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The Road to Hana and Haleakala – I

By Kartik Kannan

Not having much time on a 3-day break in the US, I decided I would take the plunge and do a road trip instead of signing up with a tour operator in the city. The challenge, however, was to drive on the right as they do in the US, in contrast to driving on the left in India.


I rented a Lucerne Buick, a luxury sedan and slowly set off from the airport, rambling about slowly for about 20 minutes, trying to din it in my head about driving on the right. As the rubber met the road and the GPS were starting to make me feel comfortable, I started to turn the music on to the yesteryear Kishore da road trip number ‘Chala Jaata Hoon’, humming my way along the expanse of the 60 mile ride to my hotel.

I am sharing some photographs of the trip:



The contrast of the grey roads, with the Blues and Greens is noteworthy


Caravan lunch by the road!


Garhwal Diaries 4 – Reaching Sitapur

IMG_0243Time for a tea break with more sugar!

Majestic mountains and serpentine trails began to welcome me as I started from Haridwar. The plains gave way to rocky mountains. I made an effort to capture the vastness of the sky and nature through my small digital camera. Here are some moments:

IMG_0244The line between reality and make-believe becoming blurred

IMG_0246Increasingly blurred!

IMG_0256Some more cascades

IMG_0260Random clicks

Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – IV

Kartik Kannan’s continues his photographic journey of Dudhsagar in this fourth part of the series!


One interesting game to play at the base of the waterfall as a group is to dunk into the water, and hold your breath, and then come out. The one who spends least time inside, has to photograph the rest, for the next iteration.


Another interesting thing worth observing are the patterns of water when people splash about in water.


Do watch out for the contrast between water against the rocks, and the bright sunlight on the other rocks.


For Photography enthusiasts, this is a good opportunity to use a slow shutter to capture the motion of the water.


If you are getting too much light because of a long exposure, it may be wise to carry along a Neutral Density filter for your lense, so as to cut off unwanted light by 2 F stops.

Light Painting – A Photography Technique

Check out the third of the series of posts by Mili Sharma on the technicalities of photography.

Playing with the light has always been fun. You can do several experiments with lights. One of them is Light Painting. It is one of the photography techniques used to capture light in artistic ways.

Lighting1All you need is to have the items listed here:

1)      A DSLR or a Film Camera

2)      A Tripod

3)      A Light Source

4)      A Dark Room

A DSLR or a Film Camera is recommended because it will allow you to set the shutter speed. If you do not have a tripod, anything that makes your camera stable will work. It can be a table, a chair or even staircase. The light source can be a flash light (torch), LED Flash etc. If you are using a flash light, you can cover it with a colored paper to get different colors of the light. Once you have all these items ready, you need to have a dark room or any other dark place.

Lighting 2


Now place your Camera in a dark room and set to Manual mode. This allows you to set an extended exposure up to 25-30 seconds so that more light is allowed to enter into the camera. Set the Camera on the B mode for ‘Bulb’ and place it at a stationary position and ensure that your camera remains still while the photograph is being taken. Turn on the Self Timer and press the click button when you are ready to go. Draw random images in front of the Camera with the light source you are using. This will capture the image you have drawn.

Try this and I’m sure you will love it. Happy Clicking!!


A beautiful poem by  Aditya Kavangal!

couple-holding-handsOur  love shall die
At the blink of an eye
Dreams burnt to dust
Memories will rust
Time is the witness
For our doom and bliss
Let’s not pretend
About our inevitable end
Now, we have a moment
Before we are spent
To be here, now, with you
Before, I bid adieu
To hold your hand
Walk on the sand
Before dawn and after night
Between shadow and light
We are born again
Without glory or pain
In this, we are young, Now
Without any end, My love