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Rebut To The Author Who Wrote “Rebut To Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion Indians”



By Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

Pretty lousy in your rebuttal Mr. Author! For starters, if the article written by Anuj was “unnecessary”, you needn’t have published it in the first place. You ought to be careful of your words when you write dude! Being a critic is alright, but you’ve gone the extra mile, hurting the sentiments of many with your HATRED!

So, here goes my rebuttal of certain points you’ve made.

1. Dude, all the teams playing in the IPL have the same amount to spend on their players. It’s no different for CSK/MI and for the rest of the teams. Ain’t our fault if RR and Punjab spend their money on unknown players. N all the franchise players pockets runs “deep” (quoting you)!

2. As far as exploitation by the auto drivers, what has that to do with cricket dude?!? Makes no sense. N FYI, exploitation by auto drivers happens in other states as well…not jus limited to Tamil Nadu! I ve faced the heat in Bangalore despite being a “South Indian”! And up north, the first question the auto/cab drivers ask is “Madamji, aapp “Madrasi” eh?” Ain’t that exploitation??? Dude, you oughta realise that it happens across the length and breadth of the nation. not jus in CHENNAI!

Guess this link would tell you how gracious we the Chennai crowd are to any team – regional/international whenever a match is played in MAC


3. Music is the passion of every Chennaite! You’ve jus touched a raw nerve there. True, Halla Bol & Korbo are catchy – pockets of the two Bollywood stars there run “deep”! The two teams spent more money on advertising than on their players…ha ha ha! We were sensible enough to create a simple, yet effective anthem for our team. No stars – focus remains on the true flavors of Chennai

“Kolaveri Di” alone doesn’t explain the music of Chennai. We are a state which dives deep down to the fundamentals of music, providing the nation and the world with some of the best Carnatic musicians! Come December, we host the entire nation and people across the world to some delightful music and dance, n mind you, it’s not jus Carnatic but also Hindustani vocalists from across the country. Music runs deep in all of us. Looks like you turn a deaf ear…I ll send you season tickets for December tis year and then I dare you to talk about our music!

4. As far as your wonderful embrace to us, thanks (but no thanks!) It’s people like you who create a divide n rule policy and it sucks dude! Quoting you again “Change YOUR thinking, embrace US, and believe me the feeling will be mutual”

5. As much as you put up a disclaimer that you don’t mean to hurt us, IT HAS!

For someone who jus said that you were angered by only the fanaticism, this article throws light on how much of hatred you have to a state which is a part of the nation we all belong to. It’s people like you who create the divide. Tis article was totally uncalled for and shows you in poor light! Disgraceful Mr. Author!

CSK rocks





Rebut To “Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion Indians”


For me the IPL was over the moment Mumbai Indians won it and the trophy was given over to the winning captain. A Chennai fan though Anuj Chennai, wrote an unnecessary article on why Chennai fans are subject to global criticism and why they are the best side in any case. A rebut point by point was needed and here it is.

1. Most consistent team: Go find out how much your team was brought for, how much was paid for some marquee players and how much someone like Sir Ravindra Jadeja got. Now let’s compare it with spends by some teams like the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab. If with that kind of spend, those teams can win and reach best four, its a shame for teams like CSK and MI if they do anything less than winning. On the same yardstick, don’t compare a franchise based model with a national model (Australian cricket team). Here if you can pay and you have deep pockets (by now we all know where the deep pockets were coming from) you can buy the best, in Australia it’s not money that players are bought for. I hope you are getting the point drawn.

2. CSK fans and Madness: This is something I would somewhat agree to. Even an auto-rickshaw driver in that state and city comes down to exploitation of anyone who he figures out cannot speak the language. That’s how they border everyone and chuck them out. As far as praising Pakistanis are concerned, this is a serious case of split personality disorder.

