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The Youth Pulse: Talking to Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Youth BJP Leader From Bihar


By Ankush Kumar

MSK and Ankush Kumar start a series of interviews, where we will showcase the views of our youth leaders and their connect with the Youngistaan.

Joining us today is ‘Mr. Rajesh Kumar’ convenor of the professional cell of the BJP for Bihar. He is a son of the soil, born in a village named Narhat, has done his schooling from there, did his engineering in Bangalore and MBA from Pune. He is currently the Zonal head for Frontline, a company that is into trading and investments. He also has other business interests but most importantly is an active youth leader for the BJP in Bihar.


Ankush Kumar (AK):  Sir why did you choose the BJP and say no to the Congress or any other political party?

Rajesh Kumar (RK): The motto of this party is to work with a difference. It puts the nation as top priority, then the state follows and self is given least priority. They function in a democratic way, unlike the Congress where one family controls its policies. Hence I have chosen the BJP.

AK:  Since you believe in the democratic set up of your party, and the youth is desperate for change. How do you think you can sync your ideologies with the young voters?

RK: The youth has taken to the social media in a big way, any issue and every issue is dissected by them. They are disheartened by the current affairs of our country and its leaders. We as youth leaders want them to know that we empathize with them and we are ready to walk hand-in-hand and bring change to society.

AK: All political leaders say the same thing sir that they will bring in the change. Frankly most leaders choose politics to make money. How do you think this can change?

RK: I agree to a certain extent that most leaders have failed the people of India; they have minted money on people’s misery. But most importantly they have filled their coffers by dividing the nation on communal and caste lines. These leaders can never show us the right direction. They can just do minority vote bank politics. Our NDA Government in has Bihar managed to change that in the last nine years. We have ensured that people in the lowest strata of the society get educated. Because a well educated society can only curb the rampant culture of such selfish leaders.

AK: As you said that we need to educate at the grass root level, India spends very little on elementary education. What steps has the BJP youth wing taken to ensure that education reaches the grassroots level?

RK: As they say Rome was not built in a day. When NDA came to power in Bihar, our aim first was to eradicate the fear of the people by providing security and law and order. We youth level leaders first want to break the syndicate of these selfish politicians who do not let the weaker sections of society to progress. If you remember the induction of 2 lakh teachers happened during our regime. Cycles were provided to girl students to strengthen our education system.

AK: Last time I visited a few schools in Bihar and most teachers under the Shiksha Mitra scheme did not know basic general knowledge about our country. All this eventually hampers the image of Bihar. Even today the perception of a Bihari is wrong in other parts of India. How do you all plan to tackle this?

RK: See there will be some loopholes always. Even we have observed that selection of few teachers have not been up to the mark. And that definitely needs to be corrected. As far as perception is concerned, I don’t care what others think about us, because we too have opinions on them. For example, I believe Maharashtra has the highest crime rate. Furthermore, Maharashtrians haven’t remained in touch with their culture. So, before throwing stones at us, they need to get their own house in order. We are a state that boasts of the best brains, be it from the field of engineering, UPSC or any other. So you cannot judge us uni-dimensionally.

AK: The bitter truth though remains that these brains eventually settle outside Bihar. What steps can be taken to ensure that brain drain does not happen?

RK: Yes that is true! In fact, I too completed Masters from Karnataka. The truth is that the government of Bihar during the nineties in did zilch development. We had neither engineering nor medical colleges, nor infrastructure – no one was ready to invest here hence the intelligent minds decided to migrate. In the last nine years though people have come forward and through public and private ventures medical colleges are opening in the state. IIT came here so did AIIMS. When we came to power our first priority was law and order and once that was achieved we started focusing on other sectors.

AK: As you said your top priority was law and order, but in the past few months Bihar has witnessed terror crimes. How and why did this happen?

RK: Ever since we have split with the JDU, they have only been interested in saving their government. They focus on ways to demean us and harp on NDA’s achievements. The National security agencies had warned them of threats yet no action was taken. It’s a total failure of the state intelligence machinery. Bihar has hardly seen terror attacks based on communal lines, but these people sitting in Pakistan don’t seem to improve.

AK: I disagree here, terror has no face, innocent lives are lost be it any religion. Doesn’t this statement sends out a wrong message to the youth?

