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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Wrath! A Shagufta Rafique Meet-Up


By Ankush Kumar

I had met her way back in 2008. I did not know much about her except that she was a writer. She had a film to her credit. She also penned lyrics for Vishesh films. On the outset she was very rude to me and she questioned the male society a lot during our entire conversation.

I couldn’t derive much from that meeting, but she did give me a few insights on the filmy career and the uneven path that I was going to encounter in the coming years. The only memory I still have is her face and those eyes that communicated a very different language. Today I read about her in the newspapers and the entire meeting flashed in front of my eyes.

Shagufta Rafique an established screenwriter with several hits like woh lamhe, Aashiqui-2 and murder-2 to her credit is a prolific individual. Someone who has seen so much in such little time, she had every right to question my motive behind meeting her. She was forced into flesh trade at the age of seventeen. She escaped the wrath of vultures and landed up working in dance bars of Mumbai.

On account of the fact that she had a face that even a blind man could not miss she graduated to dancing abroad in the gulf nations. Now I know that those eyes spoke an universal language of struggle and triumph, maybe hence she was harsh at me, she wanted me to fall and rise without any support.

I guess those eyes communicated just one message ‘ If I could do it, so can you. Don’t lose hope’. For every Jiah Khan’s who end their lives in tinsel town we have a Shagufta Rafique who has battled odds of humanity to make a living. She eventually met someone who got her out of the rut and helped her become a writer. And here she is one of the most sought after writers of mainstream Bollywood today. I salute you mam.

P S: This story needs to be told on the silver screen. It will be the best way to celebrate the courage of the lady.

Aditya Roy’s Brilliance only Saving Grace for Aashiqui 2

aashiqui2 cover

Summary: Trying to make something between Devdas and Abhimaan, Mohit Suri let’s down expectations that were raised because of the name of Aashiqui 2. The film leave aside delighting, does not in fact appeal to any senses. Shraddha Kapoor as usual does not fit in the female lead’s role and with many fragile characters around, this one is a huge let down. Except for Aditya Roy Kapoor’s efforts there is nothing to watch the film.

How the Movie Unfolds: Aashiqui 2 is story of a singer Rahul Jaykar (played by Aditya Roy Kapur) who falls in love with the voice of Aarohi Shirke (played by Shraddha Kapoor) who wishes to be a singer and sings at small joints. Rahul takes it upon himself and decides to make Aarohi a singing star. He convinces her by building her confidence and even arranges for her audition with the music baron. Embarasses her once in true Mahesh Bhatt film style but finally manages to make her a star.

From here Abhimaan starts and as Aarohi’s career takes-off with flying colors Rahul’s career which was already in jeopardy continues the downward trend. There comes a point where Rahul starts hating his own identity and Aarohi makes a decision to save her love-life!

Rating: 2 Stars

Performances: Aditya Roy Kapur as earlier mentioned was by far the saving grace. He tries hard to make sure his role does not relate to the strong holds around Ranbir Kapoor of Rockstar and Amitabh Bachchan and kind of succeeds to. No doubt the guy’s presence is noticeable because of his brilliant look as well. Irrespective of him doing a great job, the film just doesn’t hold but am sure his work will be noticed and won’t go for waste. His brilliance in some scenes just make the movie watchable.

Shraddha Kapoor as usual does not impress. The role was too much for her to play and she gave complete evidence for that. Not that she lost it completely. In some places where acting takes a backseat, she looks gorgeous but unfortunately cinema also needs acting alongside great looks. Am sure she will do well if she picks up some acting skills and learns the art of dialogue delivery. At best during some real moments in the film, the female lead looks like just spitting mugged up dialogues.

Other actors do well but incidentally the film’s script does not hold for it to be called a compelling watch.

Verdict: The film could very well be a documentary on Alcoholism. It does not do any justice to Aashiqui made two decades back which literally redefined music and cinema of those time. Except for Aditya Roy Kapoor and come really well done scenes this film could easily be avoided.