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Dear Lovers, Don’t Drop The Pretence


By Joybrato Dutta

Love is what you assumed Leonardo felt for Kate in Titanic. Love is what burnt Troy. A fulfilled love story inspires marriages that are filled with ‘awwww’ moments, but an incomplete one inspires generations to love. As strange as it may sound but the couples by which most lovers swear by – Romeo & Juliet, Heer & Ranjha, Laila and Majnu, didn’t really end up marrying. So most lovers know how to love, but they don’t know the next step.

And then comes Valentine’s Day. A day when every lover gets the license to upgrade his or her relationship. Teenage lovers propose for love, couples in their early 20s propose for a commitment, while their counterparts in the late 20s propose for marriage. And then there are those hardcore lovers who believe in living in the present. So they make love instead of making a commitment.

But people graduate from colleges. They get into workplaces where they believe that they have matured. They believe that for lovers, every day is a Valentine’s Day. They believe that lovers don’t need a special day to express love, because with each other every moment is special.


You don’t send flowers to your lover every day.

Nor do you send chocolates.

And you definitely don’t take her out on a long drive or a candle light dinner every day.

You don’t even attend her calls. Yes you can blame the frenetic times, the offices, the tuitions, the promised billiards game, and the Teen Patti, but you cannot deny the fact that you don’t make your lover feel special every day.

Which is precisely why I believe in the importance of Valentine’s Day. It gives us something to look forward to, some excitement in life, a chance to start afresh, a chance to rekindle a dormant spark. So I suggest don’t drop the pretence, send her flowers (sponsored by Ferns and petals), cards (sponsored by Archie’s), and chocolates (sponsored by Cadbury’s), because every day is not a Valentine’s Day.

P.S. – The above note is for people in a relationship. Dear stags, Happy Vaseline Day.