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Match Experience at the PEPSI IPL VIP Box

Kartik in box

Kartik Kannan pens down his experiences having watched a game from the Pepsi VIP Box. Some stuff that. Read on and be jealous.

You queue outside in the hot sun, seeing a serpentine kilometer long queue to enter into respective gates, 90 minutes before the game, and you look at the VIP’s entering in a sedan right outside the gate, and walking in with elan.  Your position in the line has probably moved a few millimeters, while a few VIP’s have made their way in to the stadium. So, given this background, who doesn’t want to be a VIP?

Vip Box

Pepsi as part of its offering to the fans, had made an experience, that’s soothing to the often tensed nerve (more if you happen to be cheering for Dhoni) that the cricket fan nurses in 20 overs of mayhem.

At the Cricket, some of the worries most of us have  are to get a good seat where we can watch the cricket, being able to view the big replay screen, get your hand on food without getting into a queue again, and being able to drink some beverages without paying a ridiculous price. The Pepsi VIP Box solves this and presents you more on the platter to make you feel like a guest, and not a passenger.

The VIP Box is a special unit located on the ground, outside the fenced area, but before the boundary line, usually right next to the dug out.

Pepsi Fridge

It had a fridge stocked with Pepsi, 7 UP, Mirinda,Slice and Aquafina, and for once, there was no competition to beat you to the drinks. The players had a drinks break every 8 overs, during the strategic time out, but you get to sit in an air conditioned room, with a lovely comfortable lounge sofa to rest your back on, and take drinks break every over literally. It also has a shelf stocked with various flavours of Lays and Kurkure, to keep the spices complimented along with what’s happening at the cricket.

From the inside

The air conditioned room, opens up into a small balcony with 4 bar stool chairs, from which you have an restricted view of the cricket, as well as the scenes of what happens in the dug out 2 metres from you.  The cheer leaders are not very far away from you, so the whole combination is lovely at the PEPSI VIP Box, which makes you realize how peaceful it is to watch cricket in such comfort!

At the Cricket, some of the interesting things to watch were

a) Manpreet Goni and Piyush Chawla making Chris Gayle persevere for his runs, until Gayle pulled  a few bownie points at the end with some effortless lusty blows.

b) Gaylestorm was similar to the Indian monsoon. It promised to come, and was pretty relaxed about not coming, willing to tread along, before finally it came pouring down and kept the crowd ticking an item of that little bucketlist that fans have, when they come to the Chinnaswamy stadium during the IPL.

c) Zak’s return!– Watching Zak was a pleasure, and watching him uproot Shaun Marsh’s off stump, was heartening to note.

d) Zak vs Gilly Gilly Yeah! Zak was bowling with gusto to Gilchrist, and even managed to fox a rather scratchy Gilchrist, but Gilchrist came down on Zak with the ferocity of the attack he launched 10 summers ago in the 2003 World Cup semi final.

e) The importance of patience- All the 3 batsmen( Azhar Mahmood, Gilchrist and Gayle), started scratchily, offered a few chances, but managed to hang in there without gifting their wicket away, and reaped rich benefits, and the fans manged a bumper crop in seeing some wonderful batting from the trio.