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The ‘Alive Club’ And Its Benefits That Jiah Khan Will Miss

Ankush Kumar continues to write on why fighting the devils of the world is the only way to fight depression and how zillions others are doing it day-in and day-out. Suicide to him is the easiest escape route and unfortunately, that would not just kill depression, that will kill the self too, so how is that a victory?

survive, suicide

We all know how difficult it is to live up to people’s expectations. If you haven’t encountered that yet, then I bow my head to thee! For all remaining commoners like me and scores of others if you are reading this post after facing several lows in your life, after going though frustration of failures, after feeling the heat from your staunchest critics, then mate welcome to the ‘ALIVE CLUB’.

This club has its presence across the globe, the entry fees to this club are free but the cost to remain inside the coterie is extremely high. It takes tremendous amount of courage, sweat in gallons, wounds that cannot be cured with any medicine and lots of strength to counter the politics within to eventually make it to the platinum section of the club. Very few from each part of the globe are platinum members; these are the heroes we all look up to. These are the ones who smiled from one failure to another and moved up the ladder of success. They are the ones we all dream of emulating during our growing up years.

The second category of members are the Gold club ones. These are people who are successful in their own little way, but are still striving to reach the platinum section. For example Sanjay Dutt an actor from Bollywood, who has millions of fans, people aspire to have a personality like him, but the man is still going through tormenting times in his life. But the fact that he is still fighting the demons makes him a privileged member of the ‘ALIVE CLUB’. Then we have the third category the largest one in the club.

The general members, who day in and day out strive in their own respective fields, fighting different kinds of demons at home and work place to make a mark for themselves; these are the ones whose first goal is to make it to the silver club. Gold and platinum for them is still a distant dream. The journey for them is the toughest indeed; they have to fight a syndrome called depression which they encounter at a regular basis. In a world where competition is nerve wracking feeling like giving up on life is the easiest escape route. Some succumb to the pressure and hence lose the privilege of being part of the ‘ALIVE CLUB’, while the others keep the battle alive.

The counsellors around the country have been writing shorts on depression and how we should not ignore it ever since a tinsel town actor committed suicide. Nobody ignores the aspect folks; it is just that ‘we general members go through that fear of losing hope day in and day out’ and we are the best judge for ourselves on how to encounter the challenges, adjust to our new changes and move on. If the mind is suppose to be the best doctor for ourselves then depression is curable too.

What is not curable though are the invisible wounds that we commoners encounter every day. These wounds cannot be healed with any medicine. The only cure is ‘TIME’. But some people choose to defy the clock and land up doing something as stupid as committing suicide. The ironic part is that ‘suicide’ is a criminal offence in the world, but the deceased won’t even be tried in the court of law.

One court though will always ask us questions, one person will judge us on our achievements and at that time we should have the right answers. Did we do justice to the gift given to us by GOD? Did we squeeze out the last ounce of talent given to us by him? Did we survive and enjoyed the journey inside the ‘ALIVE CLUB’ or did we commit a sin and betray his faith reposed on us?

P.S: Expectations is the mother of all miseries, I am under scrutiny after my first post today. Even if I fail, I surely won’t commit suicide.

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STOP Jiah Khan! That Is Not Your Job.


Ankush Kumar, someone who has seen the struggle of the Tinsel Town from very close quarters, having lived in match-boxed sized houses and survived on Vada-Pao, talks why no struggle, no matter how tough it is should propel one to go and take an extreme step like Suicide. A must read. 

How we wish school would have lasted till we die! The charm of sleeping in the bathroom as a hysterical mother yelled at you to get ready, the innocence of missing the school bus almost on a daily basis to squeeze in another hour of football before reaching home, fooling parents on holiday homework so that you don’t have to study, how we wish life could have been just like that.

The truth though is that none of us had imagined at school that life would be one hell of a ride. At school everything seemed so rosy and colourful; all we forgot was the thorns that we would encounter as we grew up. Today none of us know what will happen tomorrow (except the daily routine perhaps) then why take extreme steps and end the most beautiful gift GOD has given us?

Today one tinsel town actor ‘JIAH KHAN’ committed suicide; speculations are rife that she was fed up with people taunting her at not making it big in the industry. The entire social networking sites are flooded with ‘RIP’ statuses. I for one don’t feel like putting up one though. Why on earth should we care for other people’s opinions? We were not born in to this world to please others! I am sure the people who lamented at her failures, had not gone far themselves. Because the people who have achieved stardom know that it takes time to reach the top, and they are so immersed in work that they have no time for such cheap talks.

