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10 Myths Women Have About Men


Robin Choudhary deciphers the myths women have about men and how they are wrong in their assumptions.  

1 We are insensitive

Not at all. Most men feel deeply and strongly about things they care about. Just try walking in front of the television as Sachin Tendulkar winds up for a cover drive.

2 We are obsessed with our gym-built bodies

Partly true. Lying in a gym with large plates on a rod is meant to impress the ladies. Unfortunately, they don’t do the same for the lower part of the body. Resulting in a generation of broad-chested men with broiler chicken legs.

3 We have a sense of fashion

Except that it needs to be handed down to us, which can be dangerous. Remember walking into office after Allen Solly’s Friday Dressing campaign had broken and being visually mauled by the hordes in solid blue shirts and khaki trousers?

4 We are obsessed with all things techno

A small percentage are. The rest carry them around as the male equivalent of the designer clutch bag.

5 We only love women with great bodies

No way. What really turns a man on about a woman is how she carries herself, how she holds her own and how individual she is. Top it with a dash of humour.


6 We are bad shopping companions

It’s just that the process is something we don’t understand. Try marrying an opening batsman and then watch him pick one solitary piece of English willow in a bat shop, after half an hour of shadow driving, cutting and pulling.

7 Metrosexual men are so nice

Yes, and it stops at that. Sensitivity is all about being there in your own way when she needs you, and letting her fly when she wants to.

8 We are untidy

Most men, apart from a few who have a fetish for body odour and unwashed socks, are quite neat. It’s just that their idea of neatness does not conform to a woman’s.

9 We are more transparent than the men of ’70s and ’80s

That’s a wide down the leg-side. Boys will be boys. And if that means lying through your teeth that you are in a brainstorm and watching a Formula One race, so be it.

10 We are notoriously bad movie-goers

I see many couples, who hold hands going into the theatre, and come out blinking, still holding hands.


Guy Outside a Girl Trial Room: Experiences

FOG-024792 - © - FogStock Collection

Light pink, dark pink, lavender pink, rose pink, salmon pink….blah pink. Never had an idea what the actual difference between them really is, till you actually ended up befriending a girl and started going out with her. Yeah right, once you started dating her and took her shopping, you realised the pinks are a lot of trouble. Here Anshuman Sharvesh talks about what that generally means and how even though you have no idea of pinks you have to end up saying which is the best.

Once you are done with the headache of colour, having shown utmost knowledge of the subject, the atom bomb with the title SIZE strikes. This is a tad tough I tell you because every inch of that dress should fit the skin of the fairer sex. If it does not, the second one is tried till actually one is brought after exploring the entire mall. No really, what does she think, I am born with terminator eyes or what? I can’t just have a glance and make sure that bulky body fits in that Extra Small Size.

Somehow you again manage to get the size right. At least you act and recommend one with a smile (a fake one) on your face. That thought of sleeping on the couch is still at work though the thought of turning gay also crosses mind by now. Thankfully you still want to obey laws of nature and because you know that this is not just a simple dress, it’s your life’s dependence; you act as if you are enjoying the entire process.

After the size and color comes the right occasion for the dress. Unless it fits an occasion that is nearing, (considering sizes change in matter of days) no matter how good it is, its rejected. Oops did I forget mentioning correlating it with jewellery and imagining whether or not it will go along with that light green necklace that you are supposed to buy too. By this time you look at your watch and find out that it’s just 4 hours, ”just” this adjective is off course not yours.

Still you manage to choose one dress with all calculation; Boolean logic and imagination that even Einstein may feel proud off. As usual though, your choice gets rejected because out of blue moon your partner is stuck with an idea that you don’t even get to know. The good part is by the time you are married you become a veteran at this.

Happy Shopping

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