3. Yeah, You Alienate Others: Anuj again makes a great point in number three when he says it can be frustrating for a fan supporting any other franchise in the stadium. The entire idea of IPL was to divide and if the so called literati of Tamil Nadu is being fooled by it, hats off to Lalit Modi, what a proof of concept this is.

4. The Anthem Is Pathetic: Frankly, I would not mince words in calling the Anthem as poor as it can get. Korbo Lodbo Jeetbo and Halla Bol are far better in lyrics and Music qualities. Just adding jingoism is not creating an anthem. Probably ‘Kolaveri Di’ best explains the music there.

5. No One Has Alienated Chennai: No hard feelings bro, your state and land is as much a part of this country as any other. Don’t feel alienated. This feeling of yours leads to the people there thinking everyone is an enemy around. Change the thinking, embrace others, believe me the feeling will be mutual.

This article did not mean to hurt anyone. It only meant rebutting a few erring points laid out in the one by a fanatic fan. 1.230 billion people love when AR Rehman wins an Oscar and when Sridevi gyrates her body to the tunes of Mr. India. We are proud of the Kamal Hasans and Rajnikanths of Tamil Nadu. We are proud of a Tamilian Muslim President called APJ Abdul Kalam but we do not like when someone proudly rants that he/she is more important because of their lineage and state.

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Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion People


Finally Mission Sharing Knowledge gets into a Chennai Fan and finds reasons as to why they think their team has maximum haters. Anuj R, who famously uses Anuj Chennai on his facebook handle has this to say on this. 

1)  Oh please bear with me! Yes we are indeed the most consistent team. Guess its one of the similar reason that people of other cricketing nations unite while playing against Australia as well. Aussies, the most consistent team used to have the maximum haters as well.

2)  Majority of the people love MSD, Ashwin , Raina , Jadeja and Chika (Kris Srikkanth)… Then I think its definitely not the players. Its got to be the CSK fans who add fuel to the fire by acting fanatical. But are we the same fans who praised Pakistanis at MAC stadium. Irony!!!!!!!!!

3) From the heart, we all know and have heard this statement that Chennai is not colourful like the other states. Sounds crazy but yes indeed there is a deep connection. It seriously adds to frustration to any other team’s fan sitting at the stadium. Though, a fervent CSK fan, I will completely agree with you brother.


4) Whistle Podu – One of the best and catchy sporting anthem. Yes that also belongs to Chennai Super Kings. Mind It !

5) Chennai ? Does that belong to India is what I have heard since ages. If you alienate us like that you will despise us as well.

God save Chennai and CSK from hate and yes let us all “Rise Above Hate”.
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Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings: The Grand Finale


As the cricketing fraternity all over  is shockingly disturbed over the fixing theories going around the IPL, the 76th game and the most important is about to commence in the next few hours.

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super King are undoubtedly the two strongest teams of the tournament and it makes tremendous sense for the two to make to the finals. At least this could have been natural and without much external influence, you know what I am talking about.

mumbai chennai

Not only did Chennai win most number of games and qualify on the basis of winning the first qualifier, they are also the only team which has won more games outside their home strip than any other. With both the highest run-getter (orange cap – Mike Hussey) and hight wicket-taker (joint Purple Cap – Drawne Bravo) in this unit, they don’t lack a punch for sure. Their fielding is what sets standards for other teams and their batting order can send any bowling attack a shiver down their spine. Mumbai is no less though in fielding and the fact that three out of top 5 catches this season has been held by the jumping Pollard speaks volumes of Jonty Rhodes’ efforts as a fielding coach.


Mumbai on the other hand are a team built with strong people as well. The way they actually dropped an out of form Ricky Ponting (yeah really) and made Rohit Sharma the captain made one clear sound, and that was that they are here to win the tournament. The chopping and changing has worked for them this time and they have been another franchise, alongside Rajasthan, to win all games at their home venue. Unfortunately, the final is at a neutral venue and Mumbai’s record abroad is not as great as Chennai.

