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By Ankit Chandra


Yah i think that’s what comes closest to what I have been suffering from ever since I was 5 years old… And why alluva sudden am I writing about this? Bingo! another proof that I have that disorder. ( I should call up my 10 std maths teacher to tell him that I can finally prove theorems 😀 ).

My first memory of that is when my unassuming mom sent me to the next door grocery store in Pradeep Market to get some sugar ( Umm i guess it was sugar, coz it cannot be what I think it was). Well, on the way I saw this scooter, pale green in color, which was I think a Bajaj Priya. Since obviously the color was very amusing, and it reminded me of an Italian movie I had seen then, I thought how an Italian would speak while riding his scooter in Italy… what if he actually hit an American while riding, and they get into a fight? and in this, one of my classmates (Montu Sharma) gets involved, and the Italian and American then end up beating the shit out of Montu. Yah! that way he will not find time to study and then I will come first in the class! yahoo! then I will get a prize in the school day celebration… 😦 till now I have only participated in school day in the group songs.. so totally not cool … Then when the principal would call me on to stage I can maybe kiss the school head girl! she is sooo pretty, and then even mom will not scold me for kissing her, coz I came first in the class! :D… then mom will send me to Pradeep Market to get that big box of crackers that I have always wanted to burst alllll by myself!! 😀 ….

umm wait… where am I? that’s when I realized that I had walked almost 1.5 kilometers and had left Pradeep Market almost 1.3 kms behind! I was very sad that I was back to square one and will not get to kiss the head girl, that I thought I almost had.. sigh…

Standard 10th. I was sent to my room to study Geography.(yawnnnn…) . anyways I open the book and begin to read.. I was looking at the map of India, and suddenly I looked at Bihar… Its structure looked like a side profile of a woman, with a pretty stylish boy cut hair style. umm something like that of my principal who was to give me the prize when I was to come first in my class… I imagined this face turning towards me and that it was the most pretty face I would have ever seen… what I saw is still etched in my head very clearly, but the trouble began after that. All I could remember from that learning session was that face. The next day in the Geography class, my lecturer walks in. Although I am very sure I am straight, and especially my lecturer was not even in my wildest imagination, someone I could fancy, but as soon as he walked in, that pretty face replaced his umm rather, umm not-so-pretty-masculine-with-moustache face… I don’t remember anything from that class… all through that class all I did was doing a lot of rather interesting things with that face .. all around some park…

Its very dark in the night in a jungle, and there are dark clouds all over the sky. A storm is impending, the tress are all dry and most of them dead. An old black crow is squeaking somewhere near. From somewhere, an innocent young girl draped in a tattered shawl is slowly, aimlessly walking through this forest. She has very recently been hurt in love. She is walking and wandering… The sky begins to thunder and lightning strikes into the forest dangerously close to her… but she doesn’t notice… A creepy shadow is following her closely. But she doesn’t notice.. she is just walking and wandering. Lost in her own thoughts…

This is picture I got in my head when I listened to the song ‘Dil cheez hai kya jaana’ by Bally Sagoo. Do this. Click on the link below and listen to this song, with ur eyes closed…

Link Click here!! 

Now you would agree with me on either that my imagination is right, or that I have that above mentioned disorder that i don’t wanna type again…

Hence Proved 😀 (Yahoo! Thankachhan Sir! R u listening 😀 ?)

psst: okay I suck at creating a horror movie scene, but in my head, it sure looks creepy 😀

Forms of Paintings

landscape wiyh merchants, lorraine

The Oxford English Dictionary describes “painting” as ‘the act or art of using paint to produce pictures’. Many of us cultivate painting as a hobby. But, are you aware about the major forms of painting and the main elements that form a part and parcel of painting? Lets ponder over them a little:

Real Life: Such paintings capture life in action – busy street, beach party, dinner gathering or any place where life activity is going on.

Still Life: A still life painting depicts objects such as flowers or food. Still life paintings are often found in the interiors o the ancient Egyptian tombs. Ancient Greek, especially vase paintings are examples of the same genre. Wall paintings and floor mosaics unearthed in Pompeii (Italy) stand evidence to still life painting. Masters in this category include Caravaggio, Diego Velasquaez and Annibale Corracci.

imagesLandscape Painting: It deals with the depiction of natural scenery, like valley, mountains, rivers and forests. The subject is usually a wide view with coherently arranged elements. Sky is almost included in all landscape paintings. Famous landscape painters include names like Claude Lorraine and JMW Turner.

Portrait Painting: In this genre, the intent is to depict  the visual appearance of the subject. Usually portrait artists create an work of art after they have been commissioned by patrons. Historically, portrait paintings have primarily been the forte of the rich and the powerful.

For the elements of painting – wait till the next time.