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3 Inspirational Moms – SALUTE!

Do you agree to the saying – “behind every man’s success there is a woman”? While some of you may disagree to this, you cannot contend the fact that behind every human being’s success there is a mother! Continuing our Mother’s Day series, we thought of delving into some of the inspirational mothers of our times and trying to gauge their contribution to their children’s success.

Sarath Babu with momSarath Babu’s Mother

E Sarath Babu’s rags-to-riches’ story could not happen without his mother. Rising from a slum in Chennai, this man went to IIM-Ahmedabad and is now running the Food King Catering business which sees a turnover of 10crore! Of course, the foundation of this success is his mother, who sold idlis on the pavements to support a family of four.

Sarath Babu’s mother worked as a cook for a midday meal scheme and got paid 30 rupees per month. And this went on for 11 years – a family of 4 survived on 30 rupees! Despite all the sacrifices she had to make, she egged him on to study and to make it big in life. Sharat owes all his success to his mother.

lance armstrong and momLance Armstrong’s Mother, Linda

Despite being estranged from his biological father and hating his step-dad, Armstrong had one factor in his life – constant, consistent and strong – his mom. Linda Moonyham gave birth to Lance out of wedlock. She got married to Terry Keith Armstrong only when Lance was slightly older. However, they got divorced soon. Linda brought up Lance almost single-handedly and has been a constant and most ardent supporter of Lance’s cycling career and cancer research endeavor.

pooja-chopra-momPooja Chopra’s Mother, Neera

Pooja and her mom have lived through abuse and poverty, and have come out of it in flying colors.  Neera Chopra had a tumultuous marriage, where she was a victim of domestic violence. Her husband had extramarital affairs and brought home another woman when she was pregnant. With a 20-day-old Pooja and a 7-year-old Shubra, Neera Chopra left her husband’s house and single-handedly brought up her kids.

Food, uniform, stationery – most of which are taken for granted by kids, came with great struggle for Pooja and Shubra. Ms. Chopra worked for 16 hours a day, without taking weekend offs, in order to be able to provide a decent living for her kids. Today, her sacrifices have resulted in one daughter experiencing a well-settled family life and the other, winning the Femina Miss India crown!

To, all you wonderful moms – absolutely nothing and no-one can replace you! Your greatness cannot be expressed in words! So, we would end this post with a heartfelt SALUTE!