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Go Green!!

By Chandan Das


You are cutting your Life , by cutting a Tree Just plant one and get air absolutely Free !

Just save a Tree, its your best Friend People have lot of issues, hug a tree..they are God-Sent !!

Take care of the trees, they are the roots of all Living In return they will take care of you , will make you feel like a King !

Save Paper , if you want to sit down under the shade Recycle it , else this world will soon fade !!

Mother Nature will be happy , if you keep the Environment clean Already our planet is crying as the snow melts, go Eco-Friendly.. don’t be so mean !

Our Green Earth isn’t disposable, it’s the only one we have and that’s not a Lie Ever thought where which side would you live, if the Abused Earth happens to Die??

Don’t waste clean water ..its priceless so conserve & care You will not get a drop to drink later, although there will be “WATER” everywhere !!

Heal our planet, embrace the eco-friendly revolution Turn this World into a better place to Live, and arrest the Pollution ! Don’t throw your future away, show appreciation for the next generation So Go Green , else your life will always be in a perpetual ” commotion ” !!





Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – IV

Kartik Kannan’s continues his photographic journey of Dudhsagar in this fourth part of the series!


One interesting game to play at the base of the waterfall as a group is to dunk into the water, and hold your breath, and then come out. The one who spends least time inside, has to photograph the rest, for the next iteration.


Another interesting thing worth observing are the patterns of water when people splash about in water.


Do watch out for the contrast between water against the rocks, and the bright sunlight on the other rocks.


For Photography enthusiasts, this is a good opportunity to use a slow shutter to capture the motion of the water.


If you are getting too much light because of a long exposure, it may be wise to carry along a Neutral Density filter for your lense, so as to cut off unwanted light by 2 F stops.