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Yes We Know Its Time For #Sachin, Yet We Want Some More

Sachin Tendulkar

By Ankush Kumar

A spider and its climb tirelessly inspired a king to fight again. Victory was still not guaranteed but the fear of failure did not act as a deterrent to the man’s attempts. Great warriors have died in the lamest fashion, but none are remembered for their end, history still talks about their life and their efforts to conquer the world.

Tomorrow modern age heroes will adorn pages in different textbooks, they will inspire generations, but for many they will just remain a reference point. Nothing more and nothing less.

Yet for some bizarre reason we still want to cling on to a few of them forever. Why are we not ready to come to terms with the fact that ‘All good things come to an end”. Is it our insecurities or is it the fear that we do not have too many people who will inspire us again?

I guess its a bit of both worlds. The few good men, who have entertained us, given us a ray of hope, have made us believe in ourselves, in the process have learnt nothing but that. Shahrukh Khan has said it umpteen numbers of times that his biggest fear is that ‘one day he will get up and the arc lights wont be around’. He still is in a profession where his fans can get entertained at 70. But what about heroes who play on the field? How can they entertain us till death separates the genius and its soul?

The bitter reality is that they cant. Beyond a point defying age is stupid. Yet the fans that want to see Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar bat again outnumbers the critics who don’t. So what does he do now?

Imagine how tough it must be for the man itself to think of hanging the boots if its so tough for the fans. There is a entire generation for whom cricket has started and ends with Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Few good men like him can adorn roles of mentors or coaches or teachers, but the reality is great sport stars make very average coaches. So how will the man entertain us? The answer is he wont. Once he walks back to that dressing room one final time, an era will be over.
Maybe the time has come, yes the BCCI has possibly squeezed in one tour before the SA series, maybe money was their priority, but then for once fans like me are not complaining. Maybe it will be his last test, maybe in bradmanesque fashion he will end his career, but that one chant ‘Sachiiiiin Sachiiiiin’ will reverberate through the roof of Wankhede this November.

Bruce triumphed, his failures are stories of folklore, warriors won, their battles are part of history, sport stars have fallen, lost, yet the only stories that are remembered is the number of hearts they have won.

His recent failures, have given a chance to his cynics to prove that he is Human not God, his fans knew that long back, its just that GODS were made by action and deeds and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar falls in the same category. One part in me and possibly many others will go numb when he will be gone. But till then let’s savor each run the legend scores as possibly even we know that the time is up.

Thank You God!

By Ankit Chandra

images (1)Thank you God for the world so sweet,

Thank you God for the food we eat,

Thank you God for the birds that sing,

Thank you God for everything!

psst: God thank you the most for (hopefully) saving me from today’s near (touch wood) debacle


Sometimes u just thank God ( well touch wood and fingers crossed) for the many times he saves you from almost inevitable disaster… and having said that, once an engineer, always an engineer! even if u r doing a management course now!

There was this seemingly unscrupulous MS Excel course in my program. There was a full proper announcement about it and everything, and our instructor was very strict and the features he was teaching looked pretty ‘weird’ to learn… In fact so much so, that people in my class actually started to stay up late to work the problems and make sure that they did their assignments in time and did them well. otherwise it was almost impossible for anyone to remember the stuff. Add to it that the instructor was gradually turning into a monster, and increasing our work load, making the problems in the assignment ever tougher to work.

This was the first time I saw my other wise cool roomy actually sweating it out in nights to finish the assignments, talking to many people over the phone to understand the problems and tediously working towards a probable solution. Classes began to remain fully occupied with students with peeled eyes glued to the screen in the class and ears cocking open to absorb all the stuff the instructor spewed out ( including his very special way of saying awwwigghh (allright))…

Nobody was sure as to how would they face the test due next week. Wait! what? there is a test next week? oh Wait, is there a test for this course? and thats next week??? umm where is it written! Why didn’t anyone tell me! ….

Yah… that’s what my first reaction was when I was told last week about this test. Already taken by surprise on this, I had no idea as to how I should react to this …. ambush!!! Yah! it’s NOT fair and enough to just email everyone in the class about the test and talk about it in the class at least 3 times! PEOPLE DON’T PAY ATTENTION!!!!

Anyways… the world IS a sick place… everyone knows that. And I have been dealing with it ever since I was born. But now that I have to live with that, I thought i might as well think about preparing for the test. I planned. well, thats a rare thing anyhow, but I did… and planned to prepare the night before the test (goto: line no. 8 abt engineers).

Cut back to yesternight. With all the true intentions I start preparing for the test. Just to get all the variables initialized I asked my roomy “What if we flunk”? He replied that due to some weird credit score logic, what we score in the test wdn’t make a dent in our overall scores.

Now believe me, even after hearing that I wanted to prepare whole heartedly for the test. By the time I was in my room with the laptop in my laps, the rational side of began to speak up and said : “You wdn’t get a score anyhow for this test, and u wdnt flunk. So why don’t u utilize this time better and go to sleep!” . Hmm.. I thought… there is a point! After all logical analysis of an argument is what I learn day in and day out!. Rest is as they say, His Story….

Day : Today. Time 940 am ( 4 hours and 2 classes before the test). My classmate tells me that we need to score at least 80% in the test to pass, or we wd have to re take the test. shit.

