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Garhwal Diaries 2 – Enroute Devaprayag

After Haridwar, Sampurna Majumder continues her photographic journey to Devaprayag.

IMG_0219The road while leaving Haridwar

Verdant greens

IMG_0225A random click

IMG_0224Technology finds its way amidst nature!

IMG_0228The confluence of Rivers Bhagirathi and Alkananda


Garhwal Diaries I – Haridwar Hopping

Sampurna Majumder writes a photographic blog of her trip to the Garhwals.

Since I love the mountains, I frequently wander around mountainous regions. Sometime back I embarked on a trip to the mighty Garhwals. An indigenous mountainous region in the northern part of India, the Garhwal is home to some of the majestic mountain peaks and tussled trekking routes. A great place to wander around for someone who is an avid trekker and a passionate photographer.

Haridwar was our first stop. One of the seven holiest places for Hindus, Haridwar presents a kaleidoscope of Indian culture.


Blurred lights and waters captured in my cam.


Abstracts from Haridwar


Market place


How about some bargain!


Dawn at Haridwar ghats!

Dilli ki Hawa – 5

Was it a fling or love? Sampurna Majumder wonders in the fifth part of Dilli ki Hawa! 


It was the summer of 2011. I was working as an editor with an American publishing giant. Day in and day out I got used to the somewhat mundane routine of reading manuscripts and competing titles, coordinating with authors and production editors to bring out book which students would read or probably not.

Attending book launch programs became a regular part of my job description. These events came as an icing on the cake because I got to visit places like India International Centre, India Habitat Centre and others. Not to mention the drinks and dinner that came as a booty.

It was one of those events where I happened to meet T. On our first meet we ended up discussing about the publishing industry in general and obviously our experiences. I was into editorial while he was into marketing. Our chit-chat over dinner gradually ended up in a discourse. I learnt that he was from Shillong but currently his family resided in Calcutta and like me even he has been living in Delhi for around 8 years.

Bengalis in Delhi, single professionals from the same field – there was an instant connection.

After the event came to an end, everyone parted ways. T offered to drop me home. I readily agreed.

A month later I received a message on my phone. It was from T. From where did he manage my number? I wondered. Nonetheless I replied to it in positive. He had some stupid inquiry about other publishing houses. I answered patiently and kept the phone.

For some strange reason I felt that T would call again. And lo behold! He did!

We became good friends. If friendship implies sharing similar tastes and likings and enjoying each other’s company, yes we were friends. Our passion for travelling, photography and of course movies bound us together.

Short and sturdy, T had sharp eyes that remained red most of the time. He spoke flawless English. Wondered where did he learn. Being  a travel freak, T had already covered the lengths and breadths of the country and even abroad and had tried his hand at all kinds of adventure sports – from scuba diving in the Andamans to bungee jumping at Uttarakhand; from braving through the trekking trails of Roopkund (Garhwals) to paragliding in the Himachal; from travelling across the Maramara Sea (Istanbul) to hopping around the coffee shops at Amsterdam to catching a glimpse of Mount Titlis (Switzerland) – it was a pleasure interacting with the wanderlust.


One fine day, he offered to meet and yes of course without any office work to which I complied and it was his brilliant idea to get a can of beer each. Conversations began to pour in and so did the beer. Though I tried protesting, it dint help much. (Rather I wont deny sipping into beer was actually fun since I had after a long long time).

It hardly took us much time to figure out that apart from travel and movies, we shared another passion – music. Rock to be more particular. Therefore Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Elvis Preseley had to make space within our conversation. Soon my tension over the beer mugs eased and I let myself lose over the evening and obviously amidst laughter.

I was experiencing a new high, and new found freedom all of a sudden on being treated by a man who was almost a stranger. A strange bond began to unite us in an unfamiliar way. A brief stint of loneliness was placated by a momentary spell of love or attraction – or was it my figment of imagination?

“It’s getting late. I have to go.” I said eagerly.

“Wait! I will get you a Cab.” T said. But I could see the grin on his face and it seemed he deliberately took time in getting a cab. I felt like kicking him then and there.

Giddiness engulfed me as I boarded the cab and could not help cursing T for the mess. But T disappeared within a few seconds.

As the cab left I was transported into a trance.

Nonetheless even in that trance I could feel a sense of happiness.

Dilli ki Hawa – 4

Sampurna Majumder narrates her ‘bitterly-wonderful’ experience of getting drunk in the fourth part of Dilli ki Hawa!

3 girls

College life and teenage can make us do weird stuff at times. Sometimes. I remember the day I got terribly high for the fist time. I was pursuing my Master’s and had just completed by 21st birthday. D, S and I were flatmates. Every month we ended up throwing a small party at our den. Party without some tit-bits is definitely incomplete. We usually got chips, spring rolls and soft drinks as our accompaniments and of course the party comprised gossip sessions and sometimes stupid games.

smirn offIt was one such party which was a little different from the rest. This time three of us tried our hand at vodka. On D’s suggestion we decided to go the nearest local liquor store at north campus. For the first time we stepped into a liquor store. Three of us were a little perturbed as we could feel pairs of eyes ogling at us. Hurriedly we placed an order for a small bottle of vodka and returned home with our prized possession including chips, a bottle of limca and a few other tit-bits.

An hour later we spread out our accompaniments for the evening. Conversations started pouring and so did the vodka. The first round comprised vodka with limca. This was followed by a second round of the same. D had already started feeling a dizzy we could make that out pretty well from her occasional laughter and bitching about her ex-flames.

The vodka bottle was still more than half-filled. All of a sudden D threw a challenge, “who can finish the rest of vodka?” . We stared at each other and by that time the mixture of limca and vodka had already started taking its toll on me. I could feel it. However, I tried to be the brave one and before either of them could decide upon, I took the plunge.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! … and bottoms’ Up!!!

After that all I could remember was D and S helping me lie down in the bed so that I could have a good night’s sleep.

Next morning D and S narrated what exactly had happened. I had lost complete control of myself and was crying hysterically. God knows why? And the episode doesn’t end here. I was told that I started throwing up badly and it was all over D; so much so that she had to take bath in the December winters of Delhi. I tried falling back on my last night’s memory and I could vaguely recollect the throwing up!

“How I wish I had not thrown such a challenge!!!”. D lamented.