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A Tribute to the Symbol of Sacrifice, Hope and Comfort


Our Mother’s Week celebrations continue as Ganesh Subramanian talks how God by his creation of mommies made sure his presence ain’t compulsory everywhere. Read on the wonderful article. 

It is said that God cannot be everywhere to help everyone and that is why he sent mothers to earth. How true is this adage even today! From Bollywood’s legendary exchange between Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan, where Shashi Kapoor says, “Mere pass maa hai!” to TV soaps and media glorifying women as a mother, we have seen it all. But can mother, that caring, gentle human being, be restricted to these praises alone. Not at all! A mother is beyond words, beyond worlds.

From seeing us take those tiny, baby steps to beating the floor if we slip and fall down and are on the verge of crying, from sacrificing her food and eating what is left after the whole family has consumed its food, from rejoicing at our success to crying when we were in pain, from telling proudly to others as to how/her son/daughter won an event to putting herself on the line when her kid is in danger, a mother has been our constant companion in joy and sorrow, triumph and defeat, delight and despair, success and failure and pleasure and pain.

Often when I am dejected or when I have met with some failure, it has been my mother who has reminded me that this failure is just a learning curve and I am too talented for success to be elusive for too long. Often this is what is needed for me to become cheerful again and work harder next time. A mother understands her child’s hunger, she understands her children’s aspirations. She along with her children builds castles with them, a castle of dreams, of hope, of betterment.

How many roles does a mother play? If there is any CEO who could play as many roles as a mother had to, then he/she would have been extinct by now. A mother is a companion to her kids, a devoted wife to her husband, a mentor and a coach to her kids when they learn, a relationship counselor to her kids when they grapple with teenage issues. The list is endless.

On the occasion of Mother’s week, let us all take a moment to reflect on this wonderful human being, a walking God amidst us in our family, the unselfish supporter in everyone’s life. Let us prostrate before this light of divinity and may we all pray to the Almighty to give this amazing creation a long, healthy and happy life. Happy Mothers Week !

Mom and kid

God Gave A Blessing Called MOTHER


Continuing our Mother’s special week, here’s Gurulakshmi Iyer-Hait telling her mom why she feels all that her mom did to her while she grew up has helped Guru be a good mother. Read the emotional tribute. 

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

-William Ross Wallace

Over the 2 years of motherhood that I have enjoyed, I have really felt one can’t be a good mom unless and until she yells and shouts and sometimes raises her hand at the kid. I hated this when my mom did that to me and envied my sister since as elder one I had to take her quota of scolding and beating too. But when my little one began crawling and walking, I had to start off with all that I really hated as a kid. It was then that I knew what it meant.

No doubt this happens to all of us and we are forced to do that to our kids. Sometimes I am even forced to think about what I did and ate those 9 months of pregnancy to have given birth to such a brat. But then, it is really impossible to be away or ignore the so called monster that we give birth to. That is the beauty of Motherhood. No other relationship possesses this quality whatsoever.

As a kid, I never wished my mother for Mother’s Day. Infact we never knew that such a day existed. However we believed that the divine presence was apparent in the love and care of a mother. Today when my kid wishes me and gifts me those memories come back without much effort.

I remember as a child when I used to fall sick, how much worried she used to be. I experience the same worry now when my kid is sick. I used to think she is just over reacting then. But now I know how much I was wrong. No words of gratitude can suffice the pains she went through for us. And today I really get to know the meaning of those three words she uttered in joy during one of my fancy dress performances,”That’s my child”. This feeling is a bundle of emotions that really defy any reason.

Her overjoyed face when I ate up my food made by her is something that cannot be put in words. Come on, I was hungry and I ate up, what is there to be so happy about. Naah, only a mom would understand that, don’t even try. Those moments when I borrowed money from her for partying is so worth remembering. After having become a mom, I still feel the string of my kite is in her hands and she is still the decisive influence.

I have just begun to understand my mother’s love for me as my kid grows up. I cannot thank her enough, for her unconditional love.

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but
whose place no one else can take.”
— Cardinal Mermillod


Thank Her The Special Way This Mothers Day


While you must be wondering on what to give your mother on the Mothers day, Prachi Sharma suggests 5 emotional gifts that would pleasure her heart more than any material ones.
1. Make her feel special for making you wise: So do you even know where and how did you became all this intelligent? Where did the first few parts of wisdom came from? It clearly came from the person whose body you were a part of. It was her who made you understand the difference between a real sweet dish and a soap you thought was an ice-cream. It was her who made you differentiate between the good and bad. Tell her how all that made you the person you are today. She will feel more proud and happy then if you gift her a bouquet of exclusive roses.
2. Tell her you would get all that she sacrificed for you: I know this as a witness that mothers (especially the ones in he middle class) in general sacrifice a lot to get their children the best they can. They sacrifice sarees so that you can buy two more pair of clothes, they sacrifice holidays so that your excursion trips don’t get spoilt for no budgets. Promise her today that no matter what happens henceforth, one of your primary ambitions in life would be to get her all that she ever desired to have.
3. Tell her how you felt great when she celebrated your achievements: Remember the first time you came third in class and no one including your father thought you did something good. Who smiled at you then? I would answer my mom did. She not only smiled, she made me awesome food that I loved. She also praised me in front of my relatives. It was her who made me feel that I also command some value. It is the confidence that I carry from there which has made me the one I am today. Tell her how she made you what you are by celebrating your achievements and giving you confidence.
4. Tell her that had it not been for her you wouldn’t have been able to stand challenges: I came back battered one day from school. I was scolded badly by a teacher for no mistake of mine. You know what happened next. My mom actually went to school, opened up the case, got the facts corrected and re-instated my position the correct way. No one else cared and had it not been for her, I would have seriously felt low on confidence facing my class and that teacher all the time after that. This is just a one-off. In all such cases it is the mom who weathers the storm for you and makes your path clear. Thank her for that.
5. Tell her you thank her for the right path: I was not the only one who could have gone ashtray. We all land at an age where we can. I also made mistakes but thankfully had a mother who had the saddle in her control pretty tight. When I was just entering youth that control looked like I was being caged. Today though I see the value. I thank her for that and am sure you would like to do that too.
Ask a kid without a mom what and how does he/she feels like? You will immediately understand the higher pedestal that you sit on. Don’t waste any time as life is highly unpredictable. Make the most precious women in your life feel special because when you first felt special about yourself it was she who celebrated the most.