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Seems Like Just Another Slap on the Wrist

By Anuj R


It was outrageous to view today’s headline that the juvenile involved in the Rape case will be imprisoned for 3 years.

I am sure it has left all of us with some questions. To pen it down:

1) What we require at the moment is severity in punishments to change the course of the nation and not implementing judgement based on archaic laws that we have.

2) Will 3 years of community service really change what happens in future to the women of this country. Why are we being mild where it is required to be firm and severely strict ?

3) Stats say that once in 20 minutes there have been reports of rape. So once in 20 minutes something is wrong. Does the judgement provided in any way address this?

4) Why is it that if you are less than 18 years old, you can commit the same ‘heinous’ crime and escape what you really deserve?

5) Are we just going further backward and not doing the right thing?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King


How to Make Your Boss Love You? – Part 2


So, how did you fare with the Bully, the Manipulator and the Liar? Did you try some of the tips suggested in the first part of the series? This part contains a few more types of bosses and tips on how to handle them with care.

The Goody-goody

shutterstock-a-good-bossSupportive, encouraging, competent, soft-spoken – did you have the good luck to come across a boss like this? Such miraculous personalities are rare and when you chance upon them, you should make sure that you are in their good books. Most often than not, the goody-goody will always think well of others, since they like to have a positive outlook. However, a problem with them might be their tendency to give second chances to the slackers. If you are a slacker, you will have a gala time. However, if you are hardworking, you might feel frustrated by the number of chances your boss gives to the non-performers.

How to deal – ‘Slog’ is the word you have to take very seriously with the Goody-goody. Work very hard and learn as much as possible. If you do manage to befriend her, you can quietly advise her about not giving too many chances to slackers. However, if your relationship is that of a boss and reportee, it’s best to work hard, be good to her and at the end of your tenure, request her for a strong reference.

bossThe Unpredictable

Does your boss sing praises of you one day and then not give you an appraisal the next day? Does he have frequent mood swings? Then you can easily categorize such a person as unpredictable.

How to deal – The best way to tackle such moody souls is to steer clear of their ways on their bad days and speak to them only when they approach you. Also, you can try limiting your communication with them to urgent office matters. Keep in mind that they treat everyone in the same way because that is how they are and try not getting negatively impacted by their attitude.

The Incompetent

Incompetetnt-BossIf your boss taunts you about your qualifications and tells you blatantly that you are not performing to your optimum, you can assume that he is under-confident about his own skills. A self-assured boss will never try to show you down. Contrarily, he will tell you that he has higher hopes from you.

How to deal – People with complexes are slightly difficult to deal with…all the more so when such a person is your boss. There are two ways of tackling such a boss – either develop a thick skin or leave the job.

Sonar Kella: A Memory of Detective Stories

Debashree Sinha writes about her childhood experience of listening to detective stories!


I was just watching a part of the many downloadable sections of Sonar Kella. It reminded me of those lazy afternoons in Kolkata of the early 90s when alongside my elder brother, uncle I would sit and hear stories of detectives with rounded eyes.

My pupils would dilate as my elder brother, lovingly called “Dadamoni,” would rush us younger cousins through stories where the detective in chase of the killer was actually pursuing one of his multiple selves , as the murderer. With lot of gusto he would speak and like muted, stunned spectators of a thriller show we would listen to him as we remained suspended in disbelief. To make his story more believable he would call it “Detective Jhkhon Nijei Khuni” which roughly translates as ‘when detectives turns out to be the murderer’.

Sherlock-holmes-and-magnifying-glassAs we listened in stupified silence even the drop of a pin would seem to be a disturbance. Soon the resolution of the big drama would be achieved and the story would begin to end….Consequently, a sudden glut would develop in my throat, a certain a reluctance to leave that the world of suspicion and high drama would overcome me and to avoid the breaking of the spell one would just go for a nice long siesta in one of the dark rooms of the 125 year old ancestral house with lofty ceilings.

I still remember that feeling of “being safe”,of being able to absolutely drown my senses into one thing. I wonder at the safety that I felt, each time I would be read or hear from a detective book full of grim crimes. It’s ironical that pursuit of a reader (alongside the detective) for the criminal could prove to not only be adventurous but feel so strange and safe! May be it was empowerment, a realization that my own reasoning faculties are as alert as the great crime master’s. In participating in the chase a part of me would vicariously be running through the labyrinth of life to emerge at a certainty and safety. So thank you feluda, Holmes and Kakababu for making my childhood such a success.

The ‘Them’ And ‘Us’ Of Crime Capital

rich and poor

The gang rape of the five-year-old has sprouted claims that migrant labour has affected Delhi’s crime graph adversely. Delhi doesn’t need imports to commit crime, contends Jaideep Ghosh

A big fight was threatening to snowball over Facebook. Normally, nothing enthuses me more than a big fight, but the topic in question pre-empts all funny digs. So we will stick to the serious stuff.

