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Losing Me

A poem by Debashree Sinha

losing me

To begin with I would want to make exit from myself
But as the mirror smiles at me I wonder “Can I ever get rid of this!”
The bad tempered maid, the the quarelling auto driver
The loud mouthed colleague—
I have distanced myself from all.
Even he was not spared from the spite
But soon my own shadow started to haunt me
But how to distance ‘me’ from myself?
Silence, stormy silence…
Tirra Lirra, Tirra Lirra
Ghosts , Knights , Goblins have caught my tongue
I feel the coming of chaos on my shoulders

But like Prometheus I am bound …
Not to an icicle , to myself
and now for long the keys to my freedom have been lost.


A beautiful poem by  Aditya Kavangal!

couple-holding-handsOur  love shall die
At the blink of an eye
Dreams burnt to dust
Memories will rust
Time is the witness
For our doom and bliss
Let’s not pretend
About our inevitable end
Now, we have a moment
Before we are spent
To be here, now, with you
Before, I bid adieu
To hold your hand
Walk on the sand
Before dawn and after night
Between shadow and light
We are born again
Without glory or pain
In this, we are young, Now
Without any end, My love