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Beer-Battered Prawns

clean prawns

Since I am a foodie, I am always in search of satiating my culinary delights. Though a Bong by birth, I relish almost all delicacies from across the world. From the Italian Rissotto to Nigerian Jollof Rice – from traditional Bengali Mangsher Jhol (Mutton Curry) to Rajma Chawal – I concoct up a galore of dishes in my kitchen. From starters to main course till desserts – you can find almost anything.

Last Saturday it started raining heavily. I woke up In the morning with a gloomy mood. Saturdays are off days from work. So, after breakfast all I did was lazying around. But, by afternoon when I started feeling more dull, suddenly, the idea of concocting up a spicy non-veg snack came to my mind. It struck me a pack of prawns are lying in the fridge and its been already three days. Lo and behold! Minutes later I was in the kitchen making Beer Battered Prawns.

Here’s the Recipe.



  • All-purpose flour/ Maida 250 grams
  • Beer 150 ml
  • Prawns 250 grams (clean and de-veined)
  • Cooking oil 4 to 5 table spoons
  • Pinch of Turmeric
  • Pinch of Red Chili Powder (optional)
  • Salt to taste


Clean and pat dry prawns; marinate them with salt, pinch of turmeric and red chili powder;In a bowl mix take some flour and add beer and salt according to taste. Mix well to make a batter;In a frying pan add oil and wait till it is heated up. Dip the prawns in the batter, coat them evenly and deep fry them. Serve with Tartar Sauce.

Rendezvous with the Rains

An evening downpour cannot be enjoyed without a steaming cup of coffee! Sampurna Majumder relates one of her many experiences of enjoying cappuccino after getting drenched!

coffee cupAnd there it stood in the kitchen shelf. Beckoning me with its tantalizing smell, a hot steaming cup of cappuccino, sprinkled with cocoa powder. My desired one, one which I yearn for, every minute and every second, whether am jovial or sad or experiencing severe mood swings.

Heavy rains slashed against the window panes. Droplets had gathered on the glass pane giving it a smoky and sensuous look. The leaves were in the best of their colors, shining brightly. Rain washed mother nature stood in front of me, absolutely spik and span. I was carried off to an almost different plane altogether.

Yes I had to go. I ran up to the rain washed terrace without any second thought. I stood there at the middle of the terrace with my arms stretched out. The heavy downpour blanketed me and my senses completely. It was absolute ecstasy. I could feel a velvety touch underneath my feet. I was engulfed by the rain’s intensity.

No horns, no hustle bustle of the concrete jungle was to be heard. It was only me and the rain droplets in an open terrace on a just another ordinary day which became extraordinary both physically and emotionally for me.

Water dripping through my wet hair, soggy clothes clinging on to my body, shivering within, I came down, reentered the living room and headed towards the kitchen shelf. Took the cappuccino and went inside the kitchen to heat it up.

My Long Lost Mornings

A personal post from Sampurna Majumder

mom & child 2

Fluffy eyes refusing to open up. Twisting in the bed, my head still buried in the pillow, another nudging at my thighs, early mornings always made me languish. The chirping of the birds signaled the sun’s first kiss was about to touch the earth. Clattering of the utensils at the roadside tea stall meted out household melodies. Somewhere in the distant someone was heard humming a tune, soothing the ears. I could hear my mother’s hushed footsteps heading towards the kitchen. In a minute’s time I could feel her hands caressing my forehead.

She would do that every morning. Caress me, run her nimble fingers through my wild hair, bribe me to get up and get ready for school, which I abhorred so much. But I longed for this moment. Every morning. These few moments of my mother being with me, made me feel on seventh heaven, or rather my safest haven. Yes it was my safest haven.

I somehow managed to crawl out of the bed, move towards the open window of my room and stare out at the green fields beside the water body. Again she would coax me to wash my face and finish my breakfast before leaving for school. I yearned for her soft touch on my head.

Mornings. Yes, they were, but now they have become those mornings, of that life, which I have long left behind in the journey called life.

Even today, miles away from her, I experience the same mornings. The same sun, the same chirping of the birds. The same clattering of utensils at some tea stall across the road. But these mornings lack her warmth. I miss her smell terribly and her fingers running through my wild hair.

Mornings they were and mornings these would be. Mornings will come and go. But those mornings which I was forced to leave behind will always linger in my memory for ever and ever.

Chinese Breakfast @ China Town!

Continuing her series on China Town, Sampurna Majumder writes about the uniqueness of the locality.

Tiretta Bazaar

The variedness of Kolkata never seems to satiate me. From lip-smacking delicacies to some of the best known cultural events – Kolkata has loads to offer.

In my last article I focussed on the existing China Town of Kolkata. This time, I decided to take a step ahead and find out something unique about the locality.

It is a Saturday early morning around 5.30 am. The Tiretta Bazaar in Old China Town is already bustling with life. You can choose from some of the best Chinese delicacies that are served here. From yummy chicken soups to pork suimai – you name it and its there. On weekends, the breakfast platters are over by 8 am. Call centre employees and night-club hoppers comprise the main crowd.

Coconut Curry Chicken Soup

If you want to try something new and adventurous you can always end up at the shops selling Chinese sauces and other ingredients that are required for cooking. There’s one shop named Sing Cheung Sauce Factory that sells all kinds of Chinese sauces.

The spicy pork sausages taste like slimy scrambled eggs. You can also try having the spicier broths with a dash of Sichuan chillies and pickled garlic. The fish-ball soup that is found at every nook and corner of Tiretta Bazaar is a must have. The best part about the breakfast is you will not find the regular Chinese stuff – like noodles or rice, but an assortment of other delicacies with broths and soups taking away the credits.

Shrimp Sui Mai

Tiretta Bazaar is one of the remaining cosmopolitan food hubs in the city that has already started becoming somewhat conservative in nature. Whatever, be it, if you are in Kolkata do miss the chance of a sumptuous Chinese Breakfast in the heart of the city.