RK: Who says terror has no face? Ask a child on the road and he will tell you terror means Pakistan. Yes, I agree innocent people have nothing to do with these terrorists. But these cowards have repeatedly damaged our nation and its time we retaliate in the most appropriate manner.

AK: Elections are round the corner and social media gives the impression that Narendra Modi is going to become the next Prime Minister. It’s being tipped as a battle between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. What is your take on it?

RK: I would like to start with a proverb we use in our villages ‘kahan raja bhog kahan gangu teli’. Narendra Ji has been in active politics for the last forty years, thrice the awaam of Gujarat have made him the Chief Minister. He comes from the grass root level, whereas Rahul Gandhi, apart from his family, has no credentials.

He returns from abroad and is made secretary overnight. Wherever he has campaigned, the Congress has lost. He went to UP and they were reduced to 36 seats, he came to Bihar as the icon of the Congress and made false promises. What happened? They won just three seats. So those people who are comparing him to Narendra bhai have very little knowledge about politics.

AK: Sir as you say NaMo is incomparable to any leader, then why is there so much infighting in the BJP over his nomination for PM post?

RK: See, we are a democratic party; in our set-up everyone has the right to express his or her views and opinions. We don’t have unilateral power centers like the others; we have a system in place, where even a cadre-based leader can voice his opinion and if his demands are genuine, it will be acted upon. Families do not run us. I will give you an example here. Do you know the name of the father of Narendra Modi or Rajnath Ji? But the country knows the name of Rahul Gandhi’s father or Laloo’s son or Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family.

AK: As you said you are a democratic party, then why did your parliamentary board gag Shatrughan Sinha? Once gagging happens how is the party democratic?

RK: I am a son of the soil, likewise Shotgunjee too is. He commented on NaMo on the basis of ideologies and understanding of politics. I don’t want to comment on that. But I would like to say that before he comments on Narendra bhai he should gauge his own popularity. In his own constituency his banners were removed and NaMo’s banners were put up. We too have done our surveys and we believe the nation is with Narendra bhai hence he should and will be the man who will lead us in the next elections.

AK: Sir, if you all are so confident, why has his name not been nominated for the top post?

RK: As I said, we are a democratic party, and we function step by step. Right now teams are being formed in different states. Who will lead our campaigns in which state, who will handle what responsibilities. Once we complete the nitty gritties of the campaign we will soon announce the name of Narendra Modi jee as our Prime ministerial candidate.

AK: What is that one issue, that you think will help you regain control of Delhi?

RK: The issue of development is that issue. The youth wants change today, we still are using the same infrastructure that we used forty years back, that needs to change, we want to do politics of development. We are not interested in politics of religion or states or division. We have had enough of this. My appeal to the voters is to go by the appeal of Narendra bhai ‘Yes We Can’. Lets vote for change, let’s vote for development.

AK: Before I take your leave, one final question ‘ where do we see Rajesh Kumar’ in five years time?

RK: I want to live amongst my society, work for them, help them grow in life. Place me anywhere without any selfish reasons because I want to work for the betterment of my nation, state and system.

This was Mr. Rajesh Kumar, a rising star of the BJP from Bihar. Keep a tab on this space online for yet another youth leaders take on the Youth’s pulse. Till then signing off!

Of Trains and Cruel Mathematical Series

By Ankit Chandra


28 f 54
54 f 56
72 f 36
10 m 33
25 m 48
13 m 24 ….

it is not tough for a guy to decode the above series… this happens with all us middle class males so bereft of quality companionship in trains… the series above is a testimony of what I call the great divide of India…

If u still havent understood what the above thing is, well, lemme elaborate on the plight that eats on us like an earthworm feeding on a leaf. It is a very slow and painful slaughter of our hope to spend some ‘quality’ time with members of the opposite sex at a place where there are no parents or relatives…

The series above is what we see when we gaze at the reservation chart of the train that the station guy puts up so nonchalantly… Seat no. 28 F 54 years, Seat no. 54 F 56 (pfff),Seat no. 72 F 36(oh c’mon!),Seat no. 10 M 33(what the hell!), Seat no. 25 M 48(whatever.. it’s always this way..),Seat no. 13 M 24 (Yeah that’s me …)

You see, India is a huge country and when u have to travel to the other side of it, u end up spending close to 20 hrs in the train… U see so much in the journey and are so overwhelmed with it that u have to have someone to share ur feelings with (umm did i actually write what i just wrote?) .

