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Celebrating Cinema & Wielding Magic: Bombay Talkies Way


Ankush Kumar watches Bombay Talkies and falls in love with it. Goes on to say that Hindi films are in safe hands till we churn out blockbusters like this.

If it is going to take another hundred years, for candy floss directors like Karan Johar to make believable and cinema of impact, we should rather celebrate each decade. ‘Bombay Talkies’ conveys the universal language of humanity, it has his moments of edginess, but all in all it is very close to reality. So much like life!

The four segments in the movie have been executed by different directors and each one has their own school of thought when it comes to film making. The common binding force though ‘is their love for cinema’.

The key ingredient our industry has thrived on for over hundred years has been beautifully incorporated through Karan Johar’s ‘Dastaan’. The song ‘ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh’ will remain with you even as you move onto the second segment. Perhaps the only director who has moved away from his thinking styles yet has delivered a very hard hitting tale of a distant couple.

Karan Johar’s ‘Dastaan’ is a story of a distant couple (Randeep hooda & Rani Mukherji), the reasons behind the discomfort is narrated beautifully through the third character of the story (Saqib Saleem). The acting is brilliant, and dialogue delivery is sharp and to the point. Except for a few glitches this segment of ‘Bombay Talkies’ is flawless.


Few Actors in our industry have portrayed several challenging characters the way ‘Sadashiv Amarpurkar’ has. It is a shame he is not often repeated in movies today. Dibakar Banerjee though through his segment aptly titled ‘Star’ has not just brought back memories of the stellar performer but has also done justice to the genius of ‘Satyajit Ray’.

The other star performer is the find of the season ‘Nawazuddin Sidique’. Both these actors put up stellar performances in a story of an ordinary man trying to make a life in Bombay. The way the director has incorporated that entire ‘exotic bird emu in a chawl’ idea and has created subtle pathos around the story makes this segment worthy of being called the ‘BEST’.

One Actor that has always been the ‘BEST’ amongst the rest is ‘Amitabh Bachchan’. Anurag kashyap’s story though is a huge let down. Making a film on the legend was always going to be tough. The simplicity of the story definitely holds your attention. The case of a young boy following his grandfather’s last wish, travelling from Allahabad to Mumbai hoping to feed a bite of Muraba to the legend is a very nice thought, but over a period of twenty five minutes this one feels like eternity.

The one thing that remains with you at the end of Zoya Akhtar’s segment is the hope that ‘Tomorrow will be better than Today’. The story of a boy who idolizes Katrina Kaif and hopes to become a dancer, and his father who wants his son to be more masculine in life, leaves you hoping for a fairy tale ending. The message through this moving tale of two kids and a father is ‘how much of an impact a kid can have of cinema and its passion, and if promoted correctly how fruitful it can turn out to be in the future’.

The future of ‘Bollywood’ is in safe hands if such movies are churned out at a brisk rate. ‘Bombay Talkies’ is a near perfect gift for its viewers and celebrates hundred years of existence in the right spirit.

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