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Love Sex Aur Dhokha


By Ankush Kumar

The first time I faced rejection in love, the local wine shop nearby became very rich. The neighbours got fed up with music emitting from my apartment, not that they really cared what I was up to, the fact that only one song played on loop irritated them to no end. Before I could fathom what was happening to me, the building secretary gave me a notice to vacate the place and here I was stranded in this big bad city not knowing what to do next.

But as all my close friends know me, I was not someone who was willing to give up; hence I fell in love again. We both went through our honeymoon period blissfully, and then the inevitable happened. We started fighting, it got really ugly and by the time I realised it, she had already moved on with someone else. The only difference possibly was that this time I did not regret it. In fact I had already moved on to a new relationship, this time it was with my own self. For me to date that has been the best relationship of my life.

In the last few years I have seen my friends getting married after courtship (Kudos Mate! It takes some doing) I have seen relationships collapsing, I have seen people doing stupid things, but THANK GOD! I don’t have a single friend who has ended their life for something as lame as love.

What amuses though is how society reacts when a public figure ends their life. If controversies and theories in the past week were not enough, we have another one today, that JIAH KHAN ended her life because she failed in love. I thank this Monday that LK ADVANI chose to step down otherwise the poor SOORAJ PANCHOLI would have been hounded by the media and we would have been subject to umpteen hours of nonsense. The girl apparently died a million deaths before the famous BOLLYWOOD dupatta helped her release her pain. We guys quickly need an equivalent to it or we will soon be out of the race.

She went through the ignominy of aborting their child and facing humiliation through his acts. Seriously are you the same actor who studied in NYC and was brought up there? We urban Indians seemed to be more progressive than your thinking process. Or was it BOLLYWOOD that affected your mindset eventually?

The letter found in your ironically PRADA wallet that possibly proves that you had good taste of life seems to be written by a veteran script writer. If questions need to be raised then there are many who are under suspicion. Why did your mother choose to remain silent when you went through so much pain? Where were your sisters when your valentine was screwing up? When the father of guy had already disapproved of the relationship and you had experienced the fact that he was a playboy, why did you still wait for him?

The obvious filmy answer will be that ‘you don’t like breaking relationships, but unfortunately you did just that’. By ending your life you breached the trust of your loved ones. Today where ever your soul rests, your mother has chosen to ruin another life. Someone needs to stand up and ask her ‘Where was she all this time?’

The letter says ‘she gave up her ten year old career for love’. Well the truth is her career went nowhere. Last seen in a movie called ‘HOUSEFULL’ where the theatres were almost empty and not been seen after that, that angle makes absolutely no sense.

That letter says many other things, which every relationship faces in today’s times. What it unfortunately does not convey is that the girl chose to commit a crime and not even be tried by the judicial system. She chose the easiest way out, and that is by laying the entire blame on someone else. I hate to say this, but after reading that letter I feel no pity for JIAH KHAN. She chose to die maybe she deserved to die in that fashion.

P.S: If SOORAJ PANCHOLI would have committed suicide, and left a note behind, would JIAH KHAN be tried in the court of law? Well your guess is as good as mine!!!