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Movie Review: Satyagraha: Poor Story Except In Bits


By Ankush Kumar

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, & Manoj Bajpayee.

Introduction: The message is loud and clear. And Satyagraha adds no new aspect to the revolution.

Premise: Only if you are news blind, you will miss the fact that this one is based on the Arvind Kejriwal & Anna Hazare movement.

Plot: Dwarka Anand (Amitabh Bachchan) is a school teacher who lives by the Gandhian principles, Maanav Raghvendra (Ajay Devgn) is a NRI business magnet. At the core it’s the story of these two individuals. How a shrewd businessman becomes a nationalist and then becomes part of the revolution.

Acting: Amitabh Bachchan is brilliant as he underplays his character, the portions where he really breaks down with citizen kanesque acts he is let down by his editors, Ajay Devgn disappoints this time though, the punch is missing in his dialogue delivery. Kareena Kapoor looks less of a journalist and more like an add on. The whistles might be heard but Manoj Bajpayee character is becoming caricaturish now. Arjun Rampal has a miniscule role but his heart is worn on his sleeves.

Technical Insight: The script disappoints, Anjum Rajabali can learn a thing or two with changing times, you will feel like re reading the newspapers all over again with very little entertainment value, editing is hopelessly bad, scenes of highest emotions has been killed by lazy edits. Cinematography though is brilliant especially the revolution bit. The music is a sore bore except for Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram. Prakash Jha, maybe out of commercial compulsions gives in, sir atleast once give us a Damul again.

Kela moments: Many actually. The songs weren’t needed. And how on earth Kareena Kapoor is the only journalist covering the agitation?

Citizen Kane moments: Amitabh Bachchan consoling his widowed daughter in law Amrita Rao, the scene where Mr. Bachchan breaks down when he returns to the scene of his son’s death and Mr. Bachchan scene where he tells Devgn he will miss him when he is gone.

Brownie Points: 2.5/5.

Watch Commando for Vidyut Jamwal



Summary: You might have seen our actors flaunting their great bodies in front of the camera. The biceps, triceps, abs look all too good in show off but the moment it comes to action and cracking the skull bone of a villain, the stunts start looking more like comedy. Not in Commando though as Vidyut Jamwal and the makers give the Indian audience a real taste of action in this film. Watch it if you have been a fan of the Rambo series by none other than Sylvester Stallone.

How The Movie Unfolds: Commando Dogra played by Jamwal is captured by Chinese Army as he crash lands in their region. After getting tortured there for around a year he escapes and crosses into Himachal Pradesh. In India, he accidently crashes into Simrit [Pooja Chopra], who is trying to run away from local goon Amrit aka AK74 and his goons.  Simrit has reasons too, that of not wanting to marry AK 74.

From here action unfolds and Karan keeps smashing Amrit’s goons and fools his dogs alike. The escape into the jungle makes the scenario further interesting. The cat and the mouse game in the deep forests is really well shot.

Rating: 3 Stars

Director Dilip Ghosh finally delivers to the Indian audience a true roller coaster action flick. Vidyut Jamwal is shown doing action stunts like never before in Indian cinema. With news coming from the media that all his action scenes, hand-to-hand combat, mid-air splits and somersaults and extreme acrobatics, all done by himself without a double creates an aura around him.

For all action lovers who loved seeing Stallone in the Rambo series, here’s your own in Hindi. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Jamwal the new action hero or the original action of Bollywood. This though is not the first time he has impressed. In his first film, Force, where he played a negative role, Jamwal very well created his own niche against a very well established actor John Abraham.

This film though is completely owned by the actor. His action scenes, dialogue delivery, especially the ones in which he debates with Amrit aka Jaideep Ahlawat are supremely performed. Pooja Chopra has got quite a good launch pad but it was visibly clear that she was trying to imitate Kareena Kapoor of Jab We Met in her scenes with Vidyut. Nonetheless the female lead gave her best shot. The negative protagonist Jaideep Ahlawat again delivers a stellar performance. He’s a natural and one of the finest around to play a negative role today. Rest of the performances too are good in bits and pieces.

Overall, if you think it’s been a while since you last saw a good Hindi action flick, Commando is the one to go for. You won’t be left disappointed.

 Vidyut Action