Comparative Analysis: 


While Chennai Super Kings bat deep, Mumbai Indians batting has never let them down this season. With Ambati Rayudu coming into form in the last game, their batting looks an in-form line-up with Dwayne Smith, Rohit Sharma, Keiron Pollard and Dinesh Karthik making a star-studded line-up. If Sachin Tendulkar is fit, this will probably be a test for the Chennai bowlers who have leaked runs in some important games. Lasith Malinga, Harbhajan Singh and Mitchell Johnson have led the Mumbai bowling well and if they have a good day together even CSK batting will look a little less strong.

Chennai batting is no less. Murali Vijay is is top form, Raina is probably batting as best as he always does in the IPL, Hussey is orange-cap holder and we all know what MS Dhoni can do in crunch games. With Badrinath adding the much needed stability to the side, this team does not look any less than the opposition. The bowling though is of concern to Chennai. They do not have match winners in their like a Malinga as the Mumbai team does. There might not be a weak link but at the same time all of them, the Bravos and the Sharma’s we know could leak runs in dozens.

Players To Look For: 

Chennai: Hussey, Dhoni, Bravo, Raina

Mumbai: Smith, Pollard, Rohit Sharma, Malinga and Johnson

Pitch and Ground conditions: Except for the rain impacted last match, the pitch at Kolkata is notoriously famous for being slow and spin friendly. This would assist both sides as they are packed with good spinners. Unfortunately unless it rains again, the team winning the toss might hold a massive advantage batting first.

Mumbai might be a tad more confident winning 2 out of the 3 games played this season between the two sides. The way though they lost the first qualifier would be a cause for concern. Both the teams have a super record at Eden and overall this should be a grand finale for an otherwise controversy prone tournament. Hoping the best team on the day wins, other than the bookies.


Why CSK Look Good To Win IPL6

whistle podu

Ganesh Subramanian dons the CSK hat and tells us why whistle podu times would be back again this edition of IPL.

As I write this one, CSK are joint top of the points table alongside Rajasthan Royals, a team which just broke some over confidence that might have set in the yellow brigade. For me this loss comes at the right time. It will help the team get back to the drawing board with a few concerns after the easy victories that came their way off late.

They also lead the fairplay awards tally. Apart from this the orange and purple caps sit proudly on the heads of two of the most consistent men in the yellow brigade, Mike Hussey and Dwayne Bravo. So are there chinks in the armour of the most consistent team across all editions of the IPL or are they right on course for another title reign? Let’s explore.

With 10 wins on the board, people expressed apprehensions as to whether CSK are peaking too early. To fuel their belief, CSK lost to Mumbai Indians by a whopping margin. But then look at the next game. They were up against a team that has not lost a single home game this season, the Sunrisers Hyderabad, and needless to say, CSK put the defeat out of its mind and whipped Hyderabad as if the defeat against MI never happened.

Let us look at the key contributors to the success story so far.


Michael Hussey: While his younger brother is searching for that elusive form for KXIP, the Huss Mikester, as Danny ‘Mad Max’ Morrison calls him, has elevated his batsmanship to another level. Mixing attack and defence as the situation calls for, this Western Australian has dissected attacks with a surgeon’s precision. No wonder he finds himself with the Orange cap at the moment, engaged in a see-saw battle with Chris Gayle for its possession. How much did Australia miss this veteran when they were whitewashed 4-0!

dwayne bravo

Dwayne Bravo: This West Indian has had a dream run with the ball so far with 21 wickets and has been Dhoni’s go-to man in the death overs. Apart from handy contributions with the bat and being more than an electric fielder, he’s making a mark with his dance moves as well.

Mohit Mahipal Sharma: He has been the surprise find for CSK this season with 13 wickets to his name. Bowling at a bustling pace and not afraid to use the short delivery, this Haryana speedster has consistently picked wickets in every match. Dhoni has cleverly used him often finishing his quota of 4 overs in a single spell.

