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Sonar Kella: A Memory of Detective Stories

Debashree Sinha writes about her childhood experience of listening to detective stories!


I was just watching a part of the many downloadable sections of Sonar Kella. It reminded me of those lazy afternoons in Kolkata of the early 90s when alongside my elder brother, uncle I would sit and hear stories of detectives with rounded eyes.

My pupils would dilate as my elder brother, lovingly called “Dadamoni,” would rush us younger cousins through stories where the detective in chase of the killer was actually pursuing one of his multiple selves , as the murderer. With lot of gusto he would speak and like muted, stunned spectators of a thriller show we would listen to him as we remained suspended in disbelief. To make his story more believable he would call it “Detective Jhkhon Nijei Khuni” which roughly translates as ‘when detectives turns out to be the murderer’.

Sherlock-holmes-and-magnifying-glassAs we listened in stupified silence even the drop of a pin would seem to be a disturbance. Soon the resolution of the big drama would be achieved and the story would begin to end….Consequently, a sudden glut would develop in my throat, a certain a reluctance to leave that the world of suspicion and high drama would overcome me and to avoid the breaking of the spell one would just go for a nice long siesta in one of the dark rooms of the 125 year old ancestral house with lofty ceilings.

I still remember that feeling of “being safe”,of being able to absolutely drown my senses into one thing. I wonder at the safety that I felt, each time I would be read or hear from a detective book full of grim crimes. It’s ironical that pursuit of a reader (alongside the detective) for the criminal could prove to not only be adventurous but feel so strange and safe! May be it was empowerment, a realization that my own reasoning faculties are as alert as the great crime master’s. In participating in the chase a part of me would vicariously be running through the labyrinth of life to emerge at a certainty and safety. So thank you feluda, Holmes and Kakababu for making my childhood such a success.

Lalit Modi Did Not Like the IPL-6 Opening Ceremony, So Did I


After SRK promised a super good opening ceremony for IPL 6, I actually left office early to catch up, all though in disappointment as it was probably the least entertaining till date. Four reasons below.

  1. We just don’t want foreign stars for the sake of it. If they come, they better perform. Only God knows why Pitbull came to perform at the opening ceremony. He neither sang, nor lip-synched for the entire duration of his performance. He probably justified SRK’s allegation in which he said “Itna paisa main itna ichhh milega”. And yes if it was watching Pitbull’s pelvic movements, I would have rather preferred watching JLo’s.
  2. Why on earth do we want Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone to do such unenthusiastic acts in an opening ceremony? I guess the organizers would do better watching a few episodes of India’s Got Talent and get some really good enthusiastic bunch of performers from there rather than having such gigs by these ladies who look underprepared on stage and do anything for the sake of it.
  3. Yeah right, did I see correct? I saw Rajeev Shukla (IPL Commissioner and a Congress representative) sitting with Mamata Banerjee (Trinamool Congress) and talking as if all’s well between the two organizations. Cricket seriously makes for strange bedfellows. This on a day a young student leader died (allegedly manhandled and killed) in the hands of Kolkata Police. I can imagine what Mr. Shukla would have said on this any other day except of the opening ceremony in Kolkata.
  4. Now tell me what this was, a cricketing tournaments opening ceremony or an awards show. No really, where did we see cricket. Can’t we have a scenario where-in we can have an hours opening ceremony studded by some real good performances and then a cricket match to boot. The first match of the tournament on the big day with so many players around. Now, that is what good innovative stuff is. Oops, did I forget we have lost Mr. Lalit Modi in the entire cut-throat BCCI competition.

Overall I am not the only person who did not like the Opening Ceremony. News coming in states even the pioneer Lalit Modi did not like it. At least I am in August company.