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Review: The Wolverine: The Best We Saw Wolverine on Screen


By Ankush Kumar

The Trailer and the Movie are worlds apart. This movie feels like a wolverine movie. Do some of the characters come off as cheesy? Yes. Viper is hard to take seriously. But… does the movie deliver?

Its pretty gory for a movie trying to sell toys. It really sets Wolverine up to be almost a zombie. In a sense that if he has his healing factor, you better get creative on how to kill the Mofo. Because it aint going to be easy. We see wolverine dealing with a lot more than he has ever had to deal with in this movie. Losing his healing factor is just one of the many things. PTWS is another.

Jean plays a great role in showing us that Logan is dealing with suicidal thoughts after killing his lover and seeing his professor explode. I guess they actually try to get you to see his personality. Which is hard to do, because at Wolverines truest, he is an IMMORTAL GYPSY.

There is a scene in the beginning of the film that deals with a grizzly… it really makes an effort to get you to understand Logan’s character.

Now… what fans will complain about. Never suits up. Silver Samurai is a Mecha and totally butchered the origin. Some fight scenes are cut short while some drama character developing scenes seem to drag on (which is one of my favorite parts about this movie). And the movie just does not feel like a superhero flick. It feels like a superhero drama, which is something I will not fret about.

Darren Aronofsky was suppose to direct this originally.. I am not sure if he had any influence on the script but… I could see him directing this movie. It was dark, and violent, there was blood on claws! (Never thought I would be excited about that).

So… this was the best Wolverine we will get on screen for a while. Hugh was pushing for this kind of a movie, he has wanted an almost R rated Wolverine forever; it was his push for Darren Aronofsky to direct it. I have to give Hugh credit for knowing that the fans think Wolverine is a violent, Clint Eastwood type of wander and trying to figure out to be that on screen and still sell toys to kids for Fox’s greedy execs. I think if that is the goal… the team nailed it. 

Rating: 3.5/5

PC Sorcar’s Magic Show: Was it High Expectations or a Magical Disaster?

Mayank Saxena relates his experience of PC Sorcar’s magic show! Guess this world-renowned magician needs to reinvent himself!


The word “expectation” is really magical. Naturally, it has a subtle positive tone to it. We expect things to behave in a certain way; people to respond in ways known to us and situations to unfold in a way that we are comfortable with. Our expectations are a reflection of our environment and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that movies influence our expectations a lot. Often, it leads to mismatch between our expectations that are influenced by movies and the reality.

I experienced a moment of such expectation bubble when attending the magic show of P.C. Sorcar Jr. on May 18, 2013, in New Delhi. To set the precedent right, I watched The Illusionist (2006; Edward Norton is the lead) and The Prestige (2006; Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are in the lead roles), a week before the magic show. It is to be noted that The Prestige is a Christopher Nolan direction and the kind of detailing provided in that movie is awesome. It takes you in to the world of magic in a way that you start feeling connected with the characters and their magical environment. You will fell in love with magic after watching The Prestige. For the first timers, the climax of the movie is a shocker.

Having watched such brilliant movies on magic, my expectations were really high from this magic show. Also, I have heard that P.C.Sorcar Jr. has been doing some phenomenal work. Media reports suggested that he has become the ambassador of Indian magic at the global level. Such kind of media coverage further raised my expectations. As I set my feet in the auditorium, I was almost convinced that it’s going to be a magical evening for me.

What happened next can be called a good showmanship, but a “magical disaster”. My expectation bubble burst just like the US housing market in 2008. Most of the magic tricks he performed were known to me (courtesy: Breaking the Magician’s Code – AXN).  There was one particular trick – X-ray Eyes – that amused me the most. In this trick the magician was blind-folded. A volunteer was supposed to write English words, mathematical formula or scientific equation on a black board and the magician was supposed to write the exact thing again. To my curiosity, P.C.Sorcar was able to write it at the same speed as that of the volunteer, despite being blind-folded.

On the hindsight, the show was not that bad. I wonder if my expectations were not influenced by great Hollywood movies and if I haven’t seen AXN show, would I have enjoyed it more. Does knowing what’s going to happen kill the fun of being in present? However, should magicians not reinvent themselves and their tricks?

The Wolverine Is Back: This Time In Japan


I had always refrained from watching the X-Men series. Reason being, I could not think of a superhero looking as crass as Hugh Jackman in X-Men. One start though was enough. I saw one film and from there I could not stop myself from watching all five.

The X-Men series had something special, having brought the mutants to screen for the first time. The star amongst mutants, Wolverine played by Jackman became a part of myself after that, with me even trying to put together a hairstyle and beard like him. I am sure most of you would not disagree. The fact is that we all like a superhero fighting against villains with more superpowers and beating them. We all like basking in the glory of such people and Jackman in his character of The Wolverine was exactly like that. For the fans he is back, probably for the last time, that though only he and the series makers know.

The adamantium-fuelled superhero who is immortal is back and in his usual style kicking asses of those bothering him or the mutant and the mankind. The film goes with an apt title ‘The Wolverine’.

If the trailer gives any idea, the film kicks from where X-Men: The Last Stand ended. Jackman is still mourning the death of Jean Grey, and looks like spending time in the mountains in unknown company. He seems to be the typical Hindi-film actor who becomes Devdas after losing his Paro. Wolverine though is being sought after and found after a brawl to be taken to Japan. It is here when he meets someone he had once saved from a Nuclear blast.

This man wants to thank Wolverine and also offers him mortality. Wolverine, after all that he has seen in years pass by looks anguished, tired and thinks of acceptance. The trailer from then on gets into an action scene mode and what we also see is that this time the wounds ain’t healing as they were before.

Finally, you guesses it right. The film also has its own samurai action. Would had been pathetic for a movie in Japan to miss out on Samurai, wouldn’t it? Looks like we also have a brilliantly shot sequence on a bullet train to add to the finale.

What I don’t like is the mortality factor. But that probably is coming from the fact that all superheroes are mortal and hence Wolverine also will have to be. For me though, this would be another blockbuster and am waiting desperately.

For all you lucky one’s trailer’s attached. And Yes for all those waiting for the release, the wait is longer, no early than 26th of July this year. But the wait is worth it, ain’t it?