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6 Reasons why Google Glasses are Awesome

Brin Google Glass Cover

I know this one is a little late on Google Glasses and you have already read, heard and seen a lot of commentary of that. I was also waiting because I wanted to know the reasons people are bloating against it. Are the reasons good enough is the big question? To be they look like rants from the ones who have always feared change. They are the same who said “who uses the phone for the internet” when the first smartphone came and were the ones who said who is going to be on G+ when there is Facebook around. 

Leaving them aside for a while, here are six reasons why Google Glasses are an awesome invention.

1. Have you ever imagined search on the go. Yep, this is one awesome thing that you get with Google Glasses, now isn’t that awesome in itself. You are travelling, you ask something and you get it. Tremendous, do I need to say more. If you have still not got it, check out some James Bond flicks and figure out what am saying when I say search on the move.

2. For the Facebookers and Twitteratis who cannot do away with their instant see and upload life, Google Glass is the machine. You say a word and the Glasses will take a picture, record a video and believe me there is nothing like doing all this without touching the hardware. The media gets stored in the 4GB flash memory and can be instantly shared on your social networks and via email.

3. So you are driving and get an important mail from Boss saying “urgent, reply now”. You being a smart savvy employee do not want to be late and want to reply now. But you know how difficult it could be while driving on Delhi roads. Now imagine a machine which allows you do this via voice commands. Got my point, isn’t the Glass awesome.

4. So basically you live away from your parents and both parties miss out on crucial experiences that you should have been part of. With Google Glass you can share the feed of any experience that you are having with your loved ones in real-time. So the next time you are watching your kid do a skit and his granny also wants to watch it sitting a 1000kms away, you know what device to switch on.

5. With Google things only turn simpler. The company has added Google Now to the device which means your daily habits can be tracked and kept a tab on. It will keep a tab on what routes you take daily and will keep you informed if those routes are under traffic issues or are clear.

6. You travel abroad a lot and to different countries and also feel alienated because of your inability to understand foreign languages. With Google Glasses those problems are those of the past. If there is a sentence or a phrase you do not understand, ask the Glass and it translate it to the language you are comfortable with.

Overall, a great machine, so don’t let the critics dominate your way of thinking. Use it yourself and then decide. Always remember, Change is for Good. 

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