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Health and Wellness – Part II

By Tahira

health 2We often discuss health. But what is health – rather good health. We referred to the dictionary for the first post, but – to be very honest, good health is difficult to define. However, keeping in mind that bad health is equated with the presence of a disease, ideally good health should not only be the absence of a disease but, from a broader perspective good health should encompass a much positive idea about both – mental and physical fitness.

Every individual’s health is defined by several perspectives including social circumstances, medical care, behavioural patterns and also attitude towards life in general. So, healthcare in general is an important aspect in an individual’s life since good health does ensure happiness. While healthcare largely refers to prevention, treatment and of course managing health properly, our behaviour related to health is largely shaped by our own values; upbringing and also the kind of company one keeps. Healthy individuals succeed in completely mobilising all their resources – both mental and physical – thus enhancing their chances of survival and leading a happy fulfilling life.

health 4Achieving full health quotient, more so remaining healthy is an active process that requires constant efforts. Natural health is normally based on prevention of diseases while keeping our mind and body under complete control of ourselves. It is more about striking a balance and maintaining the same throughout through three major aspects – a balanced diet, right amount of physical exercises and proper regulation of emotions. Once we have been able to achieve this balance – health along with happiness is definitely ours.

Doctors Are Not Licensed Killers.

India - Gurgaon - Doctors perform surgery in a state of the art operating theatre in the Medicity

By Ankush Kumar,

The doctor was sitting in his chamber heckled by the turn of events. He sat with his trusted friends and well wishers as the cops went about discharging their duties. About an hour back I had received a call from him informing me in a terrified voice that his life is in danger and the hospital is being vandalized. I rushed from my office to his place, in the mean time the entire police and administration network was activated to ensure the doctor’s safety.

This man has achieved heights which lesser mortals only dream of. He has been the Indian medical association president, he has been the president of the urological society of India, is currently serving member of the World Medical council, has received accolades from various nation’s ministries and governments. Dr. Kumar has been one of the most successful and endearing personalities Bihar has produced. To see him like that was heart wrenching.

Earlier in the morning he went about performing a tough case. Several other doctors rejected a patient before he reached his hands. The doctor informed the relatives that it’s a very tough case and chances of survival are bleak. They still put faith on the man’s reputation and forced him to perform the operation. The doctor heeded to their voice and conducted a successful surgery where he removed the tumor.

The patient met his relatives and was all happy. Fifteen minutes later though the patient suffered a cardiac arrest and died. The relatives in a fit of rage thrashed the doctors and their team and vandalized the entire hospital.

The brother of the deceased came in and threatened him with big names and told him of the legal consequences. Dr. Kumar patiently listened to all the things that was being said. The cops had arrived by then and as usual they too sided with the victim.

The press arrived in no time and started debating the entire incident and in a total one-sided way pronounced the doctor guilty as the man chose to remain silent during this entire procedure. When the authorities started pressurizing him he broke his silence and vented out his frustration. This act gave us the signal to start taking action.

Just because we chose to remain quiet it did not indicate we were wrong or weak. Within seconds of us making a few random calls to people concerned the senior officers realized they were dealing with a highly reputed man and started to backtrack slowly. We followed the entire legal procedures, did everything that was fair, we did feel sorry for the fact that a life was lost.

But at the end of the day we need to realize that no doctor likes to see a patient dying. Our prayers are for the dead but its time relatives of patients understand they are Doctors and not licensed killers.