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Thank You God!

By Ankit Chandra

images (1)Thank you God for the world so sweet,

Thank you God for the food we eat,

Thank you God for the birds that sing,

Thank you God for everything!

psst: God thank you the most for (hopefully) saving me from today’s near (touch wood) debacle


Sometimes u just thank God ( well touch wood and fingers crossed) for the many times he saves you from almost inevitable disaster… and having said that, once an engineer, always an engineer! even if u r doing a management course now!

There was this seemingly unscrupulous MS Excel course in my program. There was a full proper announcement about it and everything, and our instructor was very strict and the features he was teaching looked pretty ‘weird’ to learn… In fact so much so, that people in my class actually started to stay up late to work the problems and make sure that they did their assignments in time and did them well. otherwise it was almost impossible for anyone to remember the stuff. Add to it that the instructor was gradually turning into a monster, and increasing our work load, making the problems in the assignment ever tougher to work.

This was the first time I saw my other wise cool roomy actually sweating it out in nights to finish the assignments, talking to many people over the phone to understand the problems and tediously working towards a probable solution. Classes began to remain fully occupied with students with peeled eyes glued to the screen in the class and ears cocking open to absorb all the stuff the instructor spewed out ( including his very special way of saying awwwigghh (allright))…

Nobody was sure as to how would they face the test due next week. Wait! what? there is a test next week? oh Wait, is there a test for this course? and thats next week??? umm where is it written! Why didn’t anyone tell me! ….

Yah… that’s what my first reaction was when I was told last week about this test. Already taken by surprise on this, I had no idea as to how I should react to this …. ambush!!! Yah! it’s NOT fair and enough to just email everyone in the class about the test and talk about it in the class at least 3 times! PEOPLE DON’T PAY ATTENTION!!!!

Anyways… the world IS a sick place… everyone knows that. And I have been dealing with it ever since I was born. But now that I have to live with that, I thought i might as well think about preparing for the test. I planned. well, thats a rare thing anyhow, but I did… and planned to prepare the night before the test (goto: line no. 8 abt engineers).

Cut back to yesternight. With all the true intentions I start preparing for the test. Just to get all the variables initialized I asked my roomy “What if we flunk”? He replied that due to some weird credit score logic, what we score in the test wdn’t make a dent in our overall scores.

Now believe me, even after hearing that I wanted to prepare whole heartedly for the test. By the time I was in my room with the laptop in my laps, the rational side of began to speak up and said : “You wdn’t get a score anyhow for this test, and u wdnt flunk. So why don’t u utilize this time better and go to sleep!” . Hmm.. I thought… there is a point! After all logical analysis of an argument is what I learn day in and day out!. Rest is as they say, His Story….

Day : Today. Time 940 am ( 4 hours and 2 classes before the test). My classmate tells me that we need to score at least 80% in the test to pass, or we wd have to re take the test. shit.

Time 1 pm ( one hour before the test) in the lunch room, discussing the excel problems with my roomys and the Omen inducing classmate ( the one who told me the 80% thingy), I realized that now its a futile exercise. The rationale was that since I don’t have enough time before the test to prepare, I should concentrate on the final thread. The Help function in Excel. I plan an elaborate strategy based on the information I retrieved from these fellows around me.

Test: After looking at the question paper, I knew one thing for sure. I knew nothing. Then from somewhere God comes in the picture. And I look at the help function. Question One, search for it on the help. Got the method. Question Two, back to help. Q3,4… Rest as they say is… 😉

I think ( hope, pray and everything) that I pass. But, thank u God 🙂