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How to Make Your Boss Love You – Part 1


“My boss is a nice person, but for some strange reasons he does not like me…or so I think…not sure!”

“Guess my boss was a Hitler in his previous life!”

“I don’t know what she expects from me. She cracks cheap jokes all day long…of course, according to her it’s not cheap…but I find them quite distasteful!”

How many of you connect to these sentiments? Assuming that most of you will, let’s try and unravel a few traits of managers and ways of appealing to particular types!

The Bully

BossDo you get frequent mails from your boss, threatening you to complete a particular work on time, or else…? Did you make a killer presentation, which had a punctuation error on the twelfth slide and for which you were reprimanded by your boss? Is he always trying to intimidate you into performing your task? If your answer to all this is yes, then your boss is a sure-shot bully!

How to deal – Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way of dealing with this kind of people. All you can do is project yourself as a reasonable person. Put your foot down whenever you feel he has crossed the line. Your boss might respect you when you stand up for yourself because, in a way, you are speaking his language.

The Manipulator

manipulative-bossThis type of people will never explain their requirement clearly to you. Instead, they will drop hints and expect you to find your way out. Such qualities in managers generally surface in case of great power difference. You can recognize your boss as being manipulative if he sends you running off with tasks to multiple directions. Initially, you might feel good about being given the responsibility to accomplish numerous tasks. However, you have to keep evaluating your goals. If you feel that the tasks are not helping you accomplish the career goals you have set for yourself, you have to speak up.

How to deal – Talk to your boss privately about your career goals. Tell him about what you aim to achieve, but you have to remember to make your boss look good in the process. Hurting his ego will not do you any good. With some patience and skill you will manage the manipulator.

The Liar

liar1-e1334603938595Has your boss promised you promotion after you complete a hellish project? Have you completed several such difficult projects without any promotions in the horizon? If yes, then you must accept it that your boss is a liar and that he is trying to extract as much work from you as possible, free of cost!

How to deal – While you have to keep your interests in mind, you cannot afford to get into the bad books of your manager. The best way of dealing with such a personality is by getting things in writing. May be you can start a chain mail and keep your upper management in the loop. A chain mail will be your best defense against false promises.

How to Stay Happy Despite All Odds in Office?

Happiness is a wonderful gift, free for anyone willing to accept it!


How many of you have pondered over work-life balance? How many times in a day do you remind yourself to manage time better? Yet, terms such as ‘time management’ and ‘work-life balance’ continue to remain merely terminologies in your life, as unachievable as ever! However, leading a happy personal and career life is not completely impossible. As Shiv Khera very famously said, ‘winners don’t do different things; they do things differently’; so, do you have to do a few things differently in order to achieve this goal.

prioritize1.      Try to do one thing at a time

‘Prioritize’ is the word you should always keep in mind. While social media handles are useful, they can be extremely distracting. Try completing the tasks at hand prior to logging into your social media profiles. Alternatively, visit your profiles after having completed a task. This will give you a sense of achievement and you can derive some strength from this achievement to tackle the bigger and more complex tasks.

2.      Keep at least half a day in a week only for yourself

Do_Nothing_DayKeep some think-time. It might seem inconsequential at a superficial level; however, once you start practicing it, you are bound to understand its value. Do nothing of consequence in these few hours. The deluge of information nowadays are bogging down people in ways that are unknown to them. During these hours, try to resist the urge to seek more information. Turn out the noise – yes, your cellphone is part of your noisy world. So you may consider keeping yourself aloof from it.

network3.      Network offline

While hanging out on G+ and chatting on FB is a great thing, try and build offline relationships. Social media is definitely a good place to keep in touch, but real relations are built only in a personal space. Try and find the time to meet up one-on-one. Catching up with old friends can give you unparalleled happiness.

4.      Forgive yourself

It’s a good habit to take yourself seriously, but you must refrain from judging yourself too harshly. Keep your expectations realistic. You become your own enemy when you take yourself too seriously. Let go of some expectations and you will see that things are falling into place.

meditate5.      Practice deep breathing

Whenever you are too overwhelmed with emotions, take a deep breath. Additionally, for all the fast trackers, yoga and meditation for 15-20 minutes is a must in order to achieve wonders. Of course, if you can extend the time limit to 30 minutes, nothing like it. But make it a point to start your day with a few exercises.