Suresh Raina: With 458 runs at an average of 50.88 and a century and 99 to his name, both being not-outs, the leading run scorer overall in the five years of IPL history, Suresh Raina has hit a purple patch. He shrugged off an indifferent start to the tournament and has come up with match-winning knocks at the key No.3 position.

M S Dhoni with the bat and Ashwin with the ball have made some handy contributions, but they would surely agree that they would have liked to be a lot more consistent. Murali Vijay showed glimpses of form in the last innings and CSK will hope that this Tamil Nadu batsman returns to his run scoring ways sooner rather than later. Chris Morris, Ben Laughlin & Jason Holder haven’t had as much success as they would have wanted. Same is the case with the much trolled SIR Ravindra Jadeja!

Having secured the playoffs spot, I would like to see other players in the squad being given an opportunity and Dhoni has indicated so in his last post-match presentation. I am especially eager to see the Srilankan mystery spinner Akila Dhananjaya.

With great camaraderie, belief in each other, a great captain and different players contributing at vital times, it appears as if it will be difficult to stop the CSK juggernaut from its march towards yet another title reign. Much to the chagrin of a melee of anti-CSK groups that have sprung up on social networking sites and  amidst brainless talks of match-fixing every time CSK wins, one thing is for sure, it’s Whistle Podu time once again !

chennai super kings

Five Reasons KKR Don’t Deserve To Retain Their IPL Crown


As KKR lose another one, Ganesh Subramanian writes why he thinks Kolkata Knight Riders might not win the IPL 6. 

Captain RED: I call Gambhir captain RED because he has been a personification of anger all through the season, yelling and screaming at the bowlers and fielders. He looks more and more like a wrestler in a steel cage match than a senior pro in KKR. One could argue that Gambhir was always aggressive but venting out and yelling at players especially when your team is losing is not the right example that is expected from a captain. He can take a leaf out of MS Dhoni’s books but will he, considering the love-hate relationship between the two.

gambhir angry

The ineffective smiling assassin: Baptized as “The Smiling Assassin” by commentators, L. Balaji has hardly given any reasons for his captain to smile this season. In fact his smiles have reduced this season. Balaji has been at the receiving end of a volley of fire from his captain on more than one occasion. His effective performance was one of the reasons behind KKR’s title run last year with 11 wickets at an average of 14.72 and an economy rate of 5.40 in 8 matches. This year in 8 matches he has taken 5 wickets at an average of 52.60 and an economy rate of 8.34. Death bowling which was his forte looks like his biggest Achilles Heel.

The Unreliable Mr. Reliable: Jacques Kallis has struggled with the bat thereby negating the team’s need for stability at the top of the order. In previous seasons, when Kallis opened the innings he generally batted as many overs as possible thus making the other batsmen revolve around him or if he batted at one down, in the case of quick wickets, he provided the much needed stability to the middle order. This is lacking this season and Kallis lacklustre batting has robbed KKR of the stability needed. Although his bowling still remains potent, KKR would be expecting more form the bat of the South African veteran, if they are even to be in with an outside chance of making it to the playoffs.

Yusuf “Flop” Pathan: Yusuf Pathan has become a liability for KKR. With a reputation of a big hitter, he has hardly done anything to preserve the reputation this time. Even changing positions in the batting order hasn’t helped his cause. Although he has chipped in and been amongst the wickets, KKR needs Yusuf – the exploding dynamite, rather than a handy offie.

Narine KKR

Over dependence on Sunil Narine: Although Sunil Narine has been among the leading wicket takers in the tournament so far, the team’s over dependence on him has left Gambhir with few options. GG tends to use Narine often after the 12th over, thereby rendering the opposition’s batting onslaught ineffective. But as CSK showed the other day, on good batting tracks, the threat of Narine can be countered. The only wicket that Narine took in the match against CSK was more of the batsman getting out trying to up the ante rather than Narine outfoxing Hussey. Teams have started to play out Narine or better still attack him on flat batting tracks.