Coming back to the series. I am right there at the end with the unlucky seat no. And it is called the great Indian divide ‘coz all the pretty faces and beautiful bodies travel in the AC coaches! for somehow the fathers of hot and attractive young women are always wealthy enough to keep their daughters away from their potential mates! and we are left with 28 f 54 ‘s, 72 f 36’s to learn about their nephews (mostly) and sons (irritatingly) working in great MNCs and almost always a pass out of II(Ts/Ms) … phew…

I am taking a Deccan airways next time. I am told the the great Indian divide narrows there. Long live liberalization.

Akshaya Patra Foundation: A Case Study For All Mid-Day Meal Schemes: MSK Exclusive

It’s been a month since 23 children died in the Bihar mid-day meal tragedy. However, the village has not been able to get over the trauma. The Bihar Government has promised a compensation of Rs. two lakh per child. Were those children worth just a couple of lakhs for their parents? The only way such fatalities can be averted in the future is by keeping corruption out of the system. Akshaya Patra Foundation gives us a good insight into the same. Here is Akshaya Patra, probably world’s most successful mid-day meal scheme running organization, telling us how they manage such grand scales daily, how is supply chain taken care of and most importantly how they keep corruption out of bay. An exclusive must read. 


Mission Sharing Knowledge (MSK): Feeding 1.3 million mouths every day surely must be a challenging task. How and where are tonnes of vegetable and rice cooked? How do you ensure hygiene levels?

AkshayaPatra_9Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF): It is an incredibly challenging task because quality levels need to be maintained from preparation till the delivery of meals to the children. Each Akshaya Patra centralized kitchen has the capacity to cook between 50,000 to 150,000 meals every day, without compromising on hygiene.

Our industrial-sized kitchens are equipped with custom-built machines to suit our need for quality and quantity. Chopping machines can cut 40 kg of vegetables in 60 seconds. Our roti-making machine churns out 60,000 rotis per hour. The food is cooked in mechanized, steam-heated cauldrons that reduce preparation time.

Akshaya-Patra-Foundation-Mid-Day-MealA mechanized process minimizes human handling of food, ensuring high levels of sanitation. All kitchen workers wear uniforms, gloves, caps and face masks. To protect it from microbes, the food is prepared at a temperature of 93°C and kept heated in insulated trucks till its delivery to schools.

MSK: What motivated you to start a programme such as midday meal for children?

sree-prabhuAPF: When His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada saw a group of children fighting with street dogs over scraps of food, he came to a determination that:  No one within a ten mile radius of our center should go hungry. It was this compassion that birthed Akshaya Patra.

Trustees T.V. Mohandas Pai and Abhay Jain along with Madhu Pandit Dasa, chairman of Akshaya Patra sowed the seeds of thought of starting a kitchen at ISKCON, Bangalore where meals would be cooked for underprivileged children in government schools.

The promise of meals in schools would ensure that children will seek and continue an education, instead of turning to labor.

In June, 2000 our midday meal scheme was launched in Bangalore, feeding 1,500 children in five schools. An overwhelming response from schools encouraged us to reach out to many more government schools in other states. Today we feed over 1.3 million school children across India.

MSK: People must be a very important component of the entire process. Who are the people Akshaya Patra credits it to?

APF: We are thankful to the central and state governments from whom we get around 65 per cent of our funds. The generosity of our donors is crucial for carrying out daily activities for providing midday meals to schoolchildren. We value the constant support of our volunteers, teachers and parents of the children.

An initiative of this magnitude and extent cannot be undertaken and managed without the involvement of many, and so Akshaya Patra is a team that comprises not only its employees, but also its supporters.

MSK: Is there a larger goal you are trying to achieve by feeding children and motivating them to study?

APF: According to World Bank and UNICEF statistics, over 8 million underprivileged children in India are out of school and have to resort to child labor to earn enough for a single meal in a day.

A midday meal is more than just an incentive for children to attain an education. It is a promise of progress, one that has the potential to rid India of malnourishment, illiteracy and poverty. India’s children are the future and education will empower them to be self-sufficient, successful and contribute to society.

By feeding our future we ensure a brighter tomorrow not just for them, but also for the country at large.


MSK: What is the core feature of your mid-day meal programme?

APF: A combination of quality and adaptability to manage constantly growing needs is the core feature of our programme.

Our large-scale operations that owe its success to constant technological innovation, allow us to function efficiently as the world’s largest school-lunch programme.

