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Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara – Review

By Ankush Kumar


One of the reasons why the sales of ‘Pass pass’ slumped at its launch was the movie Yaadein. Never in the history of entertainment a movie as lame as that was made, but the makers of painkillers had a smile everytime the movie was screened at any theatre in India. Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara is no different.

Premise: An extremely unique story of two friends falling for the same girl.

Plot: Well! They Lost it!

Acting: Over the top, caricaturish & Lousy.

Citizen Kane moment: A few scenes like Akshay Kumar’s bank sequence or the tayab Ali song and possibly the background music.

Kela moments: Sans the above three the entire movie.

Technical Aspect: As usual brilliant by bollywood standards, gaudy by our western counterparts.

Take home: Acting by Pitobash and Sonali Bendre.

Leave Behind: The dialogues, Rajat Arora tries too hard this time. The plot if there was any, acting a huge let down by the main cast and a disappointing result to a brilliant first part.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Himmatwala: Bum Pe Lat for the Makers


So basically Sajid Khan picked up an already bad film, added pathetic twists to it and made it crass.

I was warned by my mom before watching this one. She had seen the one made in the 80’s and said it was bad taste. I though, being me, wanted to experience anything before making a value judgement. How I wish I would have taken the sane advice and avoided this ridiculously preposterous flick.

The need for a comic flick in today’s stressed out world is totally understandable but torture in the name of comedy isn’t. For the first time in the history of a comedy film, the run-time actually looked to be between 24-48 hours for a just over 2-hour flick.

For the actors, only God knows what has happened to Ajay Devgn. One he changes his name and removes the ‘a’ that so helped in pronouncing his name. He has started to do films like Son Of Sardaar and Golmaal 3 when we so loved him for his role of ‘Sultan’ in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and the one in Omkara. Just one piece of advice, we all love you and know you are a great actor and you don’t need to go the Salman way to prove it.

As far as Tamanaah is concerned, if I have got her spelling right, considering the number of added vowels, nothing except her body is catching the eyes. To even compare her with legendary Sridevi would do Tamanaah a lot of injustice because the girl’s nowhere close.

And Paresh Rawal for God sake, if there is one comedian (real one) left in this country, it is you. Your ridiculous looks and performance will make people sob, leave laughing. You just did Oh My God, at least could have tried to live up to the reputation.

As far as Sajid Khan is concerned, the less said the better. One should actually stop asking Sachin Tendulkar and ask Sajid his retirement age. He is the one special man who could have actually picked up an already bad movie and made it so pathetic. Hats off entertainer, only you could have proudly boasted it to be “A Sajid Khan Entertainer” during the end credits.

My last words: either say a big NO or watch it at your own risk because this one has all the ingredients to turn you into a lunatic.