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Happiness is Just a State of Mind……Success Comes In All Shapes & Sizes!


Amruta Goswami Shyam in this touching copy writes why people should try finding happiness in the right places and not always associate it with material happiness. Must read

Success means different things to different people, but in maximum probability if a person is ambitious and career centric , his/her definition of success would be to achieve a certain position in the company by a certain time frame with respect to this age. To add to the position, things like foreign trips , bigger house, bank balance etc would also figure in the list.

Five years back I would have mouthed the same things. But as they say ‘man proposes … god disposes!’ My dad’s heart attack changed my perspective of life drastically!

During the same time, I married my best friend, who was now an army officer. I left my job and joined him at his location. The transition from civil life to army was wonderful, and I took to it like fish to the water.

Most of my well wishers and family were surprised at my decision to leave my job as they knew me as a career oriented person. Some of the usual response s I would get were like  “ what! You left your job?”,”Why did you study so hard to become an engineer, and MBA, and waste it like this?”… and so on , you get the drift .

To be honest, even I was not sure of what I was doing , quitting my job, moving out of Mumbai,  not having a career to fall back on ..sometimes really got me! I am sure all those who had to leave their jobs, for some reason or other, would relate to this.

But then I asked myself ,the basic questions , What did I want out of life? And what did success meant to me? Where does my happiness lay? And like they say, rest is history, the answers really cleared my mind and put new energy and enthusiasm in me.


I loved doing social service activities from very early part of my life. Helping people would make me happy. I started taking active part in the welfare activities ,conducted by AWWA(Army Wives Welfare Association).These are the activities conducted by Army officer’s wife, for the wives of Jawan’s. Most of these women comes from villages and are not that educated or well aware of their rights.

It was here that I made presentations on women education, domestic violence, child welfare etc. I did all this with lots of enthusiasm with lots of pictures and graphs. And to my surprise these presentations were a HUGE success!

My presentations impressed my seniors and the wives of Jawan’s loved it too. They came time and again to tell me how my presentation and information helped them, and how they look forward to the lectures and presentations from me! For me that is SUCCESS!

Also I took up oil painting and stitching (It’s another story…it will need a new article altogether!) recently. These were things I always wanted to do but never had time for. I recently stitched a dress, and when I went to a party wearing it, many came up to me, to ask, from where I had bought it. I was ecstatic! I told them with a smile and humble pride, that I had stitched it! They were pleasantly surprised. That to me is success!

I may not be a great painter , but I do what makes me happy, I draw with my heart and soul and when I see people wanting to buy my paintings, requesting me to make paintings for them, and seeing my paintings adore the walls of their lovely homes …It is success for me!

So what if I might not be working in a big MNC (who knows , one day I might!), but I am definitely successful, because success comes in all kinds of packages and no size fits all, isn’t it? So go ahead and do things that bring smile and happiness to you and others, for life is too short for regrets ! And if we are satisfied and happy with what we do and remain honest to ourselves, then I think that is what can be termed as huge success!


The Recruitment Conundrum: Talent Crunch vs Unspotted Talent

Finding the right talent


Ganesh Subramanian talks of the current problems in recruitment strategies of companies and gives solutions for improvement. A must read for all HR professionals

Come the recruitment season, every year we see HRs of companies doing their best to bring talent on-board by various means – be it through conducting walk-ins, be it visiting campuses for hiring or through job portals or consultant tie-ups. They leave no stone unturned in enriching the talent pool of their company and striving to achieve the senior management’s mandate of a target headcount by the end of the year.

There is no doubt that the HRs head to some of the best technical and management schools in the country where they find the brightest minds on display, the crème-de-la-crème. While all this give an impression that they are able to successfully fulfil the talent requirements of the company, the picture is far from rosy. Grappling with attrition, misfit in roles and a host of other problems, HRs are left complaining about talent crunch at the end of the day. Recruitment is done in bulk and still there is a talent crunch. Why this paradox? Is there a way out?

Some of the companies accredit technical colleges and B-schools where they go for campus recruitment every year. While this is a win-win situation with the B-school/technical college having the chosen company visit their campus every year, the company also has access to the best of the talent. However, this policy also has a small inherent flaw in itself.

By restricting the number of institutions that they hire from, companies lose out on unspotted talents untouched by opportunities. The only fault of the student from such colleges is that their institution is not accredited by some company for campus recruitment. While this does not call for companies to change their approach radically, they must be flexible enough with their hiring options.

The bottomline is if you input garbage, you get back garbage.

The other reason for the talent crunch is the way in which personal interviews are conducted by companies. Rather than trying to find out the strengths of the candidate and then see how it fits companies requirements, interviews turn out to be one on one (or many to one, as the case may be) gibberish encountered in online chat rooms. Armed as if by rote learning with outdated and irrelevant questions, interviews have the eventual effect of leaving candidates frustrated who wonder how such seemingly stupid questions are relevant to the job position for which they are being interviewed. The bottomline is if you input garbage, you get back garbage.

I will close this discussion with a couple of interesting incidences which I learnt from my friends. In one case, a talented candidate attended an interview for a mid-level role in a reputed company. After having successfully cleared the interview and being orally informed that he is being selected for that role, this person much to his dismay found that his job offer was later rejected only because his institution from where he studied was closed down. This person had to be at the receiving end for no fault of his.

How can the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years vanish in an instant just because a person’s almamater no longer exists? In another case, a person was selected for an entry level position in a support function department in a company. After a week into the job, this person was asked to quit the job by his boss for the silliest reasons ever heard.  The person does not have a smiling face according to some employees.


The boss said that the person’s performance was not matching expectations and the person’s ambitions will not help him do this job effectively. What more? The boss went on to play God saying that he can easily identify whether the person will be effective or not in a job in just 7 days. Heights of stupidity and baseless arrogance! Finally, this employee was also forced to resign without having a chance to even explain himself.

After learning about these incidents, the clarion call is loud and clear. It is time for the human resource function to take a call. They can either take the lead and be proactive in tackling talent crunch or continue doing the run-of-the-mill routine job and keep complaining.

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