Kitchen processes begin at about 2 a.m. and continue throughout the night till the food is ready to be dispatched in custom-made delivery vans at 8 a.m. Meals are promptly delivered to each school by lunchtime. It takes a whole lot of determination and dedication to carry out this glitch-free process every day.


MSK: How easy or difficult is it for you to raise money such a grand endeavor?

APF: We rely on the support of not only the government, but also our donors. We use the resources available to us in the most efficient ways possible, yet an ambitious mission to feed five million children by 2020 will always require more assistance.

Effective results and absolute transparency of the Foundation makes donors feels secure about their contribution and encourages more support. We hope that our work will always be appreciated and we can continue raising funds to help more children.

MSK: How do you manage such a huge scale supply chain and also keep corruption out of the entire system?

APF: Technology is our greatest resource. Without our state of the art kitchen facilities, efficient management of our extensive operations is impossible. Customization and innovation continuously improves our process to cater to the growing need of nourishment.

Akshaya Patra’s 4000 employees have chosen a way of life to provide care for underprivileged children. The Foundation holds absolute transparency as one of its most important principles, complying with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Indian Accounting Standards issued by the Institute of Chartered accountants of India.

S Akshaya Patra

MSK: How do you think the recent Bihar mishap came to happen? And what can be done to avoid such disasters in the future? If you can share a few tips.

APF: To run a successful midday meal programme it is vital to realize the complexity of it. It is different from cooking meals for a family; it’s not a job for a single individual. The workforce employed to prepare meals must be competent and trained to maintain sanitation. Teachers have to attend to their pupils and manage their academic duties; they must not be overburdened with the task of cooking meals as well. The funds allocated to the midday meal programme need to be used judiciously for employment of suitable workers, training, infrastructure and so on.

Preparing food for so many children requires attention and precaution. Hygienic conditions for storage and preparation, sanitary area for operation, monitoring and quality checks are mandatory factors that guarantee an effective programme. Food safety trainers, auditors and supervisors need to play an active role in the process.

Food safety cannot be taken lightly, especially when meals are prepared for children.

MSK: What kind of an impact do you think your meal programme has on the society at large?

APF: A satisfied appetite provides an ability to focus on academics and take a keen interest in learning. Our programme has increased school enrollment, especially female enrollment, and encourages children to continue their education. Combating illiteracy, poverty and child labor can be achieved with midday meals.

The success of the programme and other efforts like it will help reach out to those underprivileged children who continue to miss out on a healthy and happy childhood.

image description

Bum Bum Bholey

By Shivani Gupta

Saffron clad thousand of man just walking with bare feet under sky, balancing decorated Kavad (a wooden stick with pot at both ends) on their shoulders. Every second person feet were wrapped in bandage but head high and face delighted. It was breathtaking scenery because I was in Meerut.

Driving courageously (I am a female driver) my car without wearing glasses and in MEERUT. Meerut surpasses all good chefs in their art of indigenous (very desi) culinary but when comes road, it does not even trespasses the standard definition of Good Roads for Transportation (Heil Uttar Pradesh Govt.).

However, the blog is nowhere related to murky politicians and their mindless (mint more) businesses. It’s all about devotional and unique walkathon of Bholey Nath devotees. This walkathon is an auspicious rally organized every year (for technicalities please Google) but this year it was indeed a happening event for me. So I will go back from where I started ….

I was driving courageously my car without wearing glasses in crazy traffic of Meerut. Few meters away from the main four lane intersection of Mall road, I saw swarm of people walking and it was nowhere ending. I drove to the nearest point where mixture of pot bellied city police and lazy traffic police men were busy diverting the erratic traffic (which was surprisingly quite under control).

Pumping hormones of curiosity and watching energizing walk of young and old (but still young) people was enough to send impulse to my feet on brake pedal and I parked my car on the roadside.

I have read many a times that continuous chant of mantra has enormous power and yes, it was evident with the wave of energy carried by these saffron clad men and women. This divine energy has stimulated the stationary people standing on the roadside to chant with them (shows the fan following of Bholey Nath in Meerut).

‘Small’ Meerut city became all more prominent in my life (not buttering my mother – in – law) after got a chance (by chance) to watch this energetic and divine walkathon of Bum Bum Bholey devotees which usually get lost in charming ‘Big’ city Delhi.

