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Are We Really Free?

By Chandan Das


The 68th Round Survey by the National Sample Survey Office ( NSSO), ministry of statistics and programme implementation says:

“In 2013, Unemployment rate in India has increased. It is 2% in rural areas and 3% in urban India.

The unemployment rate per 1,000 population is at 27, while it was 25 two years ago. As on January 1, 2010, the number of unemployed was 9.8 million. By January 1, 2012, it has increased to 10.8 million. In rural areas, the unemployment rate for both male and female is almost at the same level, 2%. But, in, urban areas, women are more unemployed than men. The rate is 5% for women and 2% for men.”

This man in the picture , who is currently jobless with a family to feed and other responsibilities on his shoulder is wondering on the eve of Independence Day “Have we really got the Freedom?”