The background is the gang rape case involving the five-year-old girl and the stand taken by a certain set is something which has been simmering for a while. At the same time, this cannot be allowed to snowball.

The stand was – this rape, and many other similar crimes, should be blamed on the huge influx of migrant workers, specifically from one state (no prizes for guessing which).

Now, this resentment of Delhi becoming the hub for immigrants from all parts isn’t new. It isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘liberal’ to discuss in public, but the undercurrents are immense. Some have objected in the social media, while most curse when a motley crew calmly walks in front of their cars, an imperious had raised to demand the near-impossible task of stopping a speeding car within ten feet.

The increase is resentment is now leading to crimes being committed by ‘them’, and how ‘they’ should not be allowed into Delhi, since ‘they’ are sullying the name of Delhi.

Naturally, there was resentment, and a torrent of objections and arguments followed, with one side demanding to know why ‘them’ alone are to be blamed, while the original lot stuck to their smoking guns.


This is risky business. This impinges on the rights provided to the citizens of India by the Constitution (and since we as a population knows only our Fundamental Rights and not our Duties, it becomes even more important), to reside in any part of the country, look for employment anywhere. These are sacrosanct, across the country barring a few regions. And Thackeray’s Mumbai.

Crime is the genesis of development. The Industrial Revolution in Europe was where crime and vice spawned and grabbed hold of society, as people from all part thronged to the hovels that cropped up in the cities – their dolce vita being grime and crime.


At the same time, Delhi didn’t need imports to be crime capital. The people who pull out guns and shoot when their cars are scratched, the ones who pile on to women in bars and pubs and those who drive over people, or through police barricades in their BMWs and assorted SUVs, aren’t migrants. Nor are those who burn brides. They are the ones who bring these migrants to Delhi, to build their skyscrapers, tend to their kids and labour in their houses while they party, kitty or otherwise.

In fact, I will wager my pension that if people from three specific states were either evicted, or debarred from Delhi, the crime graph would come down by 80 per cent.


Crime comes with prosperity. The rapists of the five-year-old are doing exactly what the rest of the city, and mankind in general does – exploit the weak.

But crimes also comes through ‘students’ from abroad peddling drugs and ‘hostesses’ from the former Soviet republics adding colour to the flesh trade, again with the ‘locals’ being their partners or customers.

So to label one state for the state of affairs is naive and uneducated. Address crime and prevention. Since suggesting otherwise, adds to our ever-burgeoning list of woes.

What Stops Us from Hunting down Rapists

Hang the rapists make fast track courts for rape cases


So it happened again. We waited for the verdict against the perpetrators of the gruesome crime against Nirbhaya and even before our incompetent administrative system delivered that, we have another shameful incident in the capital where a 5-year-old, yes a 5-year-old was raped for two days and was found in condition only a monster could leave her in. We ask, what stops us from hunting down such rapists?

She left to play and did not return back. Her alive body was found in a condition she least deserved. What I hear from the media is that a 200 ml bottle and parts of a candle were shoved into parts of her body and the criminal tried strangling her after that. Yes, I know, glimpses of what happened in Delhi on that cold December night might have flashed in front of your eyes when an incident shocked the entire nation (except of course the administrative system). Unfortunately we are yet to hang the perpetrators of that crime and I would assume that our lack of great judicial system which looks into anything at its own convenient time, adjudges even crystal clear cases with so much microscopic detail that justice gets delayed and denied is one of the clear reasons as to why such cases keep happening.

This crime today and that crime back then in December are as clear as anything that you would see. Why can’t we act faster, put the criminal on a roller coaster, decide his fate as fast as we can, over a fortnight if possible, and then hang the criminal, not in a hushed up surrounding like we did with a couple of terrorists a while back but in a way that shocks any human being who even thinks of offending a female’s body by even a smallest manner.

The question here is simple. What do we lose if we do that? Have been hearing that death penalty is being thought of being given to people who are repeat offenders. Absolute nonsense, because if criminals like the one we are talking cannot be hanged and hunted down with utmost disdain, none deserve more brutality.

To me the biggest thought in the mind of a person who rapes, touches a women in public with a wrong intention, stares like raping with eyes, sexually assaults a female is that he will get away. How convenient have we made it.

To me the only way to stop this is to make these men feel they will be hunted down brutally. They will be killed like animals. Also they will be named, shamed and every person who tries defending (here I mean family of the criminal) would be named too. As a society we need to make these people feel like dogs living amongst humans. Put a cloth (visible prominently) around his hand while he is in jail or when he goes to court which says he is a rapist and should die a gory death. Only then might the numbers of such gruesome crime go down. I am not saying things like this won’t happen because no matter how many mad dogs you kill, there will be few who will spring up here and there but as you kill, the fear might just spring in.


PS: Where is Justice Katju today? Does not he want to stand up for this girl or he only wants to talk of an actor (having alleged of aiding terrorists) who did a great favour to the society by doing a few films closely around the father of the Nation.