While die-hard KKR supporters may argue that these problems can be fixed before the end of the season and Kolkata can reach the playoffs, I think it’s difficult especially with Kolkata on 6 points with 3 wins in 9 matches. They have to win 6 out of the remaining 7 matches which is a tough ask.

Mumbai Indians And The Problem Of Resources Vs Resourcefulness


Mumbai Indians have a great team but a very poor resource utilization strategy. Venugopal Rajagopalan writes about that and more in this insightful piece.

Resourcefulness is optimal utilization of resources of a resource. From a corporate perspective, it is not cash that fuels the journey to the future, but the emotional and intellectual energy of every employee.

“A firm can sit atop mountains of cash and command legions of talented people, and still lose its preeminent position. Likewise, a firm can sometimes overcome enormous resource handicaps and successfully scale the heights of industry leadership” – Gary Hamel & C.K.Prahlad

Quoting another excerpt from the book Competing for the future – “Too often companies are judged in terms of resources rather than resourcefulness. Resourcefulness stems not from an elegantly structured strategic architecture, but from a deeply felt sense of purpose, a broadly shared dream, a truly seductive view of tomorrow’s opportunity.”

Now, relating this to Mumbai Indians’ case in the IPL, you can draw the same parallels. They have some of the biggest names in the business in the form of both players  and support staff. The likes of Sachin, Ponting, Pollard, Rayudu, Johnson, Oram, Harbhajan, Rohit Sharma etc prove that talent is there in abundance. In the coaching and support staff, we have people like John Wright, Anil Kumble, Robin Singh and even Mike Horn as a motivational speaker.

However, the point here is, you might have the best of resources and money power; however it’s of no use if you do not know how to utilize them. That’s what one can make of the performance of the Mumbai Indians team in all editions of the IPL. What’s the point in having spent so much to buy and retain a player of the pedigree of Kieron Pollard, if he gets to only face an average of 5-10 balls a match? In yesterday’s game against RCB at Bengaluru, he faced only 2 balls and that too at a stage where he hardly had any time to play himself in. You can’t possibly expect a man to come in to bat and hit an imaginary 30 runs in 5 balls and win you a match even he is Sir Vivian Richards.

MI has faltered in the area of strategy since the time IPL started. They lost the finals of the 2010 edition to CSK because of the very reason of not giving enough balls for Kieron Pollard to face and chase down the total. Their team management has not learnt from their mistakes in the previous editions at all. Any cricketing pundit would bat Pollard at #4 if not higher to give your match winner and best T20 player maximum time at the crease. It is not rocket science to understand that just giving him solitary 5-10 balls to face every innings is a waste for a player of his caliber.

Just imagine if Chris Gayle was asked to bat at number 6 by the RCB. Would RCB be the same force? The answer is a clear cut NO! T20 is a different ball game all together and the needs are different from the batsmen. However mouth watering the sight of seeing Sachin and Ponting opening the batting might be, the fact is that both are well past their prime. Either one of them, (ideally Ponting) should be batting at 3 or Rohit Sharma should be opening the batting for their batting order to be more effective. Pollard should be batting no lower than #4 or #5 to be effective in this format. Ideally, he should be coming in to bat not later than the 12th over of the innings to have maximum impact on the outcome of the match. If he fails to deliver or if there is a top order collapse, the Ambati Rayudus and the Dinesh Karthiks can surely resurrect the innings and get MI to a respectable total.

Will MI learn from yet another mistake or not, only time will tell, however it would be interesting to see if any other team would use this failed strategy to their advantage. Having said that, full marks to Vinay Kumar for bowling the perfect Yorker on that last delivery to Pollard under extreme pressure in that final over.

RCB Vs MI at IPL6 in Bengaluru