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How People Behave In Meetings: A Self Experience


I have been in a corporate set-up for 4 years now and mostly have been working with some decent shots in the industry. Which means I have seen enough board meetings, here’s how people behave in them J.

Thankfully because of an office culture you get to see people of all kinds. The lazy bum and the active zealot both co-exist. In general the lazy bum gets to do the technical work and the active zealot is out on the ground, getting salaries for the lazy bum seating in the office. The one place where they both and others come together is an office meeting. Believe me you see a lot of people in a lot of positions there. If not for Kama Sutra, these one could have been real famous. I would underline some of them here. Enjoy J.

  1. The Always Connected: He would always be on the internet. Even if a bomb blasts in the meeting in the form of a CEO smacking the Sales head, this guy would not change expressions. He is the techie and while the meeting is going on he probably is checking either his social profile or some hot chicks on the internet. Image
  2. The Stronger Bone: He is the boss and he makes sure for you to know that. He sits with his legs positioned in a manner, inviting a hot chick on him. Yeah, right you got the bloody position correct. By no standards is that an official meeting manner but to tell him would be to get your pink slip. He might also slouch sometimes and also sit with legs crossed but that is all because of who he is. Image
  3. The Attentive Bugger: He wants to kick your arse, wants to ask questions and nail you on your presentation so he’s listening. He first listens and then his good time starts. This guy might also sometimes kneel on his chair just to show how attentive he is, that by showing that he has actually forgotten how to sit properly. Image
  4. The Eater: He cares a damn for what’s going on. For him it’s about his coke and chips. Sometimes he makes the entire group eat too. He is the reason because of which the pantry guy survives. I have myself seen a few like them and believe me looks could be severely deceptive here as he could just look so healthy even after all junk. Image
  5. The Writer: You missed out on some important points, not a problem; an idiot was typing all the way on his notepad. He wants to earn a name by sending a minutes-of-meeting mail to everyone concerned. Yeah I know the type you hate the most but can’t help. Image
  6. The Constantly Active Zealot: He doesn’t want Piles at an early age or at least he shows he does not. You would not see him sitting even during your presentation, leave aside during his. He would not ask questions but would look tremendously inquisitive and attentive. The boss loves him for being that active and believe me those meeting hours are the only ones in his he actually becomes that way.

I might have missed a few am sure. You can add to the list. Remember it’s all about sharing knowledge.