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Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – II

This is part 2 of Kartik Kannan’s photographic journey of Dudhsagar!


The railway trek begins at Dudhsagar railway station, where passenger trains mildly stop for a minute. There’s no station/building present at this place. You need to walk across the railway track, till you pass 3 tunnels and ask the locals for the path from the mountain that leads to the waterfall.


The image of the semi circular opening at the close of the tunnel, in the midst of the surrounding darkness makes it lovely to gaze at, with the curve of the tracks, catches your attention. If a train isn’t passing by, the moment sometimes freezes!


You are suddenly reminded of a Siddhuism when you see the entrance of the tunnel- “ Is it light at the end of the tunnel, or is it light from a train that’s about to run you over?”


As you trek further along, you get a little ‘dekko’ at the waterfall base from the railway track from your right. You feel like doing a ‘The Beach’ esque jump right into the base of the waterfall, but seeing the height you start to feel, its better at the movies!


The view on your left is not bad either, with the graded waterfall falling over.