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A Misogamist’s Conundrum


Anuj in his inimitable style tells us why marriages can’t be made in heaven and how two different individuals have to make it work. Read on and enjoy.

Well! Well!

We do have many misogamists in our society. Some are misogamist in their mind but do not openly accept it. As babies, people are innocent and pure, the reality and experience is what changes them. So it’s simply the experiences they see, feel and have that make them a misogamist. Not that being a misogamist is totally incorrect; anyone can choose to be so.

Based on the negativity that misogamists see around marriages, they do think, feel and say ‘Marriage’ is a source of all evil.

Some negative aspects that a Marriage could bring are as follows: –

1) A significant increase in wants and comfort

2) Money! Money! Money! All the time.

3) Setting high expectations by both individuals and significant difference in what each may want from marriage.

4) The Immaturity it brings between couples which further results in conflict.

It’s totally asinine to think that marriage is a waste. Yes, if deeply analysed, the factors mentioned above can make most people agree and turn them to a misogamist. But, there is a need to have a much better perspective.

Few reasons why Marriage can be viewed in a positive way are: –

1) Sharing lives and thinking in an altruistic way.

2) A sense of trust, responsibility and commitment does help both individuals for the betterment in life.

3) If solitude is the real enemy for people who are single and brings unhappiness then marriage could definitely be the panacea.

4) Some studies say that people happily married are likely to have better health and are more supportive.

Key to good Marriages :

– One that has mutually supportive relationship (Socially, Financially and Emotionally)

– Accepting of each individual as how they are and learning to appreciate the differences

– Understanding that marriages always have ups and downs and learning to cope with adversaries

– The element of Friendship in Marriages can make it work a bit longer than most people expect

 ‘Change’ is what we can be assured about. So marriage will bring about a change in all men and women. Whoever said Marriages are made in heaven is/was certainly out of his mind. It’s the two people along with many external factors that make it work.

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