Enjoy Kavad Yatri






My First Beer

By Joybrato Dutta

Q – What happens when a girl breaks a guy’s heart?

 Ans. – Two guys become the best of friends.

joy4Pic – Firangi and I flagging out our favourite T-shirts. Below you’ll notice a black thing. It’s CMKT’s trunk. 

It was a winter evening of 2003. Firangi and I were sitting in our balcony, speaking about topics which didn’t make sense (about love).  Amidst that mist we chanced upon a guy carrying a crate full of beer.

Cut to across the road. We were staring at a board which read ‘ADITYA WINE AND BEER SHOP’.

We had never tried alcohol nor were we too friendly with louts who were fond of it. Hum to apne Maa-baap ke ache bache the. As a result we weren’t really too sure of the brand and the kind. So considering the budget and the TV ads we decided to get a ‘Haywards 5000’.

As we were about to enter the shop, my girlfriend called. She sorted out our differences.

Now, wait a minute, I was about to get drunk because that’s what grown ups with broken hearts do. Now that the damage was re-paired (pun intended), I had no reason to drink. But I couldn’t leave a man behind. So I stormed into the shop and ordered for two Haywards 5000.

Initially my request was turned down, because we were under-age (we forgot about that). But then I told him that I was from Bihar and my friend was from U.P. That worked. We got the bottles to our apartment.

There was one more problem. My room-mate CMKT was the Nerdiest (MS Word says that’s not a real word) creature on the planet. He wouldn’t allow us to turn our educational abode into a bar. So, we decided to savour it before he returns. No sooner did this idea dawn upon us than the door-bell rang. CMKT was back. Panic struck. Somehow we managed to hide the bottles in a trunk. In CMKT’s trunk.

He came in and looked at our faces. We were trying to hide the expression of hiding the bottles. As usual he wanted to study, so he walked into his room and opened his trunk to take out his books.

Have you even been unfortunate enough to watch the entire episode of any Ekta Kapoor soap? You’ll surely see a scene where a particular reaction is replayed thrice, just to reiterate the significance of that particular emotion. That’s exactly what his reaction was. He lectured us in a dad-like way. Like prodigal sons Firangi and I took the bottles and walked into the other bedroom.

Beer tasted like shit the first time. But we were so used to taking shit from our fate that we continued consuming it. Finally we finished our beer. We weren’t drunk but we wanted to be drunk, so we got drunk.

Piece of gyaan – Alcohol makes you brave.

Firangi and I stormed into CMKT’s room and abused him in a way he couldn’t imagine. We scared the shit out of that poor thing. We abused him using words like Loser, Virgin, and a few harsh ones. He was devastated. Before his sars could start bleeding, his eyes started peeing. He left the room in tears.

Such was the experience; we decided to face it more times.


And that was the beginning of the two greatest alcoholics our friends will ever know.



By Ankit Chandra


Yah i think that’s what comes closest to what I have been suffering from ever since I was 5 years old… And why alluva sudden am I writing about this? Bingo! another proof that I have that disorder. ( I should call up my 10 std maths teacher to tell him that I can finally prove theorems 😀 ).

My first memory of that is when my unassuming mom sent me to the next door grocery store in Pradeep Market to get some sugar ( Umm i guess it was sugar, coz it cannot be what I think it was). Well, on the way I saw this scooter, pale green in color, which was I think a Bajaj Priya. Since obviously the color was very amusing, and it reminded me of an Italian movie I had seen then, I thought how an Italian would speak while riding his scooter in Italy… what if he actually hit an American while riding, and they get into a fight? and in this, one of my classmates (Montu Sharma) gets involved, and the Italian and American then end up beating the shit out of Montu. Yah! that way he will not find time to study and then I will come first in the class! yahoo! then I will get a prize in the school day celebration… 😦 till now I have only participated in school day in the group songs.. so totally not cool … Then when the principal would call me on to stage I can maybe kiss the school head girl! she is sooo pretty, and then even mom will not scold me for kissing her, coz I came first in the class! :D… then mom will send me to Pradeep Market to get that big box of crackers that I have always wanted to burst alllll by myself!! 😀 ….

umm wait… where am I? that’s when I realized that I had walked almost 1.5 kilometers and had left Pradeep Market almost 1.3 kms behind! I was very sad that I was back to square one and will not get to kiss the head girl, that I thought I almost had.. sigh…

