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Would You Like to Pay for Your Surf?

By Ankit Chandra


A normal professional’s work day today begins in the morning clamoring to get to work. Once there, there is this cooling off period, although varying, but there for sure to begin to look at news, sports, email etc. A lot of websites are ‘favorites’ and browsers like chrome do put them up for your easy retrieval on a new tab.

A basic assumption there is that most of this material is free. Yes there are those ads, but either we don’t care about them, or we just install a browser plugin to remove all the ads from a page. And of course Google makes its billions from all the ad revenue you can think of.

And then recently New York Times announced that it will begin charging for its online content. Wall Street already has a subscription model around its online content, and we’ve been hearing all the stuff about  SaaS business models where everyone charges for everything they sell.

So is this the beginning of the end of free stuff? Is the advertising model kinda running out of steam?

I think this is the next wave of evolution on the internet. This appears to be the common ground that the e-world would have to come to with the traditional world. A world where you get what you pay for. A world where money has to be earned.

I don’t have anything against the advertising model. I think it is great for a certain types of the websites, where the content is pretty much commoditized, and a subset of the internet population comes there.  But if a service is differentiated and there is a demand for it, the company now seems to be in a position to charge premium for it.

A major reason for this is the huge growth in internet users from across the globe, and their increasingly varying needs from the internet. Going forward, Internet will begin to resemble our own real world. where some things are free, and some you gotta pay for.

So I think its time for us to get ready to make that choice. Do you want to pay for your surf or get what you don’t want to pay for? I’d say, brace yourself. The internet is evolving into a new more self aware beast, and there is no more free lunch…

An Idea A Day Keeps A Doctor Away

idea machine

By Ankit Chandra

I think I am obsessed with the idea of creating new ideas. Since my undergrad days, when a mere look at a stepper motor interface made me think of the numerous possibilities there were to make something cool with it, I have been fantasizing about the next cool thing I could make with the basic building blocks I have at hand.

Only with time, my building blocks evolved and became a mix of technology pieces, business concepts and social issues. That’s a great concoction though! But with more information in my head, I guess my idle time goes into thinking about new things to make, new companies to start and a new world to live in.

Most of the times I get out of my day dreaming and move on with my life… but the idea sticks on as a ‘Could have been the next revolution’ Sometimes I have actually realized that someone made a killing out of it 🙂

Here is a small list of a few of those ideas.. These are in no particular order DO NOT judge me on this!

  1. Automatic pet fish feeding system
  2. SaaS based Supply Chain Management system (Patented by IBM I think)
  3. An earth based car positioning, and guiding system, which I proposed, to Reva the electric car company. (They shot it down)
  4. An advertising system based on ring back tones on mobile phones (too late on this one)
  5. A virtual Chai ki Dukaan (Road side tea shop) where people get together and gossip, discuss new ideas or understand the world, Office politics, course curriculum, or their love life. This is still a very potent idea, if the Chai ki Dukaan ambience is successfully implemented.
  6. A local area customer – vendor handshake platform for services. So you can get a local plumber/carpenter/nanny without having to hunt for one.
  7. A concept similar to batchmates.com but much before batchmates.com came about
  8. Setting up a Sabji Mandi in US to promote healthy food
  9. Opening recharge stations for electric cars in India.
  10. Opening a p2p shop rating system, which is accessible through mobile phones.
  11. And a fresh one.. A doctor rating system!!

Well the list is longer… but you get the gist… and yes you are free to implement any of these.. It’s open source now 🙂