Every time a tinsel town actor is caught taking drugs, or committing suicide, the world starts questioning the working ethics of the industry? This is highlighted by the media because it generates eyeballs, it gives them money from advertisers, and it gives them TRP’s. There several working professionals from other sphere too who end their lives, are involved in brawls, but we hardly come to know about such activities. Why question the darker side behind the glitz every time a weak individual takes an extreme step? Why don’t we talk about the smaller fringe players who put in hours of hard work, day in and day out to create that glitz for us viewers?

We unfortunately have become a society that thrives on stories of failures. Rumours will fly for quite some time now. Media channels will run her story, blame the industry, and expose the bitter realities of the ‘Gore behind the Glitz’. In some dingy area of suburban Mumbai, where strugglers reside, they will feel a little sad, will give their struggle a second thought, some may question her morals and character, there will be gossip mongers who will create stupid stories of sex, sleaze and lies and torment her soul forever. But I still don’t feel sorry for her, because she chose to do the job of GOD.

The Bollywood film industry lives by one mantra ‘THE SHOW MUST GO ON’! That is exactly what will happen, people who have work will continue to put in the efforts, strugglers will continue to work for that elusive break, and losers will continue to have suicidal symptoms.

Some will make it to the national headlines like ‘JIAH KHAN’ because she had managed to crack some big films; others will be lost in anonymity forever.

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Alternative Female Sexuality in Indian Cinema

Sampurna Majumder depicts the treatment of homosexuality in Bollywood.


Sexuality and its discourses are rarely voiced in India. In a society where even heterosexuality is discussed in a hush-hush manner, it’s extremely isolating to belong to a community marked as sexual minority like the gay or lesbian.

Exploring lesbian relationships had always been a taboo in Hindi films, though some earlier films had strong undertones to it. One such incident was the period film Razia Sultan where Hema Malini played the protagonist. A song sequence has Razia lying on bed with her lady-in-waiting beside her, played by Parveen Babi. The latter is seen passing a feather on the former’s forehead lightly. The sequence had obvious lesbian undertones.

fireHowever, it was not until the late nineties that lesbianism as a theme began to be considered seriously by Indian filmmakers. Indian-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta in her film Fire made one such serious attempt. The film demonstrates the struggle of two women in love in a deeply patriarchal backdrop. Radha and Sita are sisters-in-law who develop a close relationship and find solace in each other after their unsuccessful marriages. Once their “affair” is discovered, their spouses desert the two women. Before they are reunited, Radha undergoes a literal trial by fire as she tries to escape the oppressive patriarchal household. The fire symbolizes the rugged road that Indian lesbians are forced to travel in a society that frowns upon homosexuality. However, the movie shows that the two women ‘turn’ lesbians due to loveless marriage, which is not the case always. Some people have that particular kind of mental orientation, which makes them feel for the same sex. The film is known for the controversy it ignited. Weeks after its release, Hindu activists banned the movie for violating Indian traditions and culture. Despite such events, the film did receive positive feedback from critics.

ishaamritamasalaA couple of years later, another film called Girlfriend was released that dealt with lesbianism as well. While Fire was steeped in sensitivity, Girlfriend can be passed on as crass. Directed by Karan Razdan, the film revolves round two housemates Tanya (Isha Koppikar) and Sapna (Amrita Arora) who have been friends for long. Tanya, a jeweler by profession is devastated when she discovers that Sapna has fallen for a man named Rahul (Ashish Chaudhury). Enraged with jealousy, Tanya vows to fight with Rahul and win back Sapna.

The film upholds a stereotypical image of lesbians where Tanya is always seen wearing shirts and trousers and has her hair closely cropped. She is unnaturally mannish and hates men folk. On the other hand, her housemate, the extra feminine Sapna is in distress with her relationship with Tanya and must be rescued from sliding into homosexuality by the male hero. Conservative religious and political groups protested against the screening of this film as well. However, this time the protest was backed by homosexual organizations as well who objected to the ugly portrayal of lesbians in the film.

the-journeyAnother film worth mentioning in this genre is Indian-American filmmaker Ligy Pullappally’s The Journey. The film set in rural Kerala, traces the story of two friends, Kiran and Delilah. Kiran discovers her love for Delilah while helping a neighbuor boy woo her by ghostwriting his letters for her. When Delilah finds out that Kiran is behind the letters, she immediately reciprocates her feelings. Their families have mixed reaction once they discover the truth. However the film ends on a positive note when the two girls are united.

It can be said that despite the continuing stigma things are changing and specially after the decriminalizing of homosexuality in India. Since Fire, Indian society has become more liberal and accommodating to gay and lesbian relationships. The fact that lesbianism can be situated within a world beyond mainstream is a positive development indeed.

