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A Perspective on the Indian Publishing Industry

By Tahira


Books have always been regarded as an important source for the development and promotion of human values. They not only record new ideas but also impart values and work towards the overall development of the individual.

Counted among the top ten industries in the world, the publishing industry of India has an estimated market value of INR 10000 crores; and India ranks third in the English Language publishing right after UK and USA.

Though with the advent of the Internet and most importantly the Digital Media becoming stronger than ever before, the traditional publishing industry has undergone several changes. However, the printed book is still sought after by many Indians. The ever-increasing book clubs, book stores in swanky shopping malls and new generation Indian writers becoming a hit – makes the publishing industry still ongoing.

Moreover, the industry saw a boom with more and more international names foraying into the Indian market. From school books to Higher Education – medical publishers and so on – the Indian publishing industry has undergone several changes – more so with the integration of New Media/ Digital Media.

Despite threats from other forms of digital media and the international publishing industry bearing the heat – the Indian segment of the same seem to be enjoying a new height. According to experts, the millennium old Indian mindset (in most cases) event-based promotion of the reading culture and a sudden spurt in the national and regional level literary festivals (Jaipur Literature Festival, Kolkata Literary Festival and others) have bolstered the growth of the industry. It continues to draw a new segment of readers. This was evident form the footfall recorded at the 2013 World Book Fair (New Delhi); the World Book Fair also transacted several international deals.

A recent study by the Frankfurt Book Fair, revealed that the Indian publishing industry is already registering an annual growth of 15% which is estimated at nearly $2 billion.

With a proliferation of international publishing houses, the publishing industry is in a good shape in India. The country today has some of the best international players in the market with some Indian publishing houses reaching international standards in production and design quality.

books 1Since the 1950s, book publishing in India has undergone a metamorphosis. Today, with the amalgamation of digital media (social networking/ Facebook pages/blogs of publishing houses) the Indian publishing industry is experiencing a new high. Interestingly, India presents an interesting scenario where the old (traditional printed books) and the new (e-books) co-exist.

Though e-books are more lucrative, but going by the market trends, it can be said that the Indian publishing industry is here to stay in the coming future.


Oh Mr. Darcy!

Jane Austen’s celebrated novel, Pride and Prejudice, completed 200 years in 2013. On this event, Sampurna Majumder pays her homage to the extremely disagreeable but irresistibly handsome Mr. Darcy – the man who’s appeal years could not take away!


Last night I was watching the screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Almost every sentence of the book had been adopted. I was relieving every bit of the pages from of the book.

Well, it is a truth universally acknowledged that even 200 years down the line, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy continues to linger in the collective imagination of women across the globe. I first fell in love with this “most disagreeable man” when I was barely 12. And then once again while in high school and I still continue to fall for him every time I read (or re-read) the novel or watch the screen adaptations.

But what is it about this disagreeable man that turns him into the most desirable one by the end of the novel? A lot has changed since Austen’s novel was published. We find Elizabeth Bennett challenging every social more about society and marriage and standing by what she believed in – marrying out of love. Today’s women are socially and economically independent. But Mr. Darcy’s appeal has not waned away.

So what is it about this conceited ‘gentleman’ that still women yearn for? Well, let’s ponder over it a little:

mr-darcyAccording to some, he is the archetypal alpha male, emotionally unavailable and emerges as the good responsible guy at the end. It is probably his mysterious and intriguing nature that women find appealing. There’s something very fascinating in a man who stays aloof and chooses to confide only in the woman he admires and makes her feel privileged. Yes he is blunt, but at the same time he is fiercely protective about people he cares for.

Darcy embodies the perfect example of a ‘diamond in the rough’. At first impression he comes out as conceited and arrogant who is only mellowed down by the goodness of Elizabeth Bennett and also his younger sister.

Most importantly he does not try to be the knight in shining armour to win Elizabeth’s love. He is secretly involved in Elizabeth’s life and considers her as his equal; and he doesn’t pretend. He is matured enough to realise his pride and when he does, we find him going back to Elizabeth and asking her hand in marriage for the second time (since Elizabeth rejects the first proposal).

The irresistible Mr. Darcy has stood the test of time and the various adaptations have proved it time and again. Be it Mr. Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones Diary or Mr. Big in Sex and the City, Darcy’s various avatars continue to enthral us.