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Entertainment As A Travesty For Education

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By, Aditya Nagarajan

A charade of germane imbroglios that continue to persist in our society, by a larger malaise, is the juxtaposition of ‘knowledge and awareness’ by way of entertainment. As self-styled as it might seem, with the recent controversy stalling the Sri Lankan players and the IPL, one might seem to fathom the very existence of the war crimes in Sri Lanka.


One might hitherto go without saying that the awareness of war crimes, diplomatic treaties, plight of the Sri Lankans should be dealt by the education system, dialogue with the society at large and the media, although a simple pretence of the IPL had the common man, discussing these war crimes by Sri Lanka, which should have been done by society and the education system taking the lead.


Taking the case of the controversial movie ‘Dam 999’ which the Tamil Nadu government banned because it felt, would disrupt the cordial relations between Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the very recent ‘Sanjay Dutt’ case. The former controversy educated the public about the Mullaperiyar Dam and the latter indirectly educated a larger sector of the audience about the Mumbai blasts of 1993.

sanjay dutt in khalnayak

These elements of history are known to us, our education system and roles within the society have made us aware of these points in history. But what makes one take an unsullied interest in these issues, is that they have been made controversial by entertainment. In India, a segment avails its daily dose of rigor from entertainment, also gets its daily dose of general awareness from entertainment.

The role, which earlier was reflected by our education system and our interaction with the society, has in this digital age upped its ante by giving credo to entertainment. A bright side of my argument sets in, a society which largely feeds on entertainment does get the required amount of awareness from entertainment itself. It is in these areas, entertainment has played a much larger part in dispelling thought-provoking-awe-inspiring discussions which other forms of knowledge should have gained traction over.