is `Love my life’

cypher_singh ‏(@imanish_singh)
Bhajji is the only cop who slaps a criminal even before he could commit a crime. Sir Jadeja level breached. #ipl6 #sreesanth

Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats)
Bookie: So, what plan today? #Sreesanth: I’ll get smashed for over 10 runs per over. B: Ok. So, you’ll bowl badly? S: No, no. Normally.

Manish Kr. Khedawat (@mkkhedawat)
It Looks like #Sreesanth took Surf Excel’s punch line “Daag achche hote hain” a bit too seriously.

Hoping you enjoyed the Twitterati’s take on Sreesanth’s towel antics. We especially loved the Harbhajan wala from Cypher Singh. Look at this space for more on such great comedy tweets.


An Era Passes Away With Rituparno Ghosh!


We laughed at him because of this dressing sense…made fun of his mannerism because it seemed strange to us…loved his films because they were par excellence…and today, we cry at his passing away at such a young age! Of course, we would have mourned his passing away at any age; simply because, icons such as he are rarest of the rare.

For most of us, Rituparno Ghosh was a butt of ridicule when alive! However, hearing of his sudden death evoked a strange sense of loss in me. My first thought was “Oh no! This is not true!”

rituparno-ghosh1What was in this man that brought out such personal feelings in an otherwise impersonal person like me? Is it because he made path-breaking films? Or, is it the sensitivity he showed towards the female characters in his films? Or, is it because he had the courage to live the life of a non-conformist – something that probably all of us wish to do but are not able to do so?

May be, it is all of these and more that actually made me feel sad. His erudition, his understanding of human nature, his ability to set trends and the fact that he exhibited the chokher-bali-by-rituparno-ghoshkind of potential that Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen did – had kept everyone enthralled and in his grip. The Indian film industry – irrespective of its spatial location – had always been male-centric. He was one of the very few directors who offered splendid roles to women – be it Aishwarya Rai, Indrani Haldar or Ananya Chatterjee.

With Rituparno Ghosh’s death, another era in film-making has passed away! At this point of time, I am reminded of Steve Job’s Stanford Speech of 2005. Therein, he had said that “death is the destination we all share…no one has escaped it…it’s the single-most best invention of life…it’s life’s change agent…it clears up the old to make way for the new…your life is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life….”

Perhaps, great men from all spheres of life think similarly! I SALUTE Rituparno Ghosh for being what he was and for doing what he thought best!