बीते पल

Energetic teenager
Abhinav Singh goes back and reflects on the old days that were so Golden. Some memories as we say always remain.
अचानक क्यूँ ऐसा मन को हुआ,
क्यूँ ना पुरानी यादों को टटोला जाये|
दोस्तों की पुरानी फोटो और,
स्कूल की पुरानी पुस्तकों को खोला जाये|
यह सब कर,
एक अपनापन सा जगने लगा|
ऐसा पहले भी हुआ है,
न जाने क्यूँ लगने लगा|
सच कहते हैं,
जब कुछ बीत जाये तो,
एक कमी सी लगती है|
तब उसकी कद्र नहीं की,
यह सोच,
आँखों में नमी सी लगती है|
वक़्त हर पल आगे ही क्यूँ जाता है,
सुनहरे बीते पलों को,
फिर से क्यूँ नहीं दिखाता है|
काश वक्त अंगड़ाई लेना सिख ले,
ये सोच,
जिंदगी हसीं सी लगती है|
सच कहते हैं,
जब कुछ बीत जाये तो,
एक कमी सी लगती है|
तब उसकी कद्र नहीं की,
यह सोच,
आँखों में नमी सी लगती है|

ओस जैसी ज़िन्दगी…

dew drops

Abhinav SIngh continues to use words to melt us. Another masterpiece.

हरे झुकते पत्तों पे सरसराती सी फिसलन,
घास पे हीरे के जैसे हो रखी,
जैसे कोई नयी नवेली दुल्हन।
अंततः रिसते हुए जाती मिटटी के आगोश,
क्यूँ इतनी छोटी जिन्दगी होती तेरी ओस।
तेरा अस्तित्व तेरा वजूद तब दिखता,
जब बूंदों से होती ये ज़मीन पावन।
बिन बारिश न  है तू, जब  होती,
तो पल  में सिमटता तेरा जीवन।
अंततः रिसते हुए जाती मिटटी के आगोश,
क्यूँ इतनी छोटी जिन्दगी होती तेरी ओस।
जिंदगी चाहे छोटी हो,
पर हंसी हरपल  बनी रहे।
कुछ ओस से ही सिख ले,
कि चमक हरपल सजी रहे।
अंततः तुझे जाना है,
रिसते हुए मिटटी के आगोश।
फिर भी जिन्दगी जीना,
तू सिखला जाती ओस।

मेरी माँ


Continuing our Mother’s Week celebrations, here is another masterpiece by a fabulously talented upcoming poet Syed Bilal. Maa Tujhe Salaam. 

कितनी रातें तू जागी है
कितने दिन रात रोई है ,
तकलीफों को अपनी माँ
मुस्कराहट में संजोयी है ,

कितने जत्नों के बाद जन्मा
तुमने मुझको ऐ अम्मा
मेरी हर आह पे ऐ माँ
तू रो आँचल भिगोई है ,

नमाज़ों में दुआओं में
तूने जन्नत न है मांगी
के मांगी है मेरी बस खैर
मेरी खुशी-आबादी मांगी है ,

ममता  तेरी ओ मेरी माँ
मुझको हौसला दे जाती है
के जाऊं मैं कहीं भी
तेरी बस याद  आती है ,

कितनी  माएँ आज रोती हैं
रास्तों पे वो रहती हैं
के अपनों ने न माना है
घर से उनको निकाला है ,

दुखों में दर्द में रहती हैं
कई तकलीफें सहती हैं
फिर भी बच्चों को अपने
बद-दुआ वो न देती है ,

सुधर जाओ संभल जाओ
माँ का मतलब समझ जाओ
के जन्नत है मुहब्बत है
माँ ही बस ऐसी अज़मत है ,

मेरा वादा है तुझसे माँ
दिल न तेरा दुखाऊंगा
तेरी ख़ुशी -हसी के लिए
मैं तो कुछ भी कर जाऊंगा
के रखूँगा सदा पलकों पे
फ़र्ज़ सारे निभाऊंगा



mother poem cover

Abhinav Singh continues the Mothers Week special with this heart touching poem.

एक शब्द ही नहीं,
ममता का रूप हो तुम|
हर कदम मिलने वाली,
छाँव और धुप हो तुम|
भर दे जो जीवन को,
जिस प्रेम एवं आशिर्वाद से,
वो एहसास हो तुम|
क्युं लगे मेरी माँ ,
की कहीं आसपास हो तुम|

मुश्किलों में तुम हो सहारा,
एक अपना है हमारा|
जिसने ये जीवन सवारा,
वो एहसास हो तुम|
क्युं लगे मेरी माँ,
की कहीं आसपास हो तुम|

हमारी नींद जिनकी,
जागती आँखों में सोती|
जो हमारे कष्टों में,
पलपल रोती|
जन्म ही नहीं,
जीवन भी दिया तुमने|
इसलिए ख़ास हो तुम|
क्युं लगे मेरी माँ,
की कहीं आसपास हो तुम|