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Johhnie Walked!!!

By Joybrato Dutta


With curiosity in his mind and an enthused spirit he went on unravelling the veils of future. Little did he know back then, his path will inspire generations. He trotted far away into the profundity of time, into an intoxicating space away from Jeny.

Of course, the woman who walked away.

He knew he was walking towards purity, towards sanity, towards heaven. A man with a broken heart is destined to go towards heaven. Hell is something he has already been through.

He never thought he could walk so far………..far away from her. But when anger and envy triggers your determination, even the shackles of tear drops can’t sustain you. Not that he didn’t want to get her back. He did. Life does give you a second chance. But, would you want to make the same mistake twice. He just couldn’t trust her. He walked over the stains, but looked back to forgive his footsteps.

He did try. His words couldn’t break her. How can you break something that does not have a heart? He moved on. The thought of family and friends did moisten his eyes. But now that his hands weren’t trying to hold on to something, they wiped the moisture.

Recuperation didn’t cross his mind. One reason why he could walk so far.

Now, he has walked quite a distance. To an unknown vicinity. The atmosphere is so exhilarating that it’s almost like a dream. But he knows he’s not dreaming. Because, every footstep hurts. The pain didn’t close his eyes. The lonesome traveller has walked away from weariness. He knew reality hurts but he wouldn’t rather dream.

Stay awake. Stay alert. Life is too short to make the same mistake twice.

Today he walks alone. Family and friends are nothing but tear drops. He treasures them. He collects it in a barrel. Often drinks it. Every drop, every gravel, the misty future, the darkening past, the bewildered present simply tells him one thing



RIP Ex College Heroes

By Joybrato Dutta

What is it about college that we love the most? Education? Women? Strangers? Or is it the sense of power that suddenly gets bestowed on us. The power to handle situations. The power to stay unshackled. The power to write our destiny.

This post is not about preaching the philosophies of life, nor is it about a moment of reminiscence after gulping a few shots. This is about mourning the death of my hero. The hero within me. Who was brutally murdered by maturity, responsibility and EMI.

The ‘bring it on’ attitude during college days inspired me to win, to beat the opposition mercilessly. Today, it quietly whispers ‘Survive’ in my ears.

Hostel life was all about being a strong bond. There was a reason day-boarders didn’t mess with hostelites. There was a reason day-boarders never dared to sit on a chair which had ‘H’ inscribed on it. Such a strong bond comes from trust. People say it takes a lot of time to build trust. But in hostel it’s different. It’s almost like it’s written on their faces that you can trust them. And of course after seeing each other naked for a year you can trust each other with your life. (Is that why a man trusts his wife? Sorry I got digressed)

Fearlessness is another quality that strengthens the bond. The biggest challenges – the Warden, the Dean, the HOD, the nerdy day-boarder who does not believe in the term ‘mass bunk’, the seductive vamp who invariably tries to loosen the bond, can be dealt easily. Of course the seductive vamp problem is dealt differently.

College taught us to be fearless. Fuck logic, fuck ethics. Just be fearless. Just support your friend. Precisely, why I could go watch a movie with my girlfriend during weekdays, because there was a fearless friend ready to give proxy.  Precisely, why I could spend all my money on a stupid gift, because a friend will always give me the money to recharge my SIM card.

We never cared that we could be expelled. With exams round the corner we would still bunk college and go out for trips. We didn’t have the fear of empty wallets. Yes those were the days we did things we felt like.

n563520795_429786_6491Today, I have a job. I stay in an apartment in Mumbai where the rent is more than what my pocket-money used to be. I have narrowed down my objectives to that one dream. To achieve that I need money.

There have been times I felt like reacting with as much anger I had then. But today I am scared. Scared of losing my job, scared of not being able to pay my rent, scared of not being able to pay my EMIs.


Ya, post college we all get a make-over.


Today that bond hasn’t weakened but we all do have second thoughts. Today most of us have shouldered one family-responsibility at least. A lot of us have to repay the education loan.

Today we have learnt to take a lot of shit. We’ve learnt to bow heads. We’ve learnt to compromise, to lose, which often is the self respect. Today I feel I am no different from that ass-licking nerdy I hated during college.

We all have a role model. A hero, who inspires us, teaches us to overcome hurdles, gives us the strength to believe in a second chance and to stand up for it. A hero who teaches us to fight for what we believe.

Garhwal Diaries 12 – Rishikesh Retro Riviera

Some moments captured within a span of 24 hours in Rishikesh – the gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas.

IMG_0380A bird in the eye

IMG_0381Painted Bark

IMG_0383The Bridge

IMG_0394Ray of Hope

IMG_0389Still Life