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Are Women More Brand Loyal Than Men?


By Parul Gupta

It is always said that, “women are more loyal than men”. This is not universally accepted in the personal lives but trusted by the companies. As stated by Nadia Chauhan, CMO, Parle Agro, “Women customers are more loyal than men customers. For woman, a brand is a commitment and she hates to break the commitment while man flirts with the brand”.

The reason that explains the difference in the behavior of men and women towards any brand lies in their different attitude, feelings and emotional patterns. Woman makes relationship with a brand in the same way as she does with the other human beings. She values the relationship and hates to break off with her brand as there is an uncertainty associated with a new relationship with a new brand. Whereas, man loves to try a new brand and likes to fickle around.

Gaining customer loyalty is a Herculean task for any company. Hence, the aim of all promotional activities of companies is summed up to one little word called Brand Loyalty. Brands quite often associate Brand Loyalty with female buyers and run exclusive campaigns and programs to maintain it. The recent success of the P&G’s campaign ‘Thank you, Mom’ solely focused on females, is the best example of the loyalty concept.

Maintaining a Brand Loyalty in today’s economy is extremely challenging for any business. Loyalty now is more like a two-way relationship- businesses can also demonstrate their loyalty to customers by listening to their needs and concerns, actively engaging and responding to client issues, and using that information to anticipate market trends. In this way, the new version of customer loyalty is more of a mutually beneficial relationship, rather than a one-way flow of products and information.

Women have been found to be more loyal to brands than men in a recent survey carried out in the UK by The Logic Group and Ipsos MORI. In the survey of more than 2,000 consumers, 67pc of women said they are members of at least one loyalty scheme, compared with 57pc of men. “When it comes to brand loyalty men and women clearly have very different drivers and motivations,” said Anamaria Chiuzan, customer insight and loyalty specialist for The Logic Group. “The challenge for brands is to capture these differences in their loyalty messages and programmes, ensuring that they offer the right deals and messages at an individuallevel.

Loyalty is about the customer experience underpinning engagement with a brand. A series of factors determine how that experience should be defined: age, sex, lifestyle etc. Loyalty succeeds when the brand messages are tailored to build an experience that resonates with different customer types. Hence, the businesses should be more focused on conveying the right message to their customers in order to build Brand Loyalty.

The author is a Management Professional. She has also been working as a freelance writer. Her articles get published in newspapers, magazines and websites. She writes on various technical & non-technical topics such as education, career and self motivation.

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