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An Ode to My First Job: Season One – Episode 1

First Day At Work


Our youngest writer Kushal Khandelwal talks of his high hopes from an MBA degree and 6 figure salary expectations. How it all came crashing down like a pack of cards as he entered his office on the first day.

You’re pretty much the most recent entrant & the youngest person at your company. You get all the bitch work – and sometimes don’t get credit for doing it. You stay late and most importantly, what you’re doing now is NOT what you want to be doing the rest of your life. Where are you working??? Your first job… where else God Damn It.

Fresh out of college and ready to race fast & ahead, the first job is what gets you pulsating for a long and fulfilling career. Many pictures loom as I complete my first year at my first job. Just like every other management graduate, I also dreamt of a big office in one of those shiny towers.

But what I came through on my first day was a 1500 sq ft office with some 15 people working (including the three of us who joined that day). What a crash landing it was!! And while I was still recovering from this, my training manager had put such restrictions that I was in fact feeling the pain of those Jews sentenced in Nazi concentration camps. Many perceived myths are no more only Myths… 🙂

Two weeks went by and I was live doing real-time interactions on the front-end of the team. Thank God, I was reporting to another manager now. My new manager was a fantabulous person to work with, one who reads his team in the first go, understands the plus & the minuses and stands irrespective. Now here, I learnt the importance of a first job, in fact to be more specific, your first Boss and also realized the fact that in general you don’t leave your job, you leave your manager.

With time moving on, I was able to find every type of character that my HR faculties taught. Type A, B, C, X, Y, Z etc.. At times, it was close to the Big Boss (for my American readers, big brother) house (with so much bitching against each other). So, the first taste of office politics was in. And yah, this also helped in getting some good friends (well because our target of humour was same).  So now, I was getting accustomed and feeling a bit relieved; by this I mean I was learning how to write the sort of memo your boss wants to read. 🙂

Keep watching this space for more. I would come back with more such experiences you will all empathize but at the same time love reading with a pinch of humour.

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