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Iron Man 3: Delightful Cinema at its Best

Iron Man 3-1

Summary: Iron Man 3 shows up why the west is so ahead of us in filmmaking. For those who have always felt the primary reason is money that they invest in technology, this one will shove the theory in their back. Frankly the comic (Iron Man 3) ain’t great but the way Director Shane Black has brought humour, action, and intelligence together and woven a screenplay that so entertains talks about filmmaking intelligence which we lack in the days of Himmatwala remake. Overall a great film with extraordinary acting by Ben Kingsley and hats off to Robert Downey Jr. He as Tony Stark continues to overshadow all super heroes till date.

Plot: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in the beginning does not resemble any bit of what we know him as. A party animal and one-night stander that we know him as appears a humble and broken figure after his exploits against Loki in The Avengers. Down with anxiety attacks and insomnia, he is fighting the ills inside as a bigger evil sets his sight on America. Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), a terrorist mastermind who looks like having been modelled on Osama Bin Laden sets out to destroy America. Stark gets beaten black and blue in the first fight with Mandarin’s henchmen but once he gets back his energies and finds his way out of anxieties, Tony Stark becomes too hot to handle for Mandarin.

Rating: 4/5

How can we speak of Iron Man and not speak of his lady love. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts gets more importance in this one. Paltrow definitely knows when to call shots during her dialogue delivery and her control on her screen presence and dialogue delivery is phenomenal.

We feel that if we talk of the acting skills of Ben Kingsley, that itself would be a honour for us. It is he who actually puts in life inside the character of Mandarin and frankly Kingsley’s performance and his portrayal of Mandarin are the stealers of the film.

The only let down is the climax. The final fight scene does not live up to the expectations built thus far. Overall the 130 minutes is kick ass drama for any comic book buff who has been engaged by super hero thrillers. Downey Jr again plays his best and delivers one liners in an engaging manner that only he can. And yes, for fans who want more, this is not the end of the series, wait for more thrill coming soon.

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