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Go Green!!

By Chandan Das


You are cutting your Life , by cutting a Tree Just plant one and get air absolutely Free !

Just save a Tree, its your best Friend People have lot of issues, hug a tree..they are God-Sent !!

Take care of the trees, they are the roots of all Living In return they will take care of you , will make you feel like a King !

Save Paper , if you want to sit down under the shade Recycle it , else this world will soon fade !!

Mother Nature will be happy , if you keep the Environment clean Already our planet is crying as the snow melts, go Eco-Friendly.. don’t be so mean !

Our Green Earth isn’t disposable, it’s the only one we have and that’s not a Lie Ever thought where which side would you live, if the Abused Earth happens to Die??

Don’t waste clean water ..its priceless so conserve & care You will not get a drop to drink later, although there will be “WATER” everywhere !!

Heal our planet, embrace the eco-friendly revolution Turn this World into a better place to Live, and arrest the Pollution ! Don’t throw your future away, show appreciation for the next generation So Go Green , else your life will always be in a perpetual ” commotion ” !!




Chronicles Of A Mom – To – Be!! Woo Ho!! Part 5



By Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

A new day dawns bright and it’s the first day of my second trimester. First thought – One down, two to go!!!

Over the course of the next 4 weeks, it’s amazing to watch your little peanut grow from the size of your clenched fist to the size of an orange to the length of your palm. Wow really?!? Great delights do come in small packages!

As the little one prepares for a great debut appearance (in a couple of months, that is) and life outside your womb, it’s always interesting to hear and read what the baby is doing inside you (a li’l too early to feel the baby jig as it wiggles its newly formed toes and fingers). Towards the end of this month, Mother Nature teaches the baby to suck its little fingers. Hold on baby orange – it’s mittens for your hands when you’re out!

And finally the BUMP appears. You can no longer pass it off as a stomach after a heavy lunch!

To add to this, the woes of my mother who can’t get her forty winks, thanks to the nocturnal nasal symphony (performed by me, of course! In simple English, it’s snoring). She says it reminds her of an induction motor running. Boy, that can be really disturbing.

Not that I’m a weight watcher; but to see the numbers creep up every time you stand on the scales can be depressing. Sigh, one has to pile up the pounds to support the baby inside you. In my case, according to my BMI, it’s close to 25 pounds. Goodness gracious me! But Vidya Balan – I love you! Thanks to you and definitely Dirty Picture, curvy is in! I’m definitely embracing my new-found curves!!! A high protein diet with the necessary carbs, and not to forget, the goodness from buckets of ice creams – yummy! What’s going on?!? Blame it on pregnancy cravings!

As your wardrobe makes way for new clothes (read: maternity clothes), it’s scary, at first to imagine your cupboard to be filled with ghastly tent-like muumuus to hide your expectant shape. The dread is replaced by excitement when you visit a maternity shop. Today, maternity clothes are very fashionable and practical to wear. I love it!

Though the little one is far from ready to make a personal appearance, it’s really nice to know for sure there’s actually someone in there.

Until next time, goodbye folks!


Disclaimer: As much as the above experiences are my own, I have definitely referred to my pregnancy bible “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff and other pregnancy blogs easily available on Google for certain details and reasoning.




Location of Happiness

By Shivani Rastogi

“Creating clouds in the bottle is lesson what we have learnt in many science classes but what about catching clouds and sealing them… Have you ever tried it? “

Twelve crazy people (and that’s my awesome big funny family) packed in a traveler, started their journey away from cacophony lifestyle to celebrate mental peace and harmony. The trinity fell in right place – perfect location, apt timings and camaraderie of ‘desperate- to – be- happy’ people.

Excuses of irritation are many and to defeat them with the reasons of happiness are very limited. When life has unchanging, recurring events then surrounding becomes dull and depressing. Timely interruption with getaways can only rejuvenate fragile and diseased lifestyle.

DSCN0196We swarm of twelve crazy people had our own reasons to elope from super boring routine. On board included living beings saturated with cumbersome lifestyle and were routinely dragging baggage of redundancy.

Uninterrupted drive from Meerut to Khajret (Kasauli) reflected our intensity of yearning to leave city and disappear. But after long tedious journey, with sore bumps and swollen feet, we were delighted to discover ‘Sukhmani’, the beautiful cottage installed on one of the lush green mountain of Khajret.

IMG_2361Mornings were retreat in the sky and evenings end amidst smoky mountains. Breathtaking scenic view during treks or sound sleep on comfy beds was beyond words…. it was ineffable. There, we didn’t mind to accompany stalwart mountains in our balcony or talkative cold breeze when out for a stride. Nights held under a spell like marijuana, countless twinkling stars unveiled from a blanket of dark clouds. Meditating in silence and solitude was overjoyed, fresh air was gushing in arteries with each breathe. This place is perfect location to rejuvenate oneself in the laps of Mother Nature.

Rejuvenate yourself at Sukhmani Niwas

Located – Village Khajret, P.O. Jubbar, Tehsil Kasauli, Distt Solan. Himachal Pradesh , India

Website – http://sukhmanikasauli.com/

Uttarakhand Floods: Nature’s Fury or Have We Dug Our Own Graves? – Part VII

Chandan Das connects the dots between the negative impact of human intervention in the Himalayan ecosystem and the wrath of Nature as we have seen in the form of Uttarakhand Floods!