Time 1 pm ( one hour before the test) in the lunch room, discussing the excel problems with my roomys and the Omen inducing classmate ( the one who told me the 80% thingy), I realized that now its a futile exercise. The rationale was that since I don’t have enough time before the test to prepare, I should concentrate on the final thread. The Help function in Excel. I plan an elaborate strategy based on the information I retrieved from these fellows around me.

Test: After looking at the question paper, I knew one thing for sure. I knew nothing. Then from somewhere God comes in the picture. And I look at the help function. Question One, search for it on the help. Got the method. Question Two, back to help. Q3,4… Rest as they say is… 😉

I think ( hope, pray and everything) that I pass. But, thank u God 🙂

Happy Birthday Sachin!

Sachin Tendulkar turned 40 today. The public holiday is sheer coincidence. At least one hopes so, says Jaideep Ghosh.

sachinI am always a little bit at risk when writing about Tendulkar. So before I am lynched, let me hastily mention that one thing I admire about the chappie is longevity. Quite a testament to fitness and desire.

Whether the results are on par, is a different thing.

Tendulkar halts traffic like nothing else in India, barring political rallies or cows on Delhi roads. About nine out of 10 people think he is the God of cricket (if not God himself), an accolade which evaporates every time he doesn’t perform. Then he is compared to mortals (“X also didn’t score, why you pointing at Tendulkar” etc.).

But there is no denying that many generations have been brought up on Brand Sachin and/or the Sachin brand of cricket. He is definitely ‘there’, when you discuss cricket. At the same time, even the most hardcore of realists will not publicly state that he is way past his sell-by date. A truth that doesn’t escape even his most hardcore fan.

Anyway, today we won’t go into the birthday boy’s merits or demerits. He has played cricket, with some distinction. Not as much as he should have, but enough to make him a very good player.

But off late, things haven’t been good, far less ‘great’.

The much-abused adage of ‘you must quit when people say why, not why not’ I guess doesn’t work of a majority of people in India, more so the stars and superstars. Tendulkar has reached a stage where people (admittedly just a few) have begun asking why he wasn’t hanging up his boots and letting someone younger get his chance.

Now, being a sore loser (which, I may again hasten to add, isn’t always a bad thing), the man has made it a point to strive for the heights that he had held for so long and then sign out, with a flourish. Sadly, the truth about those highs is that once you come down, you hardly ever manage to get back there. Age, slowing reflexes and your own cussed want to get back there hold you back. And it gets just worst.

At the same time, for all professions to the contrary, our man LOVES records. So the next one, 200 Tests, is a minimum that you’ll have the pleasure of his company. Things may change after that.

Or they may not….


5 Reasons Why You Can’t Write-Off Sehwag



Geoffrey Boycott, the legendary former England opener has opined that we might have seen the last of Virender Sehwag. Here are five reasons why we think he is wrong.

  1. Sehwag has been written off many times previously but he has always come back stronger. People write him off stating his attitude towards hard work and his work ethic but what they forget is the huge amount of talent and the reason for that attitude. He probably has never had to struggle and on times he had to, he has come back strong, courtesy the same ego and nonchalant attitude. History is proof that only the ones with the biggest willpower succeed against the battle of aging. One cannot possibly have greater willpower than Viru.
  2. Some numbers will tell us why we are so confident he would make a comeback. We are talking of numbers that only legends could boast. For starters, Sehwag’s average of 51.72 is the highest by any Indian opener and a second all Test cricket’s best for a player who has opened for his country’s cricket team in 100 or more innings. Let’s take strike-rate because it’s important considering the number of matches players like Sehwag win on their hitting prowess. Keep aside Shahid Afridi, and Sehwag comes out number one on numbers. Sehwag’s strike rate is above 82 and do we need to tell how many times India has won after a Sehwag blitzkrieg.
  3. The bigger the challenge, the more dominating Sehwag has been so how can we write him off in a daunting situation like this. He knows the chips are down, he knows there’s huge pressure considering calls for his exit are loud but at the same time he also knows all about his talent and has been sounding confident on and off when we hear from him. He was once before also discarded from the team and we all know the kind of comeback he made so rest assured of another happy surprise and a nightmare for opposition.
  4. India’s biggest challenge lie ahead in foreign conditions, in South Africa, in New Zealand and though we have seen some youngsters of the likes of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane do well, we still know what can happen to a young team with no experience in African conditions. For the sake of India, it would be great to see Sehwag back in the side and leading the younger brigade from the front. He might not have the best technique in foreign conditions but we all do remember what he did in Australia a few years back and a similar repeat is not out of consideration.
  5. The last bit is the fact that IPL has always been kind to Indian stars and this is Sehwag’s opportunity to tell the world his worth. We all know the potential, we all know the carnage qualities, it’s just that there has been a delay in display. He would be burning inside as well considering the amount of criticism he has seen in the last few months. The timing of IPL could not have been better for him to hit his critics on their backs.

Overall, someone like Viru cannot be written off just like that. He is a confidence and a quick 30 sometime might get him back to what he does best. I am hopeful that the showman, Indian cricket’s biggest entertainer stays for a while and entertains at the top of the order. 

Sehwag IPL