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The 4:00am Dream!


Ankush Kumar delves into a very important point. Why we criticise someone like Sachin Tendulkar who has done so much for the game and still cry over Ferfuson’s retirement from the League. Hypocritical isn’t it, our fans behaviour. 

The ‘De Ghuma ke’ song was possibly the worst world cup anthem to be made. However, all Indians had a smile on their faces, when that song was played in the background. We watched Dhoni hit that ball for a six. The euphoria made that song sound incredible all of a sudden.

Today as we look back, Indians have very few sporting memories which bring a smile on our face and induce the feeling of pride within us. I am reminded of another instance – the National Anthem being played when ‘Abhinav Bindra’ won us the first individual gold medal at the Olympics.


Some moments are universal, some ‘nations, teams, individual heroes’ speak a unanimous language of hope, happiness and dreams. One such moment was the final game for Sir Alex Fergusson, the legendary Scot who waved goodbye to ‘The Theatre of Dreams’. The song that played on loop on my laptop when Manchester United beat Everton to give a fitting to farewell to the ‘best manager’ in the world was ‘Ya Ya Maya Ya’ a Goan number. While it brought a smile on my face, a tinge of sadness crept in since the next season onwards we will miss the man.

I was not born in Manchester. The closest I have come to becoming a British is through my education in an English medium school and also through the numerous cuisines and my dressing sense. Despite this, we have various clubs as our favourites, we continue to feel sorry when our team loses and celebrate when our teams win; we go through different emotions every year, every season.

sachin-tendulkarWe are a nation that languishes at the bottom of the pile in world soccer, yet we do feel pained when a legend walks away from the game. Then why are we being so harsh on a legend from our own country? Why are we questioning him today? Why have we become so critical of him? Have we forgotten that ‘he is the same man that has brought us the maximum amount of joys in a sporting arena’?

The ones, who have been so harsh on ‘Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’, have you ever chased just one dream in your life? Have you relentlessly pursued just one passion? Have you ever faced the burden of a billion hearts? I am sure the answer is in the negative. Amidst, all the updates against the man on different forums, the truth is, that when the legend walks away from the game ‘some or the other song’ will be played out and all that will remain is some sweet memories.