Of all that is most beauteous, imaged there In happier beauty; more pellucid streams, An ampler ether, a diviner air, And fields invested with purpureal gleams. William Wordsworth


Never Tamper with the Nature!!

All of us believe that the Holy Ganga is like a pious and pure Mother. Well, If the Ganges was personified as She has been throughout the Hindu tradition, these development projects have inflicted perverse murderous assaults on her body!!

Nowadays, the flow of the Ganges shrinks during non-monsoon period. The dumping of muck on river bed is reducing the navigable depth. Shallow rivers are more volatile than the deeper ones. The dams release excess water leading to inundation. The rampant blasting of the mountains, diversion of river, redirecting the river through tunnels (call Run of the River) are factors which destabilise the fragile ecosystem of the Uttarakhand. Massive intervention in the Himalayan ecosystems through manipulation of rivers and their hydrology, is linked to what we are witnessing today. With many highways damaged, bridges washed away, electricity and phone networks down, several ravaged places continue to be marooned, expect the final tally to be horrifying. After all, the speediest monsoon in over 50 years has just dumped over 400% more than average rainfall over Uttarakhand. But with the state currently reeling from a disaster, the full impact of which is still unknown, Uttarakhand will have to face difficult questions over its choices and may have to rethink its priorities. As Uttarakhand grapples with one of the worst natural disasters the state has faced in recent years, questions are being raised on whether a lot of the destruction was man-made !!

So was it just a nature’s fury or have we dug our own graves?

Can you handle the TRUTH?

Today, India accounts for one-fifth of the deaths caused due to flooding across the world. Twenty-four out of the 35 States and Union Territories are vulnerable to disasters and over five percent of our landmass is vulnerable to floods. Annually, an average of about 18.6 million hectares of land area and 3.7 million hectares crop area are affected by flooding. This has led to a great amount of concern—but not a whole load of action. With Uttarakhand struggling to cope with one of the worst ecological disasters in recent memory, the final toll of fatalities may “run into thousands”. This makes the extent of the damage from landslides, cloudbursts and resulting flash floods truly apocalyptic and one of the biggest human tragedies and property losses in India in several years. As we watch the escalating devastation of lives, homes, livelihoods and public utilities, we shrug about how helpless we are before the wrath of Mother Nature. The bottom line is that in a region that has more reason than most for disaster preparedness, both local and central arms of the government have been greatly wanting. Personnel of the Army, Border Roads Organisation and Indo-Tibetan Border Police are trying their best. But a couple of dozen helicopters flying a few hundred sorties a day to rescue a region full of distressed citizens is emblematic of millennial India’s broken promises.

So was it just a nature’s fury or have we dug our own graves?


Uttarakhand Floods: Nature’s Fury or Have We Dug Our Own Graves? – Part IV

Chandan Das wonders about the reason due to which we were not able to take requisite action despite Nature giving us timely warnings, in the fourth part of the Uttarakhand Floods series.

“For I have learned to look on nature, not as in the hour of thoughtless youth, but hearing oftentimes the still, sad music of humanity.” – William Wordsworth


UTTARAKHAND is PRONE to Natural Disasters: So what?

Ok I agree to the fact that the very nature of topographical, geological, geomorphological and seismic situation in Uttarakhand makes it prone to large kinds of disasters. It is part of young Himalayan mountain, prone to landslides, erosion and flash floods.  And this is not something new. Similar disasters have been found in other countries like China, Italy & USA and even in UTTARAKHAND, the Asiganga hydropower project had played a key role in the Uttarkashi disaster a couple of years ago. I mean you cannot avert a cloudburst, but you can certainly reduce the damage!

Not that Mother Nature did not give any timely warnings. Through the years, since the 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake that left nearly 2,000 dead and thousands without shelter in the Himalayan state, there have been several warnings, such as abnormal rise in temperature, reoccurring landslides, cloud bursts and flash floods in vast regions of Tehri, Pauri, Chamoli, Uttarkashi and Almora. The headlines three years ago were similar: ‘flash floods leave North India in deep trouble’ and ‘flood, rain, wreak havoc in North India’. The monsoon of 2010 brought with it such massive losses of lives, property, crops and infrastructure that the state said its development clock had been set back by a decade!! In August 2012, buildings were washed away by Uttarkashi flash floods. Immediately after that, the Uttarakhand government report actually asked for a legislation and its strict implementation to ensure that no construction, including roads are allowed next to the river. As per official records, 233 villages were marked  disaster-prone and could face Uttarkashi-like situation any moment. Sadly, two months later, a cloudburst in Rudraprayag had claimed 69 lives (the very same place where the Disaster started).

uttarkashi_cloudburst_295It may be some consolation that nature’s fury is not well handled even by some of the most advanced industrial societies, as demonstrated by Hurricane Sandy in New York last year and Katrina earlier. But we should at least try and be prepared by rechecking urban water draining infrastructure lest we suffer due to the monsoon that is in fact our saviour. But nobody, barring a handful of environmentalists, ecologists and local people, paid heed to the warnings. A place that is prone to disasters because of fast-occurring climate change should be guarded with utmost sensitivity towards ecology and environment, but the administration closed its eyes to all illegal constructions!!

So was it just a nature’s fury or have we dug our own graves ?