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Thank You Dad! For Everything


Anshuman Sharvesh continues Father’s Day celebrations by thanking his dad for everything he has done for him. He rewinds his life a bit to figure out three occasions when his father made a heroic dash for him. 

Person: Beta, whom do you love the most, mom or dad?

Child: Mom (without any hesitation)

Person: and why?

Child: Bcoz she love me the most, dad is strict.

It reminded me of myself and my childhood days as all the answers he gave were just replica of mine or can say of every guy his age. But if someone fires this question in a slightly different manner, like who has sacrificed the most for you, I will say my dad, with all due respect to mama.

The strictness, disciplined life and even the slaps that I used to receive have made me a better person. Today, when we here at Mission Sharing Knowledge, celebrate the entire week as Father’s Week its a pleasure to share a few short stories/incidences that have taught me lessons of life.

Police at my house:

It was a bright sunny day and as all children my age do, I was playing cricket after the school hours. Because of a mishap, I got involved in a brawl and another guy, older than me slapped me, just like the Harbhajan-Sreesanth incident. Unlike Sreesanth though, I retaliated, picked up a stone and threw it on him. He was left bleeding with blood oozing out of his mouth. He reported that to his father who in-turn came to my house with the police. Seeing the mob dad asked me to narrate the whole story which I did. He politely asked me to join my mom in the room and handled the situation all by himself. I still remember the loud slap that evening but I also remember the fact that after the slap I have never used violence to feed my anger.

The day I failed in my 10th Pre-Board Examination:

The result day, a dreadful one and more frightful if you have failed in two of the papers. I got my result and went straight back home. I told my mom everything and although she was furious but seeing me disappointed, she consoled me. Then the real thing began as we waited for Dad to return because it was his signatures that was needed for the result sheet to be handed over back. He came in late that day and after having dinner I gathered all my courage and gave him the mark sheet. After having a detailed analysis he said one thing that was quite touching and inspirational and that was ”beta bus 70 aur lana hai 3 mahine hai, hojayega” .

My break up:

Yeah I know what you guys must have been thinking. What a guy I am? But these things were in my closet for a while now and telling you all this is only making me more comfortable about my past.

As the girl in my life bid me goodbye, I was left devastated. It was the end of the world, 2012 (which came and passed without a shock had actually happened for me way before the calendars touched the date). Like SRK of Kal Ho Na Ho, I cornered myself away from everyone. Dad came to me and said a single thing to me and that was “aaisa hota hai,normal baat hai sabke sath hota hai….bete now you are a grown up boy”. No really, I know this was unusual but this is what verbatim happened.

That hard slap, the unusual encouragement and the weirdest consolation that you have ever heard helped me to be a better man.

I thank you dad for everything….love u the most and if given a chance will change things you did not like of me…I love my dad the most!!!!!