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The Love Cartridge: The Last Bullet – Chapter 1

By Joybrato Dutta

the love catridgeDay – Friday, June 13, 2008
Time – 9:30 PM

Shopkeepers close down the shutters as Harsh drives a black Alto through the narrow cramped lanes of Birsanagar. Not the best lanes for people who love driving. Harsh steers his car in a narrower lane and parks it there. He walks down the narrow lane and climbs up a flight of stairs. As he unlocks his door he senses the presence of another soul. His intense eyes frantically looks everywhere. Unable to spot a shadow, he enters the room..

He picks a bottle of Old Monk and drops in a few tablets in it. Pulls a chair. Turns on his laptop. Composes a mail.

To: neha_luvsu@yahoo.com
Subject: Where are you? 😦 😦

Hey, m sorry


A bullet pierces Harsh’s skull. His corpse lies flat on the floor. Blood spilled on the laptop and on a photo frame that enshrined Harsh’s and Riya’s most special moment.

Neha removes her black hood and comes closer to Harsh’s dead body. She looks at the photo frame and empties the cartridge on Harsh. She sets his apartment on fire and leaves.

Fashion & Flirting (With Men Of Course)

By Tahira


I have always been a gourmet. Good food turns me on and wait! Let me be more precise – it has to be a non-vegetarian delicacy – either chicken or sea food. However, at times I do prefer indulging in other activities that makes life much more happening for a young woman – like fashion, shopping for the latest Prada handbag or a Giovanni Dress or a pair of stilettos from Jimmy Choo — what more to make life exciting? Hmm… well you guessed it right… MEN!!!

So three things… food, fashion and flirt (with Men obviously!) that can make a life much better! What say?

Sitting idle on a Saturday, I was flipping through a women’s magazine. Though am not much the kinds who would spend hours over the latest issue of Vogue or discussing the latest pair of lingerie launched – but such occasional deviations were definitely welcoming. My eyes suddenly fell on a perfume ad. It goes without saying that it featured a male model with the perfect six pack abs on which possibly every woman would dream of.

The uber-cool model posing shirtless (or should I say topless) staring seductively at the camera made me drool for a fraction of a second. How I wish my boyfriend would at least smell like (if not look like) the fragrance; exuding masculinity and passion at its best from every nook and corner. I must confess, the charm of the ad was too irresistible to ignore!

So, all you ladies out there, how would you like your boyfriends to be?

Who’s your kind of man???

Come up with all your ideas, opinions, fantasies