Standard 10th. I was sent to my room to study Geography.(yawnnnn…) . anyways I open the book and begin to read.. I was looking at the map of India, and suddenly I looked at Bihar… Its structure looked like a side profile of a woman, with a pretty stylish boy cut hair style. umm something like that of my principal who was to give me the prize when I was to come first in my class… I imagined this face turning towards me and that it was the most pretty face I would have ever seen… what I saw is still etched in my head very clearly, but the trouble began after that. All I could remember from that learning session was that face. The next day in the Geography class, my lecturer walks in. Although I am very sure I am straight, and especially my lecturer was not even in my wildest imagination, someone I could fancy, but as soon as he walked in, that pretty face replaced his umm rather, umm not-so-pretty-masculine-with-moustache face… I don’t remember anything from that class… all through that class all I did was doing a lot of rather interesting things with that face .. all around some park…

Its very dark in the night in a jungle, and there are dark clouds all over the sky. A storm is impending, the tress are all dry and most of them dead. An old black crow is squeaking somewhere near. From somewhere, an innocent young girl draped in a tattered shawl is slowly, aimlessly walking through this forest. She has very recently been hurt in love. She is walking and wandering… The sky begins to thunder and lightning strikes into the forest dangerously close to her… but she doesn’t notice… A creepy shadow is following her closely. But she doesn’t notice.. she is just walking and wandering. Lost in her own thoughts…

This is picture I got in my head when I listened to the song ‘Dil cheez hai kya jaana’ by Bally Sagoo. Do this. Click on the link below and listen to this song, with ur eyes closed…

Link Click here!! 

Now you would agree with me on either that my imagination is right, or that I have that above mentioned disorder that i don’t wanna type again…

Hence Proved 😀 (Yahoo! Thankachhan Sir! R u listening 😀 ?)

psst: okay I suck at creating a horror movie scene, but in my head, it sure looks creepy 😀

‘For The People, Of The People, Lets Buy The People’ – Part II

indian school image


By Ankush Kumar

My editor played spoilsport last time around. Now I know why writers and editors do not share great chemistry. Because both varieties work on different experiments and both hate each other.

Anyways last time I worked hard to generate humor on the article ‘for the people, of the people, lets buy the people’ but my editor it seemed was in a quandary over its content. On one hand he supports Arvind Kejriwal and hopes for a change on the other hand he gags his writers by deleting content and changing the wholesome entertainment value of the post.

The problem is that he knows I will write only for him hence has a habit of taking liberties anyways I am taking forward the last post by highlighting achievements of the Congress party in the education sector.

A) The last time I visited a middle school in North India, the teacher and staff sat idle in their offices waiting for their salary, long overdue for an year, the students waited for their masters to teach. Since none bothered to care, only the mid-day appeared and disappeared day in and day out but the meals were missing. The only day I saw 110 percent capacity in the premises was when the children were given money to buy uniforms. Even those who had never bothered to see the school building (by the way that existed only on paper) had come for their share. That evening I was offered a feast, but seeing the apathy it was a tough pill to swallow.

(B) A certain pharmaceutical company paid almost a crore to the government and ensured that each state was sent a letter highlighting how disturbing malnutrition has become in our country. Celebrities have now been roped in to highlight the issue. This company wants to eradicate the problem by selling their food supplements. If anything they will manage to do it will be create customers not cures. Putting a child on a chemically manufactured diet is a potential scam in the making. If the government can ensure supplies of nutritious meals at the micro levels, all this nonsense will never be needed. But since our ministers have their children’s abroad education expenses to cover, the poor are becoming the scapegoats.

C) On one hand we have private urban schools turning to smart classes as the new way of learning, our schools at the village level still don’t have enough chalk and blackboards to last a year. Some children still manage to shine through, but the percentage is terribly low. When we have governments in states that try doing innovative things to promote education, we have our leaders at the center doing buffoonery as opposition. Nitish Kumar gave cycles to girls; Lalu had the brains to offer bikes. How we wish our leaders had some sanity left in them.

D) The Congress has been brilliant in shrinking our education systems to an all time
low. The guilt of Rahul baba failing in his education (he really dint need that) has propelled our central leaders to ensure that the masses are a few notches lower than their charming prince. Otherwise fooling the nation time and again will become a tough exercise.

P.S: You chop and change this one Mr. Scissors, I’ll stone you.